Monday, 17 September 2007

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Friday, 14 September 2007

First I would like to apologise for not posting regularly lately. I have been quite busy getting to grips with my new work with young people. I have spent most of the past week fishing and I have been blissfully chilled or at least I was until the beginning of my journey back to reality and the machinations of the EBB organisational details for the coming rehearsals (tomorrow) and the shows next weeks. Holiday over with a bang.
I have a new song or three in the pipe- line which I have been writing over the past couple of weeks or so. Time to drop some golden oldies and seed the thing with fresh material and new ideas.It will take time.
Over the past months I have had some time to engage in some very interesting email communications with many of you folk out there from all over the world. I am compiling a list of all those who have contacted us since we parted company with Eclectic. If you tried to contact us through them in the past and have had no joy please try once more using the new address on the EBB site. We are hoping to sort out our merchandising soon so keep looking out on the site for details.
Every once in a blue moon some one asks me to collaborate with them on a musical project. I am looking at working on a new piece with Terry Welbourne and The Sons Of TC Lethbridge. It as an interesting thing they do with spoken words over guitar based music. Me old mate Wolfgang Mirbach is threatening to begin work on some stuff which he want’s me to work with. I am more discriminating about what I do these days so I am quite selective about what I will do. So, more industrial mayhem and less why jazz mate, if you please.
Most of the people I would work with are usually very interesting and broke so I expect to have an interesting time but I don’t expect to make much money from such work. All these guys have one thing in common in so far as they are all on “soon come” time as they say in the West Indies. It happens when it happens.
Just got around to watching The ICEBURG DVD - Cool ! Well done Tony and Deke and co.
I am trying to get some work started in local libraries, as part of my job brief with young people, that might include young people recording the memories of older people who have seen the local changes over a long time. I think it would be a good way to foster a better understanding between different community groups and produce a history archive of local interest. So, things are quite busy with an interesting range of potentially positive out comes. There is so much to do and so little time to to do it. It seems that the older I get the less able I am to handle the stresses and pressures of metro life and some of the absurdities that it entails. I have been wondering what it must be like for the McCann girl's parents. I have no idea what life is like for people in such trouble? I am not very good at blessing counting when I am vexed or disappointed and I can growl quite effectively when provoked but for the most part my life has been blessed with good things and little or no real tragedy. Some of the good things have been so good that it would be extremely churlish of me to complain with any conviction.
Summer of 2007 is coming to an end with some nice weather. September seems warmer every year regardless of what happens earlier in the summer. Enjoy it while you can. Who knows what lies ahead? I hope for all of you it is good things. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the shows next week.


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