Saturday, 22 October 2011

few will shed a tear

So Gaddafi is gone and few will shed a tear. I do have one concern around his last moments though. It is probably very naïve of me to think it might be otherwise but if the transitional Governments statement that he died in a cross fire is untrue, this is what we are used to from our leaders including Gaddafi himself. It is the spin that covers the unpalatable truth and the lies that are meant to placate us when we have such concerns. Not the best way to start afresh.
I think many people will believe that they caught and killed him and he was never going to stand trial for war crimes. Having said that, if he was executed we have to take into account the reality that existed for his killers at the time. 

Given the circumstances it was unlikely that after capture Gaddafi could expect any mercy. This is a man who was known for his cruelty and not known for his compassion or sense of justice. Opponents disappeared in the thousands. Still he asked his captors “What have I done to you”? I will be happier when they catch Smirking Boy, Saif. He must be apprehended and brought to book for his service to daddy.There are few models for fair and just arbitration between peoples of differing opinions in Libya and most disagreements have been addressed with violence. So the future will be difficult. Bringing different fractions together in the country will be a new and challenging experience but with the right support they can make it happen. I wish them well. Power to the people.

I have watched the unfolding drama outside St Paul’s Cathedral with great interest. If they move to a site that can accomodate more people I intend to join them. We can’t simply deconstruct the capitalist machine but it is busted and not fit for purpose and the free market is becoming an albatross around all our necks. It isn’t working any more. The relationship between Government and big business, especially multi national corporations, is crippling. It ensures an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor and the vulnerable.

Today the CEO of Wal-Mart (ASDA) earns 900 times the wage of his average employee. The wealth of the Wal- Mart family estimated to be 90 billion dollars is the same as the bottom 40% of the American population, 120 million people. In his book ILL FARES THE LAND Tony Judt says “ We have reverted to the attitudes of our early Victorian forbears. Once again, we believe exclusively in incentives, “effort” and reward- together with penalties for inadequacy. We have reverted to the hard, cold world of Enlightened economic rationality, first and best expressed in The fable of the bees, Bernard Mandeville’s 1732 essay on political economy. Workers in Mandeville’s view, “have nothing to stir them up to be serviceable but their wants, which it is prudent to relieve but folly to cure” Tony Blair couldn’t have said it better”.

At least some of England is working well on some levels. I have been in Leicester for the past couple of days visiting Luke. If you are ever in Leicester go for a walk down the Narborough Road. You will see that the multi ethnic society is working nicely – thank you? Of course there are issues to be addressed but there is a thriving mini society in the area that is lively and as healthy as could be expected and it is a vital as any I have experienced. The benefits of many diverse groups coming together here are real and obvious.

Next up for me is a couple of days intensive fishing on the Thames with Sonny, Steve’s lad. This will be special. We haven’t done it for ages. I hope he catches a big ‘un. After that it’s my nose to the grind stone and some serious rehearsing for the changes to the show, for my November gigs at Bilston, Manchester and The Wirral.
I have made a few changes to the web site including the addition of a couple of songs from FDPFAFDW shows on the Works in Progress page. You can book 2012 FDPFAFDW shows any time from now on. It’s a bit early I know but if you want a specific date, especially in the summer, now is the time.



Anonymous said...

Yes - Good riddance Gaddafis. WE must always look to legality and appropriate responsibility for upholding high standards of treatment in dealing with prisoners of war. How ever his end was, in a macabre way, quite fitting and oddly just.


Anonymous said...

I think not, the rebels are thugs and gang members from all corners of the world.Same story, brutal people killing a brutal man ,just as they did with Sadam. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

"An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind."

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that from the comfort of a western democracy we can afford to "turn the other cheek" with regard to despots who kill thousands but it seems it is often impossible to do this back at home, as in the case of the recent riots and rioters. Like Edgar I was shocked at the calls for floggings and worse.

As for the freedom movement in Libya being "thugs and gang members", they called Mandela a terrorist now he is a freedom fighter and liberator.
Gaddafi was a blight - good riddance. I am sorry he didn't come to answer for his crimes and I am sorry they pushed Saddam of the scaffold as he prayed but there it is. When people are brutalised they become brutal.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to me that America and their Puppy(us) are contemplating who to pick off next. Just who do we think we are?

Anonymous said...

Flog them! Shoot them! Fed up hearing about it - Corrie is on shortly! Yep that is the easy option as then we do not have to face it; face ourselves. It is the cupboard under the stairs syndrome - out of sight - out of mind. Rather than sort out the pile of stuff in the cupboard we just pile it in and force the door shut. It reaches a point where you dare not open the door as it will all fall out in one horrific mess so we learn to open the door a fraction and force feed more stuff in the cupboard holding the door with all the strength we can muster whilst pushing stuff through the small gap then ram the door shut, even put something in front of it makes sure it stays shut! Hidden! No more room - theres always the attic! Damp and dust may get in and make a bad situation worse but still we keep piling it in. One day for whatever reason, maybe moving house, the cupboard has to be faced and emptied. We will, as I have done, stand there looking into the cupboard in horror - I mean to say how did it ever get this bad? As if someone has come in the night and filled it up with crap! I could not possibly have let it get this bad - could I? Why the hell did I wait till it got that bad? it didn't have to - did it?

Gaddafi is dead but there will be another Gaddafi and another and so on - to be honest I do not think many people even know who or what Gaddafi really was they just recognise the name! Did he win X Factor? A combination of dumbing down and Thatcher's 'there is no such thing as community only the individual', has left a nation of ignorance and indifference. How long before you can buy Gaddafi T-Shirts - I hate Gaddafi or I love Gaddafi £10.99 100% cotton tumbledryer safe!

'This is the way the world ends; This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper.' T.S Eliot.

How far are we away from this?

Anonymous said...

Surely the natural desire of people to be free must be supported. Yes there will be other Gaddafis but they must be opposed and preferably not in the arbitrary way that the UN does "the saving". Self interest is always at the heart of our "saving nations".
Gaddafi once had the support of the Allies of the Libyan rebels. The tragedy is that our hands are not clean but, still the UN/ NATO supported a righteous struggle give the Libyans the opportunity to improve their lives or screw up. That is what freedom means.

Happy birthday Edgar and long may you keep on, keeping on.

mary and Bob

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday mate


Ivan of Warwick said...

I agree that Gaddafi was a blight on his people and deserved to be removed and face justice............. but I was totally sickened at the way he met his end. If this is the "justice" of the new society , then it bears a total resemblance to the previous regime. If as it seems , he was in a convoy trying to make it's way out of Sirte , which was allegedly attacked by NATO planes, then the outcome was abhorrent to each and every person who claims any humanitarian belief...... how can the treatment of alledged rape, brutal beating, trophy posturing etc. be part of the fight against exactly that sort of behaviour !!
...... pause..... at home we now find a church of england contemplating an injunction against a peaceful occupational protest that would be carried out by riot police and end only in violation of people's rights, by violent means............ it's the "we will talk to you.........but only if you go away "......... but some months ago our government lauded the people of Egypt for exactly the same method of ended in (near useless ?)regime change , but it's basis was exactly the same ... the minority rich ruling a majority of poor, who find their finances not covering their basic needs......... "take down your tent and F-off "
.... and Cameron is now pushing for benefit caiments , if facing a fine from the courts , to deduct a minimum £25 per week payment.........that leaves a job seeker £30 - £40 to live on.... when fuel cost are not only rising , but for those people is more expensive per unit than for those who are better off.......... I cannot help but feel ashamed , to live in a country where justice is a game............. and the rules are made by those who are unaffected by social cuts and the cost of living ....

Anonymous said...

Ivan of Warwick..... I salute you for your comment! If you fight fire with fire everything burns to ashes! Gaddafi dying the way he did is not justice it is murder - but everyone, except yourself seems to think there are 'good' murders as well as bad - MURDER IS MURDER and the good murders are dressed up as 'justice.'

As for the bit about benefit cuts and fuel costs rising etc - when have those who make the rules ever had to live by their own rules. To those in positions of power it is like a big board game they are playing. None of them will die of cold this winter like, sadly, I fear many old and vulnerable people will do. And this is the 21st century! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer it is like some horrific futuristic novel - we had a beginning, we are now in the middle and we need to work on the ending - be the author's of our own destiny.

History has shown it is a myth that it takes the majority to affect change. In small ways each and every one of us can do something small but great even if it is just writing to the local paper.

"Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all. The needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before."

Lyrics by Del Amitri

Anonymous said...

Murder is Murder,Gadaffi was murdered just as Capital punishment is Murder.

Anonymous said...

Today is Halloween When I was at school we drew pictures of pumpkins and cut out candle holders from real pumpkins and that was about it! If anybody is in any doubt about how we are getting more and more like human puppets for the Americans we now have Trick or Treat for Halloween.

Get small bits of paper and write something on each like LOOK AFTER YOUR FRIENDS or BE KIND TO THE PLANET. Screw them up in to loose balls then drop one in each callers bag. Some will just throw them away but kids being kids will investigate the bit of paper when they get home and therefore read the message. It is amazing how much some kids will actually think about that message long after they have eaten their Halloween goodies. They will have no idea who put it in the bag if you drop it in from a closed hand. I am not being a meanie I am not an American and they will have loads of sweets anyway.


edgar broughton said...

@ The Halloween contributor.

NICE ONE!!! It is ideas like this that can make a difference, Simple and effective. We all spend a lot of time on here pontificating and putting the world to right but DOING WHAT CAN BE DONE will be enough.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

By Myself Caption Competition:

Err....are you sure this is the place? Looks kinda empty to me Pops!!

Phil Robb

Potty-Pott said...

OH yes as regards the Middle East/N Africa, sure Saddam and Gadafi were tyrants, tho with our government unable to keep their noses out the situation now is much worse. Look at "Jihadi John" and his ilk, while the government pussyfoots around, more innocents will be killed. I gather the only way to eliminate the threat from our country is to withdraw the passports of any British born/citizen IS "fighter". I'm generally a libertarian , in that do as you like if it harms none, but is a reason to have the army on duty at British air & sea ports also international railway stations to seek out known/suspected terrorists. my re-write of "American Boy Soldier for 2014 "The IS so called army, The IS so called army, wait 'til the SAS get hold of you!!!