Monday, 12 November 2007

Dear Broughtons,

Hi. Just thought you might like to see the attached picture. Mydaughter's school has an annual competition for a display of decoratedeggs. These are always themed and corny - an egg halfway up a mountain(Sir Eggmund Hillary and his Everest Eggsploration) and so on. Mydaughter Ruby won this year with her display: the Eggdgar BroughtonBand. The picture shows you all on stage, but it also included an MP3player playing a loop of 'Hotel Room' and 'Evening Over Rooftops'. As afamily of Broughton-fanatics, we were ecstatic that she won. Hope youlike the pic.Me and my wife Rachael went to see you in Bristol earlier this year. Wewondered when you might be doing more gigs in the south-west, andwhether any of these would be venues that would admit kids. We have a15-year old, 14-year old, and Ruby (12) desparate to see you live.All the best, and keep up the wonderful work.


Mark Frost

How cool is the above ? It was very nice to get this e mail and we are all very touched by Ruby's lovely and SO COOL tribute.

Tom aged 12 got in touch recently. The autographs are on their way mate.

The new generation of First Supperists is here.

The Ebb rehearsed at the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Dave produced a box full of effects pedals he has been collecting since the last gigs. What a collection! We spent a lot of time playing around with sounds and auditioning his new Line 6 guitars. The days of almost immediate sound gratification are here and now. The Line 6 guitars offer a variety of instruments types and sounds at the flick of a switch. Dave has an electric six string and acoustic model. They both reproduce a variety of instruments very efficiently and you can hear them in action at the upcoming gigs. So Line 6 if you would like to send me a free sample or two I will be more than happy to use 'em. Sunday was spent refining some new songs including searching for the definitive arrangement for Six White Horses and changing the set a little. All in all Sunday was a breeze. The EBB are on full power and looking forward to heading north.

We are very happy to welcome Chrissy Hamlin to the EBB team. Chrissy is handling our press and publicity. Some of you will have seen Chrissy's re vamped My space site. Any one who has asked to be an EBB My space "friend" should re apply. I can't promise all messages will be answered but we will do our best as and when we have time.


copyright e d g a r b r o u g h t o n 2007


Anonymous said...

Even if one allows for parental influence how can one 12 year old have such good taste ? What a smart kid !

Anonymous said...

I agree. There is hope for the youth of today after all (lol)

Anonymous said...

Eggselent work!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure his kid's weren't playing a yolk!!!

Brilliant picture Rob, must gave you and the band a great deal of pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Great Pic - There should now be an EGGBB revolution in schools, you know, organised sport making men and women out of children - well, Eggucation and Eggdarcation is here, starting with the Eggdar and Spoon race ("I'm tellin' my mum the teachers put a loud furry thing in my spoon!"), and at easter they could make Chocolate Easter Eggdars - I can't think of a Santa connection with Eggs, but I'm sure one will come to me.
Oh yus - Don't burn out before Kendal you basts!!

Love n filtered water

rammblinmad xx

Anonymous said...

Hey this could be the cover for the new 'albumin'!!

Anonymous said...

Will it be released on a Frideggday?


Anonymous said...

Larry, eggsactly what I was thinking.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I bet you boiled your egg then

Anonymous said...

Nice to find that the EBB are reaching youths, two weeks ago my daughter took her handball team - girls 15 -(she's coaching) to a tournament on a three hours bus travel.
I gave her the meat album cd, and EOR became the singalong song in the bus.
She phoned me, laughed and asked me to listen, and 17-18 teenagers was singing out loud in the background...nice !
The best of luck on your gigs guys, wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jorle

That's kinda spooky 17 teenagers on a bus singing "How far are we from dying, is it nearly at an end?" Now that's exactly what should get filmed and put up on YouTube! Didn't by any chance, did she?
Certainly one for the 'insert' at least, eh Rob? with a suitably eggcentric eggsplanation

scrambled love

ramblinmad x

Anonymous said...

I can see your point Ramblin, kinda spooky....:)
But the travel luckily went without any problems despite the lyrics, and it would've been worse with Revelations, snow, heavy wind and trees kissing the ground haha
Anyway, it should definately have been filmed and sent to you tube, but sadly, no film was taken as far as I know...
Have a nice weekend all !

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the Leeds show last night and the, on and off stage banter was very funny "the stalker twat who wanted to buy copper to survive the end of the world"(you had to be there!)
the new songs were great (white horse's and soldiers of the light)i really wanted them to play airiel(but meybe the recption woul'ent have been to good!)but all in all we had a fantasic time , if the boys are comming all the way to Kendell to play one show in Dec i think i've got to be there !!
thanks again EBB for a great night in Leeds

edgar broughton said...

Hi Tony, Tony he was "Twat Stalker" not "Stalker Twat". It was fun though and it was great to see you and Vanessa in Leeds. Looks like we have some studio time to record Six white horses.We'll talk video soon. Kendal is going to be the EBB Christmas party and in all probability the last scheduled gig until September 2008.

Hey Jarle
Great to hear about the young ones and EOR.


Anonymous said...

The gigs were certainly a touch 'anarchic'.We caught Morecambe and Leeds. The Platform was an interesting venue? The brothers from Gloucester appeared a little well lubricated but were festooned with autographs of the epidermis when we bumped into them the following morning (complete with hangovers). Great banter at the New Roscoe and a great preview of 'Razor Blades'. Looking forward to Kendal but can we then wait until September 08?

Peace and best wishes,
Paul in the Dales

Anonymous said...

Great to see young people with such great taste in music. I think the Eggdgar Broughton Band would make a great album cover, Eggselent work.