Sunday, 23 December 2012

happy holidays

So the Mayan prophecy was a dud, as they are. We are still here. We love and breathe. The world didn't end. The Preppers and End Timers must be bitterly disappointed ha ha!

2012 has been a very exciting and satisfying year for me .There have been so many high lights I don't have room to list them all. There have been a couple of less exciting days including a couple of gigs that I would rather have not been invited to but for the most part things have gone very well. 
In what has been a great year for me regarding live shows I have had the chance to meet so many of you and to have a real exchange with some of you. It has been fascinating being able to spend time with folk at the Fair Days pay gigs. I'll never regret having that idea. The FDPFAFDW shows have been among the most enjoyable gigs ever and the welcome I have received from people every where has been beyond all expectation. I send a special thank you to all of the FDPFAFDW hosts and to the other promoters who have put their faith in me for another year. Book me now for A FDPFAFDW show in 2013. 

The next big task is to begin work on the new band project in earnest. I have done a lot of pre- production work and am now putting a set list together, a work in progress, so that I can get an idea of the shape and dynamic of a new show. This isn't going to be an Edgar Broughton Band  covers band but it will retain the best elements of it.

So this government has failed to decrease the deficit. That is no surprise. It is clear they are still wasting our money while penalising the poor and vulnerable.The incidence of poverty is rising fast and the "fuel poor" are already facing the hardship of a harsh winter. Profits in last tax year for combined gas and electricity providers was 15 billion. They are still building the two aircraft carriers they wanted to scrap and de-mothballing the Harrier Jump Jets so they have some thing to put on the carriers. What is that costing compared to the tiny savings extracted from those in genuine need? ATOS is still persecuting disabled folk all over the country.

The Americans are still killing their children because they have to enact the right to bear arms. The only thing they need to protect them selves from now is their fellow Americans. We used to carry swords to defend ourselves but gave it up as unnecessary and impractical. 
Meanwhile in the land of the free Bradley Manning is still paying the price for whistle blowing on the US army bandits who shot civilians in Baghdad from a helicopter, for fun. Obama is head of the armed forces so why doesn't he intervene? That lovely man Jack Straw's is still denying his involvement with the US rendering and torture of innocent terrorist suspects. Cameron has just visited Oman to sell weapons to a nasty despot but it's ok because he is our despot friend. Remember H.M.S. Galahad in the Falklands war? It was destroyed by a French made Exorcet missile sold to the Argentinians.

Stop those on Welfare benefits spending their cash on cigs, booze and Sky TV? Good idea? That will make a huge difference to the economy won't it? The Treasury will lose revenue but the new UK HAWKS and UKippers will be happy. Next - reduce wages to a level that takes all power from the work force in order to be able to compete with the Chinese and co. What about the bankers and spoilers? Well we need them to continue to earn obscenely massive salaries and a fat bonus so that we can maintain the status quo. It seems we are now dependent on the high street shops making huge profits at Christmas for our future to be any thing like secure in 2013. Is that scary or what?Enough! Resist! Do not join in with a scheme that is bent on maintaining a busted system. The end is nigh for the endless accumulation of STUFF that is likely to make us want more than provide the satisfaction and contentment that we crave.

What can you do? I have heard that a lot lately and the great British public is still mostly inactive, politically.  I hope the people will find a way to be heard in 2013 and that we might see the beginning of a meaningful sea change in the way we interact with government and each other. I hope that we might find a way to re-assess what is valuable to us and to strive for what is right.
I hope reason and decency will prevail in 2013. I hope that more of us will get off our arses and do some thing to actualise the values we hold dear. I hope the vulnerable and all those in jeopardy can be protected and saved.

Peace to all.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

1949 - 2012

Don Powell (early days roadie with the EBB)