Wednesday, 21 February 2007

weymouth from the pier - a good place to catch a sea bass

Occasionally you see an advert on E-Bay That goes something like this :
Diawa Multi Section Specialist Sea Bass Fishing Rod for sale. I Love this rod, it’s a real beauty. I’ve been a collector of multi – piece bass rods for years but circumstances have changed and I’m never going to get a chance to use it again. WHY? it goes on - Watch out for my up coming auctions. WHAT COULD HAVE CAUSED THIS CATASTROPHE?

I made a list of some of the possibilities. This person .......

is newly married and they need the cash

has a new born child and it is time to be mature and knuckle down to what is important and to leave that 20 lb sea bass for some one else to catch (me)

is off to fight in a war no one believes in

is injured and or disabled preventing him or her from getting to a fishing mark or using the rod

has a partner who is tired of being a so called fishing widow / widower and has just finished assertive training classes

has become ill in the UK and is saving up for private health care

is a nurse at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London and cannot afford to pay the Congestion Charge. Unlike many of their colleagues who will resign, they are trying to raise enough money to stay working a little longer and give up the occasional fishing trip to Brighton

is having to pay out a large sum every month to support an elderly relative living on a state pension

is so concerned about the lack of progress of his or her daughters literacy skills they have decided to supplement her primary education with private tuition

has promised to take the kids to Florida and that’s the end of it

is tired of spending lots of good money on bait only to go days with out catching any thing big enough for dinner because illogical EEC fishing regulations and greedy trawler crews are emptying the sea

is moving to a bigger house where the loft in the roof can be converted to a flat so the Nanny can live in

I am sure any one reading this could add to the list quite easily, either from personal experience or knowledge of others lives. Some times we have to give up pleasurable pursuits and hobbies for the good of the group whether it is giving up fishing to spend more time with the family or giving up driving a car to save the planet.

On this day I am in the middle of a small crisis which is stressful. The issues raised by this are important both to myself, the band and the people I love which of course, includes the band. What is worst is that the problem is the result of outsiders actions and inaction over which we have no control. The crisis might or might not be resolved. As crises go this is not so terrible but it is one of those times when I am forced to question the wisdom of relentlessly pursuing an aim because it has always been the way. This presents a range of personal concerns and questions around how I am spending my time and living my life. Who needs me and why? What do I really need? What should I give up or give up on? How can I help and really make a difference? What might I begin to to do next? These are big questions. They are questions First Supperists are well acquainted with. I know this from reading your comments and many emails.

As I type the sun is shining beautifully vanquishing the demons if only temporarily. The sun pours in through my window not so many miles from the window I used to look out of in our flat above the rooftops near Finchley Road in North London. It was such a day when the song Evening Over Rooftops first came to mind all those years ago though it was a summers evening not a late winter afternoon. There was a similar light in my room then as now. I am thinking how good life is and how relatively inconsequential and unimportant my problems really are. It is good to know this at times of crisis and disappointment. It doesn't fix problems nor is it an alternative to dealing with them but it can help restore balance and the energy needed to fight on. In this frame of mind I am reflecting on how fortunate I am to be sitting here with food in the fridge and cupboards, to have shelter, to have my people and to know and be known to all of you. It is good to catalogue the good things we take for granted.

My life has been and still is a fascinating journey. I am grateful for my blessings most of the time but some times during crisis I whine and pointlessly ask - why me? I am extremely fortunate to have the luxury of being able to make informed choices with the potential to effect good things as well as make mistakes. There is the distinct possibility that significant change is imminent in my life and possibly overdue. I might have to give up a couple of things. I hope it has nothing to do with having to sell my favourite sea bass rod though.


The EBB is scheduled to be rehearsing again at the weekend prior to the first leg of the tour in Germany. More on all of this later. I will post THE COMPETITION before we go and leave it running until we return.

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Anonymous said...

Hang on in there Rob. You have made a hell of a difference to many lives - for the good.

We all continually face crossroads and I always think that given time, we can look back and wonder what the fuss was about. I hope that you will be able to do this given time.

Enjoy the forthcoming time on the road and put troubles behind you - be safe in the knowledge that you will be bringing a lot of enjoyment to a great many people.

All the very best


Anonymous said...

It can be so difficult when life appears to throw things up which require you to appraise areas of your existance. My experience is that often the difficult bit is going through the change as usually we know what we want to do, it's just doing it!
I sincerely hope you are able to come through this and still enjoy your time on the road. What is certain is that others will enjoy you and............. never part with your best rod!


Anonymous said...

clever old bugger you are. i think you piece is so positive even uplifting and people might just miss that. i felt better for reading it and my probs like yours are almost minute to others trials. you know exactly what you are doing don't ya ?


Steve Broughton said...

Out Demons Out!!

Anonymous said...

You do have a way with words Rob. I felt genuinely sorry for the fisherman selling his tackle. We should all stop whining about our often insignificant problems. I am a real moaning Minnie some times. Thank you for reminding me.
Embracing change is not always easy but giving up and discarding what is not needed any more is a good exercise.
Good luck for the tour I am sure you will be magnificent. I hope to see you at 100 Club

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

You seem to be going through troubled times at the moment, I hope you manage to get yourself through them unscathed, if it's any consolation I'd like to let you know that all of us that know you either through your music (which has given me over 35 years of pleasure) or personally wish you well and hope things in your life return to normal ASAP, I'm sure the experience will make you stronger. I hope to see you at Cox's yard for another memorable evening.

ps, I hope the Liverpool result cheered you up a bit:-)


edgar broughton said...

Hi Folks

Many thanks for your consideration and kind thoughts but .. I am well and just about to enjoy rehearsing with the guys and then I'm looking forward to touring. There have been some difficulties over the past few days and I hate it when out side forces impact negatively on us but that is just Blabber n Smoke.
As our good friend said earlier " my probs like yours are almost minute to others trials".
Fear not I'll be fine. I just need to change a few things around is all.
Yes Larry the result was excellent. The whole family and Art, of course, were all totally made up.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you sounding a little more positive, Rob.
If it's YOU that determines what changes are made, then you can remain in control. Stay strong, life's a bitch sometimes.

Langers said...

You'll get through it Rob.
My partner is going through some stressful times at the moment related to the workplace, once again brought upon her by the actions of others. These things not only affect that person but also those closest to them. Looking forward to seeing you all at a couple of the gigs.

All the best


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob ,meybe to late for this tour but if there is another later on meybe you could get a unique first supperist tee shirt done before hand , and those of us that post on yahoo or this board could recognise each other at gigs and buy each other beer and chat ect! umm just a thought sorry i'll get me coat!
ps mine will have to be xxl!

Anonymous said...

I've posted my ugly mug on yahoo, Tony - take a good look.......then come buy me a beer !!

Anonymous said...

Tell me more cried the man .... what is this 1 one !

edgar broughton said...

Hi Tony
First Supperist's T - shirt is a good idea and one which I have been thinking about for some time. Re 1 o n e etc , if you look on our Myspace you will see three different pics and three songs. The pics are off Cd sleeves which are NEW RELEASES. 1 o n e is a collection of 4 songs from Luke and myself which are the re mastered versions of Zydo gazebo, Six White Horses, a new song called Catch My Breath and Say You Love Me. Check out the inside cover on Exhibits from a New Museum. It is the mono pic at the top of the blog.

There is a collection of unreleased EBB demo's and tracks called The ones that nearly got away which I recently mastered and last but definitely not least is a collection of demos from Steve and Art called Not a pretty sight.

These are all being pressed for the tour. We also have a newly designed T-shirt. We will be bringing The original Rebel shirt back at some time. So lots of new goodies available at gigs as well as the DVD and remastered EBB albums. More on all of this in a later blog. Some of the new stuff in a special collectors limited edition format will be prizes in the competition I will post before we set off for Germany plus a bonus prize of a copy of Superchip


Anonymous said...

Fantastic , cheers Rob see you all in the downtown blues club on friday!(i'll be the one with a huge grin on my face!!)

Anonymous said...

What's with all this talk of fishing? We're really not up to the job I'm afraid. Small brains, and wej ust can't help going after the wiggly things. Now, whilst some of us may dream of a deep fried future, the rest of us would suggest, a change in the game, as it's pretty boring from our point of view (get hooked, get waved about, get thrown back, get hooked etc), thus, if you throw in a bunch of poiticians and city magnates, we would be more than willing to help you hook as many as you like.
Forefish (the one that got away)

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