Sunday, 19 June 2011

glastonbury here we come

Luke and guitar

Luke and I had a very nice time at The Donkey in Leicester. A big shout goes out to Gaz Birtles and Warren and all of the staff at The Donkey. Thanks guys. What a very nice little venue! Thanks also to Mike and Liz for their warm hospitality and to all who turned out for the show including old and new friends. You made it work.

It was a different gig compared to the FDPFAFDW shows. It was great to have Luke by my side. We sang some songs together and some on our own. Luke sang two of his own songs which were very well received. Lovely!
As I write this I am heading back to London and feeling good. Mission accomplished. So are we ready for Glasto? Oh yes! Are they ready for the new us. We'll see. I am not a 70 s museum so let's hope folk get that.

One thing I have noticed is that familiar adrenalin buzz from performing has increased since the beginning of 2011. The only down side is that I end up wide awake for hours and some times find it difficult to get to sleep. When I can't sleep I often do a little stretching exercise and or play my singing bowl. The concentration required to rotate the stick around the outside edge of the bowl is somehow calming and I am learning to breathe anew. I breathe deep and slow as the stick travels in an arc and the sweet continuous tone of the bowl rings in the room. I have achieved some very positive states of relaxation just by experimentation but there is more to this than meets the eye or the ears in a first encounter.

The ancients knew that every thing vibrates. Not surprising then that music would become one of the first cultural elements/arts to be developed. Early writings demonstrate that the scientists and philosophers believed that vibrations occurred along a great spectrum. They believed that the note we call middle c on a piano was coloured red and that the same note much higher up the scale would be pink and constitute love. Ah! At the very low end the note would become iron and rusty red. Could there be some thing to this? It merits deeper consideration as a system of relating audible vibration and perceivable colour. Processes that attempt to utilise the relationship between sounds, colours, physical healing and mental states have been applied since long ago. In a more modern world we are beginning to re-discover the art of healing with sound and colour.

We have also developed weapons that employ the use of sound. One example of this is the sound weapon used by the Japanese whalers against the anti whaling Sea Sheperd crews.

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a crowd control and distance hailing device developed by LRAD Corporation to send messages, warnings and deterrent tones over longer distances than normal loudspeakers. It can disable, disorientate and can potentially damage the hearing of "an enemy". While intrigued and dismayed by the use of technology in this way, I am excited by the opposite end technology and techniques that aim to heal and help. I'd like to hear others ideas and thoughts on the subject, especially any personal experiences.
Recently one of FDPFAFDW hosts gave me a Reiki session. It was only the second time for me but that is two occasions when I felt so much clearer and stronger and the benefit continued for days after the sessions ended. My Reiki friend has promised she will send me some good energy for the Glasto gig.
So if you can or know any one who would be kind enough to send some good Reiki vibrations to Luke and myself at approximately 4.30pm on Friday this week We will be very grateful. We will just be about ready to go on stage for our Glastonbury show.



mike from Albuquerque said...

The Donkey was great. You and Luke will do yourselves proud at Glastonbury as you did last night.

Peter Pool said...

Love your comment that you are not a 70's museum. Of course us that were there back then have great memories of the time and still want to hear the music, but anyone with any sense must realise that things need to move on as well. The set you did for us last weekend was music for "now" and people loved it for what it was.
Good luck at Glasto to you both. Won't be there myself but will be glued to the telly, hoping you get a bit of coverage.
Best wishes
Pete Pool

Anonymous said...

The gig at The Donkey was a treat. Modern yes and full of thought provoking songs. Worth the trip from Wolverhampton on a chilly english summer evening. Nice to be at what we think is the start of some thing magic and Luke's songs were great. A new chip off the old block. Good luck to you both. It was special to see how close you are.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at Glastonbury guys. We'll see you but you probably won't see us. Hope you have a great gig.
Mary and Bob

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do at Glasto, make sure you sit back & enjoy it. Look what it did for Seasick Steve's career!

Sorry...I'll get my coat.

Tony & Karen

Anonymous said...

3 of us will be sending the positive vibes out on Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that there will be some good vibes being sent your way on Friday. So far in sunny Suffolk there are 2 Reiki healers, an irish woman, a crystal healer, a chiropractor and 2 non believers who will be thinking of you. That should give you a head start!

Seriously we all wish you the best for Friday.



edgar broughton said...

Thanks to all for your good wishes and the Reiki vibes. I'll let you know how it all goes after the weekend. We are playing a FDPFAFDW show together in Oxfordshire on Sunday.


edgar broughton said...

LATEST - LOOKS LIKE OUR GLASTO SET WILL NOW START AT 6-45pm. We've moved up the bill a place lol!