Friday, 4 March 2011

I might be gone for some time........

When I started this blog, five years ago, I began by out lining some hopes and aims I had for the 1st Supper which included the possibility of like minded people coming together in a common cause. Only 6 people have participated in my TUC 26th March poll which I find surprising and very disappointing.

Now that the EBB is sadly and finally over I have been freed up to express my stuff with out restraint ha ha! Soon I will be posting a pod cast on my web site in the form of an interview in which I will discuss the EBB and my thoughts for the future. But there will be no re-formation.
I am making a lot of music and recording new songs almost every day but I have also become very involved in the political goings on all around us. I understand peoples nostalgia for the old days and the part the EBB has played in all of that but the times are changed and so am I. I don't want to stand still. There is so much to be done.

I understand the pressures and stress brought on by living in this modern world but I am concerned at what I perceive to be the apathy that seems prevalent now and the lack of participation by people who I would have expected to have a voice in these times.

In a recent post I offered to organise a meeting place before the march on the 26th to try make sure people would not have to march alone, safety in numbers etc. The response has been poor. It appears that, yet again, the majority will be represented by a small minority and I find this disheartening and disturbing. That being said, I shall be looking forward to meeting and welcoming who ever decides thay would like to be part of our group.

So Dear reader have I over estimated the galvanising effect this government would have on people and underestimated their apathy? Am I flogging a dead horse or will there be a last minute upsurge of committment to participate in the events that I believe will determine the future of this country for years to come?



Anonymous said...

I remember when nostalgia was a thing of the past! Now it is big business.

'The past sure is tense'.
Don Van Vliet 1981

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to strike out on your own. It is the self belief that drives one not the support of others.

Anonymous said...

Why the Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you struggle with people not flocking to your word. Why not lighten up a little and reflect some of the good stuff in the world? Perhaps your way is not everyone's, ever considered that?

Steve Broughton said...

So sad Rob that EBB will not be doing Glasto 2011 but wish you well with your show.

Anonymous said...

You hated the tories, new labour and now CONdems, so who would you support for more than five minutes,now you want a labour government back who you can trust, forget it!

Anonymous said...

Oh God Rob's bollicking us!

edgar broughton said...

Looks like I might be striking out on my own again. Used to that though. Just checking in hope.

Even to me, never mind about to you, the idea of expressing myself with out restraint is a little bit humorous ha ha!

No expectation Of "people flocking to my word". Not going to happen ever.I try to balance the serious with the light or other material entirely. It's been a bit more difficult than usual lately given the current climate. I know my way is not every ones. I am still trying to connect with those who have similiar views though, and engage with those who do not.

Thanks Steve. I knew you would understand.

Yes all true re my views on the current coalition and of course New Labour. While it might be impoossible to get the government we deserve it might still be possible to influence the ConDems over the most damaging cuts as seen in previous examples of major government turn arounds. Example the issue of the forests sale. After that who knows but we have to demand better or we will never get it.

The most important thing is to have the debate so thank you all for your contributions.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought your blog gave a real balance of entertaining, informing and downright strange! Given the days we are in, and the horrendous things that some people are going through, I am not surprised there have been several which have been about similar things.
It has always been that the few do it for the many. I was the only one in my workplace to take industrial action about our pay and conditions but I didn't see others turning down the improvements. I guess those of us going on March 26th just need to accept that's what is happening again.
Keep up the good debate. Maybe it will help to dispell just a bit of that apathy.


Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute...This man is standing up for what he thinks is right. I should know...he was there for me when the bottom seemed to be falling out of my professional world. Perhaps the rest of you don't have the power of your convictions to motivate you into speaking out.
Shame you didn't have the balls to put your names to your comments.


Tony H

Anonymous said...

Never thought the other members of EBB restrained you and am a little shocked to hear you say so.Perhaps the music and the statements therein was far more potent then than your current output or rather lack of it.Maybe you have over estimated your own influence hence the disappointment you express on this blog.

Tim said...

I'm sure many of your readers will indeed be marching on the 26th. Being a bit dense I didn't even notice the poll at the side of your writings.....durr.
Anyway, along with a good few folk I know, I intend being on the march.
Lets hope we don't meet in a kettle huh?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, find it refreshing and motivating to find someone who puts his views forward in such a straight forward way. I feel I know what Edgar believes and what he will do to back it up. Not true in some other blogs I read!
Keep going mate.

Troy (not Tory!)

Anonymous said...

Any one who knows any thing about bands knows that when you have four or five people of artistic bent they all have ideas about what should be done and how.
So when one of them is left to his own devices it frees them up to do things their way. Nothing wrong with that and if you think songs like Shaman calling and Say you love me are inferior to earlier out puts I feel sure many of us out here would beg to differ.

With regard to the suggestion that Edgar should "lighten up and reflect some of the good stuff in the world" you must have missed his Christmas song and story which was linked on this blog and is available on the Works in progress page of his site.

Finally I understand that he is just as disappointed as any one at the demise of the EBB but no one from the EBB left because of him or his actions.
He has also had the dignity not to discuss the detail in public and personally I don't think it takes much effort to work out why.



Anonymous said...

So Edgar rattles a few cages..........Isn't that what he's here for?

Anonymous said...

I was at the solo gig in September last year in Swansea. Edgar wasn't at all political, in fact he said nothing at all.
The songs, however, were fabulous and certainly at least as good as the EBB output of old.
Doesn't seem to me that any of the artistic skill has been lost. Let's face it Edgar wrote all the really good EBB songs anyway.

Susan Jones

Anonymous said...

You saying the band will never reform is sad. Whilst things are so awful at the moment at least the EBB offered us hope that things really could get better.

Anonymous said...

He never said never.

Dave said...

Hi Rob keep your pecker up you sound a bit despondent id come but its to far for me.Although i support the unions i get put of by union reps like the previous speaker in Parlaiment a top Glasgow union man and he tries to white wash over the expenses claims and then theres the Prescotts and Ken Livingstones who all seem to make a good living out of it.
On the music front i can understand you wanting to perhaps try new ideas and create new master peaces to go with the old.Keep on trucking.

Anonymous said...

Came accross this blog and was interested in the information on here about the march and the cuts.

I was checking out some detail and came across the following:
St George's NHS Trust is intending to axe 500 posts, including nurses and doctors. If you assume each of these posts is for 35 hours per week that’s 17,500 hours. If each of these works an average of 46 weeks per year that means the trust is down 805,000 hours per year.

Does that mean that the current post holders have been doing unnecessary work? Is this a real indicator that front line services are safe? I leave you to judge.

Gerry (Registered Nurse)

Anonymous said...

I think the guy might be right. So he doesn't like the Torys LibDems or New labour, that was. So waht , neither do I. I think his main point is that we have to announce to the coalition that we want better and that starts by letting them know we oppose the cuts that will cause the most damage. athen let us see if we can have our way on other issues. Just moaning cos you might not like his new tunes and don't want to get off your bum is very poor.
I can't see any evidence that his disapointment is about the extent of his influence with us.
He just seems interested in who is coming to the party and why? Also who is not and why not. There certainly isn't any good argument on here from any one opposed to demonstrating against cuts. Just a bit of oddly motivated whining probably inspired by the other channel lol
He has convinced me it is worth the bother. How about you?

Anonymous said...

My reading of this is that Edgar isn't saying he can "reach the parts others can't" just that those of us who are unhappy about the current plans make sure the decision makers know how we feel.

Even if you can't be there on the 26th have a look at what is happening locally to you and see what you can do.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago there was a system of "bandings of need" bought in to assist with consistency of provision in social care. This is called "Fair Access to Care Services," (FACS). There are 4 bandings Critical, Substantial, Moderate and Low. As a social care professional I was able to assist anyone who was deemed to be in the first 3 groups.

In more recent times the moderate need band became no longer eligible for services and there are clear messages coming from above that the substantial banding is likely to go the same way.
So there are people who are no longer going to get the help they need. Some examples are the cutting of respite care for parents and carers of children with disabilities, closing day centres, reducing the assistance disabled people need to go out of their house and engage in the world.

A woman has finally decided to leave an abusive partner. This follows years of work with her to support her to make this decision, but there is no longer anywhere for her to go as the only appropriate place that could meet her additional needs has been closed. What happens to her now?

So, providing you are not, and are never expecting to be, in need of support or care don't worry about the rest of us on the 26th. I expect the highlights will be on the telly.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or are there more people in the picture now?

Anonymous said...

No its not you there are more people in the picture. Now that is clever.......


Anonymous said...

I'm only here for the Edgar!

Anonymous said...

looks like you have started the debate again at least. Good on ya.!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry mate. You have a lot of fans and friends out here who respect you for who you are and what you do. We have followed this blog for a couple of years and always look forward to what you offer.
Even if we get the MILLION on the 26th it will still mean most people don't really care. So we have to work hard to get what we want and of course the doubters and bone idles will try to deconstruct what you say to suit them selves.
I agree with Tony H re not having the bottle to put a name to their comments.
By the way what do you think was meant by the comment that referred to "THE OTHER CHANNEL"? LOL!

By the way Bob is much better and sends his love. He has a new racey wheel chair. Watch out world lol.

Mary and Bob

Anonymous said...

Re the other channel is it some thing to do with the commentators between 18.46 and 19.09 March 4th?
Could it be poor old Steve's blog? Could be a general term for the people who take while giving nowt!

On a serious note is it time for a No Fly Zone over Libya before Gadaffi toasts the opposition? What do you others think?

Keep it coming Edgar.


Anonymous said...

I would prefer a No Wasp Zone. Pesky little use to man nor beast, I say!

Sir Henry Rawlinson (deceased)

Jimski said...

Hi Edgar (and followers),

Just remember that you're not alone. People do listen, it's just that it takes time for inertia to be overcome.

A single voice in the darkness is not a movement, but it is the beginning of a movement. People who call to the converted are called 'populist', those who speak out alone and call others in are called 'prophets'.

Don't let your voice falter, speak and act according to your own moral code and others will hjoin your call, or you can join theirs.

Oh, and you seem to have 2 Jimskis here, me and whoever posted above (points upward).

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimski

Wise words.

I'll be James from now on to avoid Confucious (lol).

James ( formerly Jimski)

Klazinus said...

The ones who doesn't fight are losers!

Anonymous said...

Well if I ever see a show of solidarity this is. Very great comments on here.

Always there are those who are shooting the messenger. As musician Edgar Broughton is always being solid in his politics. We can rely on it.


Anonymous said...

At least we can talk to the cops about their threatened strike over pay and redundancies during the march on the 26th.

If you can't be there try to find another way to oppose the cuts. No one will be unaffected by the end of this affair and if you have a concience then please think of those less fortunate than your self.

Re No Fly Zone over Libya YES! The sooner the better Bill.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello Rob and fellow commenters,

I've been thinking and reflecting about previous comments. Why don't I feel motivated to travel to London on the 26th March? I know now. I feel truly 'disenfranchised' - is that the word? No doubt Ruth will tell me. The TUC are part of the problem. Have a look at the obscenity of Manchester City Council crowing about their relationship with the unions - thereby offering voluntary redundancies to 2000 workers. Many of them ill advised and with the Unions complicit in the fraud.

There is nowhere now, not a political party or union, that I can feel empathy or attachment to.

I'll be on the streets when enough of us without affiliation and only our disgust in common communicate via whatever method available and simply arrive.

I respect Rob's comments regarding EBB past and (no) future. I played the Rockpalast DVD today and followed it by the 'Live Hits Harder' CD. I think this is the only recording of Rob and Steve's dad making the introduction (due to the unexpected feint of Rob and Steve's mum). I might have all of this wrong - I guess I may have imagined it all.

I don't have a point to make. Only a vague observation - there was (and why not again?) a great platform (not Morecambe) for the music to connect with something other than the ears.

We just need a focal point, a communal voice.

Rob, you may be gone for some time but don't freeze in battersea.

Peace and respect,

Paul by the Sea.

edgar broughton said...

Many of us feel disenfranchised Paul.

There are many diverse protest groups with out affiliation, including disabled and pensioners coalitions and school students from all over the UK who will march. There will be groups such as the Coalition of Resistance and groups against arming despots for profit who will also be marching.

There might not be a focal point and or communal voice that you seek but I think that is under development.

I don't know what comes after but unless we secure a future for all of those at the very bottom of the pyramid, who are threatened by the cuts, then it won't matter.
This should be the aim of every civil society but this has not been the case in the past. If it was on the back burner it is about to be relegated to be of no importance what so ever by the ConDem coalition.

I believe that if we do not protest now we will become mere onlookers watching as our personal and civic rights are steadily diminished. I believe our willingness to acquiesce and put up with what ever this government wants to take off us will be put to the test over the coming months.

Personally I have no real affiliation with any group but I feel an affinity with all of the people who see how catastrophic and expensive some of these cuts and half-baked policies will prove to be.

I am not going anywhere or going to freeze in Battersea. Just trying to use any means I have to connect with folk and fuel a debate that I consider more important than any thing else at this time.

"I'll be on the streets when enough of us without affiliation and only our disgust in common communicate via whatever method available and simply arrive".

A pipe dream or an achievable aim? Join with us. It won't happen by itself.

By the way Joyce did faint at the Live Hits Harder gig but I didn't. Dad was always going to say his piece. Steve's partner and my partner took Joyce to hospital so they all missed the gig.

Thank you to all for the fascinating info, comment and critique. We all have to do what we think is right in this.

Let your conscience be your guide.


Anonymous said...

To Paul

I don't think we should wait for our ideal platform before we protest. There is a lot of not joined up demos and protests. I reckon people like yourself who waiting on the fringes for the time to be right might have their wish after April when the damaging stuff bites.
Liverpudlians are getting mobilised see stuff online.