Monday, 25 May 2020

hunker in my bunker

I hope you are all well and coping with the times we find ourselves in. I have listened to the government fools who continue to disappoint with errors of judgement compounded by their lies. I have decided to ignore their confusing offerings and hunker in my bunker. I will have no contact with my fellows or ever be outside when they are. I will hope that my reclusive life style will not deprive any one and that when there is a vaccine we can all get together to discuss the plan of action to over turn the values of the old brigade on a massive scale. 

We can surely see the damage caused to the very fabric of all that serves and protects us by government's economically driven obsessions and their evil off spring Austerity. This dishonourable and deceitful government has still not fixed the tower blocks at risk from fire and yet there are millions available to fight cover 19. It simple isn't it? The virus kills freaks like Jacob Rees Mogg as well as poor people and Cummings doesn't live in a tower block. Its not entirely their fault. The national aspirations and objectives are poor and mistaken and the culture of Westminster is toxic. It doesn't work any more.  

I thought that the polarisation and subsequent resentments caused by Brexit would be the big one and similar, in some respects, to the rifts caused by the miners strike. I was wrong the significant polarisation and rift might well be between people who participate in getting rid of this unworkable political structure of ours and those who continue to simply ask, "well what can you do"?
If you can't march you can sign the petitions that are rocking the whole of Westminster. Hundreds of thousands of people are signing dozens of petitions that high light the tragedy of errors that this government has wrought on us. I remember the first 38 degrees petition that really worked. It was very early in their illustrious history The petition was aimed at preventing the Tories from selling our forests to speculators from over seas. This would have denied access to the UK public in almost all of the forest land that we can still enjoy. The petition garnered thousands of signatures in days. The government backed down and completely abandoned the planned sell off. It works so please join in.

I have decided that during this period of lock down I am going to learn some new things. I have done a four part email course around yoking, the Sami vocalising. Its some thing I love. 
After dabbling for some time I have been learning to cook authentic Japanese food with the help of NHK tv and great on line food suppliers.

pork ramen with pickled celery, spring onion, 
wakame sea weed and soft boiled egg

I have bought a Native American styled A chant flute. It has two air chambers side by side at the mouth end. One is a continuous drone and the other side of the flute is for melody. It was made by a guy in Wales who makes all kinds of flutes and shamanic drums. I thought it would be very nice to play the flute during a quiet fishing spell where a fast Norwegian salmon river is running rapidly, through a forested ravine. I dream.

I have also bought a new drum and a beater / shaker. Good medicine. Good vibes. Out demons out. 
I'm knocking it out on Thursday for NHS and front line workers. The snake beaters are made by a guy in Ukraine. His work is very special. He also makes drums. I'm talking to some folk in Hungary who make beautiful sounding framed shamanic drums with a very special feature. They are tuneable with a small bicycle pump. I want one.
Ok these are tools of my trade but do I need them? Actually I think, with the exception of the snake beaters, indulgent and possibly an heirloom, I think I do need them. I have a plan. I also think there is merit and some personal satisfaction from buying functional art from the maker, especially right now.

drum with beater shaker

snake beater and shaker

So that's me for now. Got to get back to the recording. Its going especially well and I have lots of time to experiment and finish and re mix stuff to my hearts content. I work when I want to at any hour of day or night. Considering what is going on out there Im managing quite well in here and thankful for each day. Stay safe.