Sunday, 14 August 2011

the god light pop

The God light pops and some do feel so much better. It is like a
sound called Good God Mother Father that wraps you in love light
and soothes your worries clean away. The enveloping goodness
do make you slowly well again. It's not just light. They tell that the
light do enhance the sound and the sound do enhance life.
Dee says that every thing began with sound and every thing is made of
sound. Something about we all vibrate
together and it's called OM. There's a man called OM in the palette
station. He does great foot massage. He says the God light
pop can re arrange your vibrations and make you feel really fit.
Hardly a mark on you. A few childhood scars, the rings on the tree
and a skin thickened by experience. Lived a blessed life with out
great tragedy.

You’ve had more than your share of good things with little or nothing to complain about. Then BANG! a pain that truly threatens.
Less afraid of dying than the possibility of exquisite and
permanent pain. Not afraid to die, not afraid to live. How ever, it is
worse to fail to live than to be afraid of dying. It's getting hard to
breathe the air.
Sitting , standing, leaning forward ....hands against a wall. Trying
to find the angle that will ease the clawing ache. Not possible.
going through all the positions for the second time. Lying on the
floor. Rolling shoulder blades across the floor. Open them. Close
them all to no avail. We always want just a little more time as
though nothing is ever finished. Call 999.

They stick that spike in the arm so that you will know some
thing is being done. You - trying to keep the engine running. Filling
up with wonderfully clean and legal drugs. I appreciate the purity.
slow me down and keep it all running a little longer.

That was a close encounter of the kind that changes
things significantly for always. Could have been catastrophe and
yet it feel so safe here Connected to the monitors by a loom of
wires and wearing an oxygen mask. An evenly modulated voice
speaks of myocardial infarction – heart attack. You know this but still, the confirmation is shocking. The doctor looks about fourteen years old. Later in the hospital bed I meet my new neighbours.
One is from the Lebanon.
M and T looking at the screens. I watch too and listen.
Bugger! waz a kid like that un …only six or seven on er bloody
own?…..wheres a momma ?…Too fckn late now…
wha’s at boom ?
Girl is gonteven…boom boom gen only’s in a south a
Lebanon. Is a dog shit country with gret Syria un Tyre on a one
side am da Isralites on da utta. Used to be far away now it aint.
Anywaze these nice mans on runaway 6 is kind to me un me
mates …loik mee morun most and they do mek sense to me
more…..Its new. Feel loik ‘stand n know..learn ngrow , loik bestest
feel get some where und ave porpoise…I know ow money beans
mek 5.

Did I tell ee bout meemam..shegorraboyledbeef med n then med
WelchMarvin on toast …singing ( s'orrible )…forgot shemed
boyledbeef a carrotts..I loiks sweed wi it.
Buggeragen ! Wyz a man cry loik that fuh? Wyzee showt abowta
Allah ? Cuz for loves why he cry …loik me fuh moyn uns und fuh
yose. Loss every bod. All on a floor bloods evwhere un died uns
..lickel or biggun gone in a flyin basads cross hair sight or summat.
Family seeking, house rockin missile.

Phew! Was just gonna say nice mans let me mek lickle word
stuffs in samples und megagigas with microphone und specker on
runaway 6…Meeez ( one more e ) I thunk…jussa gonna say I
LOVE OO! in deepling sayings und flower stuff und tries to woo oo
proper..Lets me talk on the new lines and speak down new wires
ta every lovely bod.
Blood 'ell! Whysa girl tied ta lectrics. This no no wanna
watch .. please don't ...please won’t somebod wipe her runny nose
..fuh dignity und av PITY? Owdya torcha somebody? Look at it
…don't look at it.. oooh! Good godmotherfather. We az a choice.
We knows summat or don’t knows. We cares or don’t cares. We
thinks we can be doing summat aboot it or don’t thinks it. But we
az choice – don’t be thinkin ’aint your business – people get hurt if
you do.

R says might be your doors kicked down in the middle of
the night and you and yours disappeared if we aint vigilant.
Any way M was sayin is always summat on TV mek mee scared.
Mee scared a rockets blowd fckn ‘ouse up but I juss cant think
straight fuh war on screens.
Listened to lovely story on a wav fone. Old man finds lost love. He
never forgot her nor her him. Lass wa juss fifteen , aaaaaah!
Thru a speak down a wire, in a new way, they is met agen. Nice
ennit? Speak wire say - I wanna run away with ee und goo as far
as we can song R med....God light pop. Neely blot out by
war thunda.

I scared agen. So is Jen. Cuggle us up so weebee safe. Us feel a
big bang then. See it on screen 6 behind nava teks transmission.
No poor bods gonna win this juss kill n die kill n die kill n die …

Buggeragen ! So many intrupshuns!
Ruwanda boy is felled upina sky wiv a big xsploze on him. Is loik a
Sticky fire. The tame fire of the Movro. They call it Stickyfire,
Torture toffee, Bowwowburn und Nu-palm. Loik aving burning
honey on a kinda lead. Loik a viciousdogcreacha. Bloody shit!
Bloody shit! Bloody shit, it az a master wot can call it . Mek it jump
on a bod, any bod. Oh good godfathermother is scarey. See a
whole fambly etupinit cos they never told on freedoms chillun
group whats hide in a hills outside Tanium ring. Raus demonen
raus or summat. Enwaze we all shouted it out loud for fear of doing
nothing. Raus demonen raus.

Seems loik all is terrible in ‘ere, on the screens. If you never
knowed no better youd think was juss pain und suffer but no it ent.
Mee see a bravery evwhere. Mee see flowers growing among the
weeds of war. See weekuns rise up gainst stronguns who own all
a pharmasoots un splozeivs, oil, food und weapons…Yet see
powerful men threated by a few stand up fuh ya rights und if you
thinks poztiv oo knows what might be bestest… Diggers und
Activines und Revos should be live glad. Should be glad to tek a
breff. Glad to feel a chess move in a oot und air goo in und heart
beat. Lovey heart beat, thumping like a goodgodfathermother
stong und regla. Goo oot und breff da sea breeze or in desert
storm tucked up in a love tent sahara style with the one who
means the most to ee or with a beloved in a BnB. Be here und now
beloveds. Be alive und conshus und alla good stuffs cumin thru.
Love your life so hard no one can tek it.
Here it comes again – THE GOD LIGHT POP



Anonymous said...

thats deep .....

Anonymous said...

....and luvvy

Anonymous said...

I like the variety on here. This is interesting and disturbing until you realise its about hope too.
Pam x

Anonymous said...

A great show at the Duchess! well worth the mad rush to get to York, enjoyed the old and new songs very much , i thought the tick tock thing was very good too, your comments about busking old Ebb songs with a made up language made me think .. what if i had walked past and recognised the the song but just could'ent place it.. gosh that would have had me thinking for a hour or two.. yes its a great idea!
I can't get my head around The God Light Pops either by reading it or listening to you recite it, its either too deep for me or i cant open my mind up to it.
But i really enjoyed the show and hope to make the Robin if i can wangle the day off!
cheers for now

Jarle said...

Glad you made it Tony, there were no chance for me to take the trip, but I had a nice chat with Rob on the phone instead :)
Hopefully we'll meet at a show some day, actually we should've met all of us Supperists some time...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jarle, you know what, Rob spoke about all the fdpfafdw and supperist should all get together for a days event next year... now that would be intresting.. people meet and chat, a meal and drinks and a gig by Rob and chat into the morning.. sounds a good posibility for next year...

Anonymous said...

You are not supposed to understand it Tony that is the point.

Anonymous said...

thats strange, why would i want to read something who's point is, that im never goung to understand it, is it meybe like a abstract art picture, and after studing it becomes differt ideas to differnt people.could i read a whole book like that ..i think not, but a little chapter i may just about manage.

Jarle said...

Yes he did, and its a great idea Tony...guess it would be a very special night to remember....
Take care

Anonymous said...

I would suggest if you remove the nonce words and replace them with 'real' words and correct the syntax in to a form of standard English of the 'ordinary' man or woman then you will find it pretty straightforward to read. it will not look half as cool of course but I never like converting Hindi writing to English as it does not look as pretty but sometimes I have to.

If you look at the way Anthony Burgess used a mixture of Russian and nonce words in A Clockwork Orange and called it 'Nadsat'.

Hope this is helpful. Never be afraid to tackle words as that is all they are; words. Like we cut our food up we have to cut text up sometimes in to bite size bits.

Anonymous said...

yes it was thank you

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