Friday, 12 April 2013

the lady is for burning

I'm in room 666, please wear that pink thing I like Augusto

Thatcher is dead and I say good riddance. It is not surprising that the Tory establishment has rushed to extoll her virtues. Yes she was strong willed ( didn't listen to any one else ) and she was an individual ( not a team player). She professed to care about these lands but wanted a nice little Daily Mail lead culture ( it was all about those who can and have) and she didn't give a toss for the common people. She took school milk off the kids and she tried to smash the trade unions. I remember some of the union excesses but the treatment of the miners was a disgrace and will always be regarded as an atrocity by reasonable people.
With the aid of the Met in London and some of them could justifiably be ascribed the term pigs, she attacked the miners and their communities because they were on the opposite side of the political fence.

Later when struggling to maintain her personal power position she decided to sink the Argentinian Belgrano. The ship was running away from the Malvinas at full steam but she knew that this would make all out war unavoidable. She won but did we? Her old friend Pinochet, who apparently helped out with intelligence about the Argentinian situation, was a nice piece of work wasn't he? She did seem to have a soft spot for the odd fascist and fascist principle. 
Our troops killed many very young Argentinians in some of the worst hand to hand fighting seen since the first world war. Our troops paid dearly for that little rock in the South Antarctic seas. Was it worth it? Yes if you are a Thatcherite style imperialist but there seems no doubt that if that little rock we call The Falklands has no material value to us in the future we will hand it over to the highest bidder. In other words it was kept under the Jack because of it's material worth rather than some high ethical foundation around sovereignty. It is a staging post for oil exploration and yet more eco disaster down there and, in theory, has some strategic value. If the islanders are still grateful perhaps it is time to begin to consider the possibility that they may have been used by Thatcher and that their security may be time limited.

Some of you might remember a post I wrote, some time ago, about the Life boat principle. It requires one to make an imaginary list of the people you think most acceptable to be part of your survival crew. I would have let her in my boat so that we would be guaranteed some thing to eat. How ever unpalatable that idea might seem it seems a far more viable option than voting for her.

She had a son and a daughter who must be among the least impressive progeny in the history of tory politics. Her old man Dennis was a complete arse who played with and invested with some of the worst regimes in the world. Maggie's claim to the moral high ground did not extend to Dennis and they both benefitted massively from income derived from the exploitation and repression of people far from these shores. I won't bore you with the details. It is all out there on the net.
If you ever voted for her then shame on you. I feel shame enough for voting for Liar Blair so if you voted for Hag Thatcher you should drag out the sack cloth and ashes on Wednesday and dress for the occasion. I will join the protest over the money being spent on her over blown funeral rituals. I say just hand her over to the ex miners of South Yorkshire to chuck on the pyre. By way of memorial I suggest vinyl images of her could be stuck on every urinal in the land.

Thatcher said there is no such thing as society while Cameron speaks of the Big society. Thatcher spawned a generation containing a large group of self serving individuals who still put their own interests above all else. With out them there could be not be the current Condem pogram on the disabled and vulnerable.




Anonymous said...

Wow! So what happens when you don't like some one? Ha ha! Spot on - AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

She was a screeching thing they trained to speak like an ordinary person. Her own cabinet did the judas thing and now she is where she belongs, washing dirty linen in the hot place.

Anonymous said...

From our tenement hutch on the south side we could look across the river to Westminster in the distant from where she tried to break the heart of the working class. She did not succeed but she tried very hard..... We are still here......

Roger Milner

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I've encountered some people who think we should show her some compassion in death. Compassion, like respect, has to be earned. She showed no compassion in life, along with no empathy or humanity, so she deserves no compassion now.

On a lighter note, I'm delighted to see you'll be back in Brighton in August. See you there.
Shoreham Steve

Anonymous said...

The world is a better place with out her kind. The old school tories will miss her but most of the nation find her legacy embarrassing.

The British will keep silent until it is almost too late but eventually they will stand together when fair play and democracy itself is eroded by any individual. Cameron are you listening?

The worm turns and the message from most of the nation is never again thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Thatcher, she was a horrible, nasty despicable person,and we are still paying for her national sell off, but I wish no nastiness towards someone who has died, I'm a little surprised at you venom Rob, after all you do not advocate the death penalty for those who have murdered innocent children, so why rejoice so much at the death of a frail old woman, she's gone,you can't change the past, move on like the rest of us. IMO the unions where the architects of their own demise, they didn't actually play ball even when we had Labour governments, Thatcher and the unions problem at the time was they tried to bring each other down instead of entering into sensible dialogue, I was there, I remember it well, Also, I will not be coerced into joining my local rent-a-mob in any protest at her funeral.

edgar broughton said...

@ the last anonymous commentator.
I didn't wish her dead I am just glad she is gone. Unfortunately the worst aspects of her legacy live on.
Being a frail old woman does not mitigate wickedness. The message to all who might follow her lead or iconise her is DON'T.
I don't see any connection with my being opposed to the death penalty and my irreverent attitude to the vile woman.
I am not trying to coerce any one to do any thing. What you do with your wednesdays is your business my friend.
Re moving on - who are "the rest of us"?
I have some concerns if "moving on" has any thing to do with watching the struggle against the current crop of political travesties from a safe distance or on TV.
The death of Thatcher provides an opportunity to symbolically exorcise a demon in the hope that an acolyte might think twice before following in her footsteps. As for wishing no nastiness to some one who has died, she won't feel a thing. DING DONG!

Anonymous said...

Rob, let me say, on the whole, I agree with many of your political and human rights views, otherwise I would not be here, buying your records or going to your gigs, but, from the tone of your article, I believe you were rejoicing in the death of Thatcher, and making reference to a song from The Wizard of Oz, and TBH I think it's rather infantile from someone of your standing and influence, it appears to me that you are looking for the popularist vote, not something I would expect from you.

Thatcher hasn't been in power for 23 years and as such, now she is gone we should let go of the memories we had of her, that is what I meant by the rest of us moving on, no good comes of harbouring hate and ill feeling.

What I choose to do with my Wednesday's (as I have for the past 41 years) is go to work to earn an honest living for myself and my family, not protesting at St Paul's or Thatchers funeral at the tax payers expense, I've been around for a few years and am quite familiar with the way the benefit system is played and know a few who are cheating the system, do they not realise they are only hurting those who need it most?

As I said previously, the unions did nothing to help their cause during the Thatcher period, but perhaps your energy should be more focused on the mob running the show at the moment, truly nasty and corrupt, like the government that preceded them.

Anonymous said...

Well, my lovely mum died ten days ago and she'd be sorry she missed Thatcher's demise. As there's apparently all this state money going for funerals, I wonder if we could have some. We won't need security so there'll be plenty of change.

Hope the MacBook Pro's good. I'm lazy and just stick to GarageBand. X


edgar broughton said...

Hi John

Very sorry to hear of your mums passing.

Re Garage band form what I have seen of it so far it is perfect for most recording purposes and a cleverly constructed piece of software. Logic 9 is obviously a more comprehensive tool and the more I get to know it the more I am fascinated by it's quality. At this time I have a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and a Novation Impulse keyboard with 25 keys ( short scale ). Up until a few years ago my home studio was filled with hardware outboard gear as well as a quite large Roland V1680 digital recorder. I shall keep some of the valve gear and one lovely parametric equaliser but my new set up fits on a table top and provides every thing I previously used plus a whole lot more. The instruments and samples onboard are everything I need to make recordings at the highest quality level.
Best of all it is portable.

Keep in touch and lets collaborate on something soon?

Anonymous said...

Some people don't get it do they?

Edgar's comments re Thatcher are a bit tasteless but who cares? Venomous politic criticism inc Spitting Image and other lampooning and satirical writing has always been a part of the British scene..

As for the popularist vote I don't see how any one could be less occupied with that than Edgar.

Any way the popularist vote put Thatcher where she was and now she is dead the majority are with you mate. Move on? Don't make me laugh! This country is still divided by her efforts. The selfish Thatcherite tradition is alive and well.

Shoreham Steve is right. Respect is earned and why should we show respect for her just because she is dead.

As for benefit scroungers we know they are in the minority and have almost no effect on the economy compared to the clever rich who manipulate every thing for an extra dollar. I don't see what that has to do with Thatcher's passing. Don't believe every thing or much at all you read in the Tory media about so called benefit scroungers they are a small minority.

Edgar is clearly and actively engaged in opposition to this shambolic mob as you call them are you?

Finally who are you? It's always good to know who thinks what.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, mate. That sounds good. I don't know what a parametric equaliser is but if it's anything like a dog we haven't got the room. X


Anonymous said...

Just read this post and comments. Bob has been a bit under the weather so we have not been around much but we will be at St Pauls to turn our backs on the procession. It's called democracy.
What she did is still hurting us. We have to remember and make a point so that the young ones will carry the torch against destructive Tory policies.
Let sleeping dogs lie. I don't think so.
The Bishop of Lincoln got it right when he questioned the waste of public funds for the funeral of the woman who destroyed the industry of the South Yorkshire miners and you cannot blame the unions for that.

Mary and Bob

Anonymous said...

Well that is that - a final good riddance from me.


Jimski said...

Just dropped by after reading your comments and have to say I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments.

I was 14 when she swept to power and my adult life was forged from reaction to Thatcherite policies.

As a teen I saw an older generation despair as industry was decimated, and thousands of breadwinners put on the dole and facing poverty and all the problems that go with it.

Worse still, many of my generation simply never had a even chance of an honest start in life and faced a bleak future as a direct result of the Thatcher years.

I only just scraped though them myself, and consider myself amongst the fortunate (despite being made redundant 6 or so times due to companies folding when fake prosperity bubbles burst, or greedy executives overstretched resources in oursuit of a fast buck). Too many who were less lucky were condemned to the scrapheap as job prospects dwindled, alternative lifestyles destroyed and, for too many, hope declined.

For some this was simply unbearable and the human toll mounted up as rates of mental health issues due to depair rocketed, ruining lives and taking an unnecessary toll of my peers through suicide, overdose and those other barometers of human misery.

And all the while the lucky ones were encouraged to make money, accumulate the symbols of wealth and preach the Thatcher manifesto that 'Greed is Good' (or should that be 'God'?).

I've questioned whether it diminishes my humanity to be glad she's gone, and reached the conclusion that, no, it doesn't. I'll save my tears for those whose lives were (and often remain) wretched or miserable directly because of her, or for those souls who never got made it this far.