Monday, 22 March 2010

Before the beautiful dawn

In the still crisp air before the next wave
I turn towards the warming fingers of the sun
filled with longing I open my mouth and sing

There was a time out there in the teeming world
when I was a child needing to be safe
so I sang out loud hoping you might see me

As if in quiet reflection at the end of a previous life
there is clarity that a new path is the way forward
and that which was before is not

Some times we are made bright and new in the fading shadows
before the beautiful dawn when what we thought
could be relied on and who we were is gone


Monday, 8 March 2010

days of super chip
Judas Priest! So there we were on telly and on the Beeb. Bless her and all who sail in her. I thought we came across as not really of the same kind as our fellow participants. Not really very metal but we were there and we were always the odd ones out. Must say I was impressed by the way the whole thing was put together as a potted history. All good though I had to smile at some of the interview clips. I thought it was as much amusing as anything else. Should I get back in touch with my dark side – evil, evil – black as night and all of that nonsense? Me thinks not . I am gone down a different path ha ha! I was reminded of strange days watching Mr Ian Gillan speaking. He who once asked Steve if he would mind paying his hotel extras charge before we all set off from Liverpool for the next gig. It was all about a twenty pence phone call in the end. Watch the pennies and all that but it was highly amusing to everyone except Ian. We were touring with him during our Super chip days and by the time we got to the Rainbow theatre Ian ordered his road crew to stop giving us on stage lighting service and he absolutely forbade any more dry ice. Ah! happy days.