Saturday, 22 December 2007

I'll be back on line with the blog in the new year - until then be safe , be happy and know we love YOU best of all ........


Anonymous said...

All the seasons best to you and yours Rob.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to sit and visit with old friends.


Anonymous said...

Seasons greetings to you all. May 2008 be a great year for everyone in and around EBB.


Anonymous said...

Blessings to all.
I was reading that pre-christian times on the night of the 24th of december there would be a sacred gathering at what be known as " the seeing of the sun at midnight."
This is the origin of the midnight mass and the celebration of the birth or rebirth of the light.Apparently after the winter solstice of the 21st, it is on the 25th that the lengthening of the day is then discerned.After the creative pause on a cosmic level the sap once again begins to rise and is drawn upwards and outwards towards the heavenly constalations by the forces of levity as we again head to the polar opposite of the summer solstice.
Seasons and cycles,circling around the sun....!
Keep it special everyone!
Season's greetings,looking forward to a great new year for the band.

Anonymous said...

Warm Yuletidesmas wishes to all the good peeps. May 2008 be filled with EBBness and other good stuff, and may the 'grey men' of this world dissapear up their own, loneliest recesses.

Peace and much love
ramblinmad x

An aside - Has Tony Blair just taken his 1st steps in a campaign to become Pope?

Anonymous said...

Ramblin, I thought Blair was already the pope!!!!!

Anyway best wishes for Christmas and new year to all first supperists and I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.


Anonymous said...

Blair's been aiming higher than 'Pope' - he's played God with lots of lives over the last few years.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who isn't Tony Blair !
And if you don't 'do' Christmas, just enjoy the holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hope you and yours have a very happy Christmas and that the new year brings all that you wish.Many thanks for all the enjoyment over the past 12 months. John &Val B.

Anonymous said...

seasons greetings to the band and family hope all is well, after your reported illness(?)

Brian & Angelika

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm an atheist - it's the thought of going to heaven and ending up living between the Blairs and Anne Widdecombe.

Have a great 2008, one and all. Happiness and health to one and all, with wealth as an optional extra.


Anonymous said...

the death .. the death of democracy.. well i hope not!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for a year which physically brought back an old love: The Edgar Broughton Band live (Munich). You have contributed to make 2007 a special year for me.
Ein gutes und gl├╝ckliches neues Jahr! Best wishes from Zurich. Christian

Anonymous said...

Con Safos, my brothers!

Tony H.

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