Thursday, 22 December 2011


As 2011 draws to a close I look back over the year with some satisfaction. I have had a fantastic time playing the fair days pay for a fair days work gigs and I have met some amazing people. I have enjoyed the public gigs too. I thought it might be a bit of an ask to expect that people would give me their time and lend their ears to yours truly in solo mode, especially after the epic EBB gigs we put on at the end, but that seems a long time ago. I have been very kindly received and made welcome every where I have been. I've done more or less every thing I set out to do including the release of the live solo album By Myself which I believe is a real and honest representation of my year in concert.

The Mickey Jones Memorial double DVD is available now. It is a labour of love and a valuable document of it's time, the music and people who care. It is a testament to what can be done with skill and dedication and few resources. My visit to Wales to play with George and Bob from MAN  was such a buzz and it was an honour to be asked to sing one of Mickeys songs. George's choice, the song Shit on the world, seemed entirely appropriate. Lovely people - lovely country.

It was great to meet up with First Supperists on some of the demos of the past year and to find common ground. Right now, in these times of apathy and confusion it would be very easy to dismiss our little band of brothers and sisters but we will grow in number over the next year or so and we will be heard. Arm chair critics rise up and join us or at least be heard on 38 Degrees etc. We won't hold your past reluctance to participate against you.

One of the last gigs of the year was my Beefheartian contribution to Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra show at the Barbican. I felt right at home there. Could have lived there or at least have been a well behaved house guest for a while. This was a high light in a year full of them. The lows and glitches of 2011 were tiny and few. The highs were massive and frequent. I loved playing a few gigs with Luke at the start of it all. It just always feels right. I expect there will be more of them next year.

I feel a lot healthier than when the year began and mostly stress free. I am in control and it works for me.  
I've written a lot of songs and they keep on coming. The solo shows have taught me a lot and I intend to carry on playing them as well as FDPFAFDW shows. Book me now!
I think I might be knocking at the door of a new era for me personally. I haven't felt like this about performing, or life in general, for some time. I intend to put a new show together in the new year that really will rock you. It is time to up the stakes and pump up the volume. Time to jam with angels and reprobates to find the new core of a new project that is powerful, positive and NOW! Listen to me eh? The thing is I have written half of the show in my head and I have the scent of the first gig. Wanna COME to the FIRST SUPPER?

I don't know what 2012 will bring but I am completely unafraid and looking forward to it all. I wish you all well. I hope your dreams for yourself and your people all come true but - always be careful what you wish for and don't give up what is real for what is illusory.

Finally my thanks to all who helped and supported me through 2011. Special thanks to John and Val Bradshaw, Shirlok, Ramblin' Mad Dave Randell, and all the hosts of the FDPFAFDW gigs.



Jarle said...

Sounds like a nearly perfect year Rob, and as a host I will say that if you had as fun as we had...well....a total positive blast!
A FIRST SUPPER show...if possible I'll be there and probably also with Kirsten by my side....
At the same time : Merry Christmas everybody and yes...a happy new year to all of you....take care, be safe and enjoy life!

Mbro Dave said...

Nice to know the year went well have Merry xmas and a great New Year.

Anonymous said...

Have a great Festive break and a Happy New Year.
The 'By Myself' album is fantastic.

Here's to 2012

Shoreham Steve

Anonymous said...

Terror gripped me as I entered Tesco last night. People with faces full of pain and fatigue pushed trollies stacked like Jenga bricks round and round in search of the stock items. Empty boxes where peanuts once nestled together, salted and dry roasted side by side. One solitary bag of salted peanuts lay alone on the shelf. People inspected it, me included, but you figure there must be something wrong with it as it is the only one left so you walk on. But I found I am part of a bigger community as for a long time now I believed I was the only person who ate red cabbage but it appears not as they were completely sold out - there are people who eat red cabbage but they only venture out at Christmas but it is a start - they are admitting they eat it just not the rest of the year. BUT they had sold out of Mateus Rose and that was not easy for me to bear. At the checkout I willingly pulled the 'Position Closed' sign over for the lady on the till who looked like she was going to cry as people kept coming. We had a laugh and I wished her a happy christmas and I wish you all the same! I'm off in search of a bottle of Mateus Rose!

Anonymous said...

Just got By Myself in the post. This is unexpectedly wonderful. This man is a poet of the highest order and is surely one of the most underated artists in the land. His song writing is so eloquent and we love this album for it's heartfelt delivery. It is rare to find such authority and quality in a performer in these times . The review on Edgar's gig page says it all.

Tina and Terry

Anonymous said...

A FIRST SUPPER,superb i will be there if it is possible for me to get there. So glad you had a great 2011 Edgar,may 2012 be at least as good for everyone.may i wish all a fantastic xmas and a wonderful new year. peace and love to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Edgar! Thanks for the lovely album. What a change from EBB and still so strong! Never won any thing before. Love to all and a happy 2012


Brian J. C. Upton said...

all the best to youself & luke
love & best wishes for 2012
brian & angelika ( germany )

Anonymous said...

All the best to you and your family for the holidays, looking forward to seeing you play in 2012 thanks for everything!

tony Monika and James& Baby Jake.

edgar broughton said...

THANKS to all who have sent so many kind messages and emails at the end of this year. x

Anonymous said...

As always, my gratitude for your support is enormous.

2011 started badly for me, but you gave me hope & guided me towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I could not have done it without you.

Hope we get the chance to meet up again before the year is out.

peace, love & respect

Tony & Karen

mike from Albuquerque said...

Where are you Edgar?Im worried.Hope all is well.