Friday, 31 March 2017

Ashamed to be British?

May triggers Brexit and today we begin to get a picture of the EU response. It seems clear that no one in the EU is going to let Britain have it's way. Why would they? They are saying that they will dictate the process in so far as the trade deals will come after they are satisfied with the "divorce" and only when it is finalised. Today we were told that the EU had no desire to punish Britain as Brexit would be punishment enough.

As many of you will know I work in Norway on a regular basis so I was intrigued by the comments of some young Norwegians regarding Brexit in a recent TV news clip. Most of these bright young ones said they were disappointed with the Brexit vote. That is was selfish with out thought for the coming generations and the interests of young people now. As an older person I feel some shame in so far as many of my generation voted to leave. I think it was a betrayal of the young. Then there are those that did not vote either way in the referendum.  As time has gone by it seems to me that they are mostly people who never participate much ( "whats the point?' ) or are possibly financially comfortable enough to think they will be able to weather what ever storm arises with little adverse effect to themselves. Then there are those who blame every one else for what they don't have. There will always be a scape goat for them and this time, not for the first time it was the new comers, the foreigners. They will whine the loudest if things go badly and the EU/UK deal is poor? 

The future of foreign nationals who live and work here seems fairly safe at this stage so it seems likely that the Brexiteers will not have the satisfaction of seeing them sent home so that "we get our country back". It is very likely that immigration will not fall enough to satisfy hard line Ukippers who will rail against the outcomes imposed by the EU who are desperate to keep the other 27 members onside, just as the disaffected in the Rust Belt of the USA will rail against Trump when they don't "get their country back". 

Today the EU stated that any trade deal would require UK adherence to EU trade union laws and workers rights. We know that while many Tories would want many rights curtailed and total autonomy in respect of law making, our need to trade will limit this. If the tone and content of EU reaction to Brexit today is anything to go by, we will have to comply much more than we might have first imagined before the triggering of Brexit.

Today some one made a rather controversial comparison with Brexiteers and some Germans after WW2. She said that many Germans denied any thing to do with Hitler and his actions nor did they support him. My friend said that one day it would be the same with Brexit when no one will admit to having voted to leave the EU. We shall see. 

I feel that I am beginning to live in an England soon to be isolated from it's european neighbours and possibly the countries that made it a United Kingdom.  It does not feel good or any thing like the best way forward. Yes I am a remoaner and proud of it. 

I some times feel that my writings here might be better appreciated if they were nostalgic writings about the EBB, the good old days and how wonderful it all was. I get that but I am not feeling it.