Friday, 12 July 2013

imaginary electronica score for a mess of men 


Some one with an interest in electronica, sound sculpting etc. You should have some midi keyboard skills with PC and Mac based systems. Ideally you should have experience with Logic 9.

Age, gender, race immaterial. You should be committed to exploring musical ideas in an experimental way. You should also be a " team player" and a good time keeper. Ideally you would be living in Warwick or the Warwickshire area of the Midlands.

Job description.
We are looking for some one to help design sound scapes and sampled / synthesised elements to underpin and enhance a varied and dynamic range of guitar based songs from gentle and sweet to hard and bitter .
We are willing to offer some training to an enthusiastic applicant, with skills who displays an understanding of the basic concept at interview. Please note there will be no remuneration during a lengthy writing / rehearsal period.
If you are interested please email