Wednesday, 26 August 2009

between the railway tracks
beside small industries
winding paths
circling one time gravel pits
now brackish pools and crystal lakes
the sun high in the summer sky
dappled reflections in green lagoons
reeds sway at the waterside
there by the lily meadow
in the gentle breeze
singing trees made leaf music
whispering some thing sweet
some thing lovely remembered
shadows and light
geese in a line
strumming the air
calling from another dream time
on a westerly storm beach far away
broads and dykes
teeming with life
deep in the moment
quiet and still
the best things in life are all true
this is free

copyright e d g a r b r o u g h t o n 2009


Anonymous said...

Brilliant......and beautiful!Very evocative.Loved the photo's aswell.
I love the phrase "leaf music".I was only thinking about the magic of such "music" this morning as the wind was roaring through the trees here on the Welsh borders.So much we could learn about if only we would open our ears to the songs that are being sung all around us.
Met a Native American shaman once called Sun Bear.Very much into the living planet.Opened my eyes anyway.
Thanks for sharing those thoughts and images.

Anonymous said...

Inspirational! How many of us live each day of our lives never noticing any of this, the beauty of the world just wizzing past in the humdrum of every day life?

This should be put to music and become a classic to rival Green Lights and Poppy!!


Anonymous said...

I don't usually write on this but yes agreed. Nice words. Nothing jaded or has been about the EBB. Powerful and contemporary comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about garbled comment previously. Red wine and a very late night responsible. Thanks for losing it. So what I wanted to say was what a lovely piece of writing! The pics really compliment it. Looks like an idyllic place. Good to see the old industrial sites being transformed.
I thought the post about the Sami very sad but very interesting. Found some Yoik online. Fascinating.
be happy.