Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Lo, smee gen. Finds nother leter fra olde chest box wi goldy andle un shine uns. Wonders wha is ee bee doin out there a Taniul while her waits. Was gud gel a luv eem und ee same luvs her. Muss bin gud luvs though sum sad liken fuh all an we. Smee pinyun thas but won chance a tek it while is before yee. Wees who esitatin be do our sen doon though tis ard be a strongen at times a matter. Tis a bold ting ta speek of - be brave when tis not thee be do it. Sez they faint heart neer wins fair lady. Wish I was fair n comely but tis not ta be. Still I knows - out there is some one body luv fuh all a we. Tis a luvey ting ta muse on. Mee wonders did they ever mek theys way ta the far orf sway. I moight finds more leters. Sez what did tranzpyre

Dearest Beloved

I hope this finds you well.
Still know I am caught twixt lines beyond where I had meant to venture – happily ensnared for my own real good is why my heart is full and hopeful and well entwined with thine - I long to converse with you, to share and play silly games, to make food for you and most, to be true to us in love and life with robust and splendid imagination.
As I sit here with my back to the southern acres I think of you alone by a salt spray blown off our beloved coves and sea side pines – will you be thinking of me and silver bars dancing in the foaming tide as these momentous days pass by? A butterfly drifts in this balmy air which is filled with the scent of exotic flowers that exude the finest fragrances. The butterfly turns to the fire light and it’s fatal attraction but a cool breeze blows her safe away and I am shocked at the strength of my relief – I have become kinder by knowing you
I want to walk with you underneath the green canopy of a summer forest and to feel your skin as, hand in hand, our arms touch lightly as we go together down a flower strewn path. I shiver thinking of the day I will come to you with heart racing to feel you close and then – to wrap you up and never want to let you go or ever say good bye.
We'll sit together quiet. I will watch the light off water reflected in your eyes , see your smiling, happy face and know you again. I miss your girlish laughter. If sister of mine you had been I would have loved it so – though glad am I now, you are my lover fine and wise.
If all goes well I shall soon be on my journey home to you and all I hope for – if winds set fair and well rigged we are, so shall the speed of my travel be all the better.
Here I have seen things that none have told and I have felt more for you than any other. I have found you in profound dreams and understood what I must be where before I wandered aimlessly. Let it be that we shall guide and love each other so – forever.
As you know I am bidden not to reveal my work here and so shall tell you nought save that I love you with all my being and send you my fondest hopes and wishes

Your devoted servant

at the Taniul Spur

Copyright edgar broughton 2007


Anonymous said...

oooooh luvly

Anonymous said...

this comment has got nothing to do with this blog ....but would just like everyone to know the gigs get started next week and the excitement level is rising will be able to get to leicester and just meybe the twickenham one