Tuesday, 24 May 2011

mommas reward

On occasion I have been fortunate to stay in a beautiful building, in beautiful surroundings and or with great people. Very occasionally I have been known to utter the words “ I could get used to this”. I have felt the same about recent FDPFAFDW events mostly because of the kindness and warmth shown to me by my hosts and their invited audiences.

Last Saturday I played for Tony and Helen in Sheffield and what a great night that turned out to be. I remarked to some of the assembling audience that normally I would arrive at a venue in the afternoon do a sound check with the band that could take hours depending on the sound guy and or his equipment. Some times delay would be down to us but only rarely. After sound checking the band and crew would then disassemble until the evening when we would re-appear at the venue and disappear back stage until show time. After the show we would meet the folk who came back stage to say hello. This is different. I meet every one before the show and it colours what I play and how I play. We know each other to some extent before I begin. I’m loving it.
Another difference is related to how hosts and guests want to structure things. At the first of these shows my audience was under manners ( oh yes! ) to be quiet and still until I was done. At the last show the guests took breaks to re-fill their glasses and have a mini chat during the show. It worked fine. It all works and I am delighted.

I have been recording these shows and the results are quite surprising. I am using a small digital stereo recorder that provides my PC with raw material that can be processed and mastered so that a memento of the event can be obtained by those attending.

My night in Sheffield has left me still buzzing and if I had to pick a high light it would be very difficult. There was little Sophie a vision with her face paint butterfly, glittery shoes and enough energy to power a Marshall amplifier stack. Gorgeous! A family bonded and united. Later Sophie's Mom sang The Moth for me. It was a childhood favourite of hers. There was a little lad who was wearing his own Edgar Broughton T-Shirt. His dad had it made for him and he looked great in it. Cool image eh? I am going to use one of the photos of him for a competition soon. While still counting high lights I mustn't omit the spot on bacon and egg sandwich I had for my breakfast nor any of the hospitality I received from my hosts.

After the show and when most folk had retired or gone home, I stayed up chatting with a couple of the very nice young people who, like me, were very happy to see the dawn creep up over the hills of Sheffield. I do like to chat with the young ones. Some times I get very tired of the undue criticism, aimed at our young people, by people who don't listen or expect that these bright young things could ever have much to offer. How wrong they are!

Every one was so friendly and although I was only there over night I felt a little sad to be heading south next day.
So thank you folks for a great night and I hope some of us meet up in the not too distant future.

Thirty Eight Degrees ( the petition people ) have a huge Save the NHS campaign going on right now. Check out their web site for details of how you can support this important fight to save services locally. Thirty Eight Degrees is the angle required to start an avalance and they were the group mostly responsible for the avalanche of protest that saved our forests from being sold off by the ConDems




Anonymous said...

What a fantastic night. It was great to meet Rob & Helen & Tony were perfect hosts.
Some of the assembly were already fans & everyone was afterwards.
Good luck for the rest of these "gigs". What a fabulous idea it is.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea these gigs are. Maybe other artists could also consider doing similar. Proper socialism.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Socialism in action. Just what you might expect from the man.
Looking at the set list on the first post about the gigs he has a lot of new material. Excellent! Looking forward to the recordings of new material.

I first met Edgar in 89. He seemed very friendly and approachable. He was just as interested in my life as I was his and I noticed he took time to chat with any one who spoke to him even though he was clearly tired from the gig. It seems from comments here that hasn't changed. Refreshing!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant night in Sheffield! Having first seen Rob & the band in the early '70's he is as charismatic and spellbinding as ever. Also what a genuinely nice bloke!It is now Wednesday and we are still buzzing - unforgettable! Thanks again Rob, your effect on the younger members of our family was truly amazing and we as fans are are so happy that your music has reached out to our children, it was a pleasure to have you in our home. Hope that all your future FDPFAFDW gigs bring as much happiness, we are sure they will! Tony & Helen xxx

Anonymous said...

You've cracked it with this mate. How great to meet all these lovely people and be invited into their homes. I reckon things might have been a bit tough over the past year or so with the band break up and things but you deserve to enjoy your self because you are keeping it real.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have cracked it mate! And what a nice little earner too far more lucrative than a percentage of the door! And no hotel bills! Nice one!

Gaz said...

Amazing evening! Helen & Tony were superb hosts and made us very welcome from the off.
Brilliant to meet Rob and chat to such a genuine bloke.
Will definitely be booking Rob for a similar experience.
Still stunned!
This is something I will remember forever.
All the very best for the future.
Thanks Rob for signing my T-shirt!
Little Ronnie xxx

Anonymous said...

I've just read the ultimate Guitar World list: the 50 heaviest songs before Sabbath. Nice to see EBB there (number five, not bad...)

Love your music, man.
Hope you may come to South America someday.
Cheers from Brazil. Fernandes.

Dave said...

Thought it was a great idea of yours doing these shows and realley nice for the fans glad they are going so well.