Saturday, 24 November 2007

Seven days a go we were heading to Edinburgh for the first gig there for a very long time. The above picture was taken at the Scottish border. Thanks to every one for their very kind emails. I am glad you enjoyed the shows. Some of your comments were very kind and very encouraging. We experienced some real northern winter weather on the road and today it is bitterly cold here in the south, as it seems to be every where in the UK. As bad weather moves in bringing rain the journeys from show to show take on a very different colour. Fortunately Spadge, our very accomplished driver, never surprises us with stupid on the road moves. I never wake up from a doze to the sound of squealing brakes which for a seasoned travelling troubadour is an extremely unnerving and wearing experience. As the miles mount up over the years it seems the need to be able to not worry about the driving becomes mandatory. We have always had great drivers so we all very spoiled. Some times the back room guys don’t get the credit they deserve so plaudits galore to Spadge who is one of the most level, skilled and industrious companions we could wish for. He is very highly regarded by all of us. Thanks for every thing Spadge. Also big ups to Rick merchandise sales person with attitude and drum technician. Rick is fun and a great travelling companion. An outrageous character and when teamed up with Luke and in full cry, the fun starts in earnest. He does fall over a lot and bumps into things with regular frequency. The rest of the time he is always checking some thing and feeding back to us with all kinds of useful info as well as making friends with all and sundry. It is important our people make a good impression. Good manners are very important to us.
It was so nice to meet up with old friends and connect with new ones and folks who had waited a long time to see us. It was also very gratifying to see how well the new songs were received.
Soon we will start recording them. The first song on the schedule will be Six White Horses. Pre production is well under way on that and soon I expect three or four other new songs will be ready for recording. We plan to use a variety of methods to record the songs including some programming. Soon Steve will begin programming drum tracks in earnest and in a way we haven’t ever employed before. I think the right mix of technology and a methodology that will allow the power of the live EBB to come through in a final mix, will be the goal.
Speaking of goals the 3.0 drubbing by LFC of Newcastle was very satisfying earlier this afternoon.
New labours recent disasters have surely left no one very surprised. When targets become the sole goal there is a lack of clarity, duty of care and finally abject confusion. These are the early stages of steep decline in the value of our elected representatives. The loss of personal data of so many citizens is a disgrace and when the conditions and circumstances leading to the screw up are released no one is surprised that it happened and no one believes it won’t happen again. Targets prioritised over commonsense will lead to far worse. I am afraid the recent reporting of health care in Norfolk and the inability to admit and care for patients needing hospitalisation will inure people to sliding standards. We shrug and try to work round such events caused by poor government when we should be lining up in the newly liberated Parliament square ( thanks Gordon ) to give ‘em hell. We seem to accept the reality of people pulling their own teeth, decreased refuse collections, jammed prisons, piracy masquerading as free enterprise as in the case of the railways and the postal service, BT and British Airways to name but a few. Teachers are under the cosh, social workers are leaving the profession in droves because there are not enough resources to do their job effectively. What is on offer to needy, minority groups, especially people with disabilities, is decreasing as I write. It seems the so called rationalisation and reform of every public service results in a poorer service and less support for all who need it. A very disturbing out come of all of this is the growing alienation and disillusionment of undervalued professionals in the public sector as essential services are run down. Recently I have been depressed and generally having a tough time emotionally. Some of it is due to unreasonable demands made of me by people driven by concepts completely alien to me so last weekend was a real tonic. Probably not quite what the doctor ordered but definitely a boost for the spirit. It will be some time before we see most of you again. We have a record to make and it could be one of the most significant episodes of our existence so far. I have every reason to believe it will be and I am inspired and encouraged by all of your support and kindness to us over the past two years since we went back on the road. See you soon ?


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for going out on the road again this year , the drive home from Leeds to Lincoln was shite for me too, goodness knows what it was like for you guys going back to London
Looking forward to a new cd ive heard some of the songs being given a workout on the road and have enjoyed them very much,
One thing im fearfull of as i get older is getting ill, i really dont want to visit a gp or have to go in to a hospital i think all my trust in the NHS has been eroded, i fail to see how the Government can sudenly find money to prop up a failing bank with billions of pounds if the money was there surley it could have go to a much needer cause

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the time on the road was theraputic for you all. My only regret is that there were no gigs in the south and therefore some of us missed out. Still I live in hope for next year, especially if there are new songs.

Hope your personal issues improve.


Anonymous said...

Tony, the NHS is a National Sickness Service and not a Health Service.I've had challenging health problems for years and been totally abandoned by the health service because I don't fit into their list of treatable conditions.The good news is it enables us to self empower when we question just what it means to embody true health and wellbeing.We have to quit surrendering our power to so called narrow minded experts whose only vision is that of drug induced medication instead of understanding the new paradigm of the human being as a perfectly functioning multi-dimensional being that maintains a genuine sense of health when we live in a healthy way!Many wholistic techniques and therapies are emerging/being rediscovered to support our journey.Fear not,the best is yet to come!
And that goes for the new EBB chapter that is now unfolding before us.We are lucky to witness it, and I for one have waited many years for this day.So come on everyone,arise,awake!the goal is yours!

Anonymous said...

Toally agree Rob an' totally agree Ade - NHS?! After an MRI scan of my spine and foot, which revealed possibly 2 trapped nerves and metatarsal damage, the 'expert' summed up my pains (2 years on!) as being because I have "Long, painful feet". I asked if it were anything to do with my spine to which he replied "I am a foot doctor, I can't talk about your spine". I said "But the previous doctor had considered the two things together, as connected" to which he replied "That was because you saw him 'Privately' as a referral on the National Health. Pure madness and my pains are nothing compared to many getting no answers or relief - got any tips for Sciatica? (strange I should have this too eh?). Not surprising so many people get a bank loan and go private (or to India or Russia)


ramblinmad xx

P.S. I've put a few rehearsals pics an' stuff up on the Yoohoo EBBthingy under 'RamblinEBBshots'

Anonymous said...

Hi ramblinfeet,
Sciatica? How long have you got? Rest and painkillers followed by anti imflammatories, hot treatment, cold treatment, traction, Macmillan exercises, hanging from the rafters in the garage, X ray, MRI scan, 4 years later...'those discs will have to come out'. Job done,sorted, now I'm jumping up and down at the EBB gigs (which all seem be to 'oop north, lucky us).
Sincerely mate, if you can somehow fight your way past the receptionist and the GP and then find the attention of a neuro surgeon it might be sorted.
By the way - don't invest in copper (Leeds was surreal!)

Paul in the Dales

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul - If you've been thru Sciatica an' wanna have a conflab about it, would be more than interested to tell you my situ and get your florinsworth on it - but not here taking up the Robesphere, ehwot, Yahoo EBBgroup? (or my e-mail)(bet there's a few aches and pains need sharing over there - an probably a few crazy tips (hopefully)
Wish I'd been able to get to Leeds - firkinwirkin!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh shame about Kenndal being cancelled , who ever is poorly a quick and speedy recovery is wished for you
see you some time next year !
peace and health

Anonymous said...

Hi Just found these blogs. Please come and play darn sarf or in The Midlands in '08. I'm about halfway between London and The Midlands.

I agree about the state of public services, privatrise them and make the service worse,with the focus on profits not on need. I did work in a previously nationalised company for ten years. Just don't start me on the state of the NHS.

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