Friday, 24 June 2016

a sad day

Far right winger Marie Le Pen celebrating Brexit.

I sat up all last night, as I always do during elections, to watch the vote. I will never forget it. Politically it was the saddest thing I have ever experienced. Brexit supporters have had their way and created the worst night in UK politics for many years, as far as I am concerned. I feel crushed.

I am afraid that the divisions caused by this will be long lasting. As the disastrous consequences roll out I will find it harder to respect those who voted out. After a general election we can all carry on the fight according to our political colours. We can even work with political opponents and debate the issues. National politics is ongoing and presents positive possibility in the future. This is final and very different. There is no way to overturn this at a next election. I can't help thinking that the seeds of division sown last night will result in the poorest harvest. As I write this there are people on the radio phoning in to say if they had known last nights vote would have resulted in todays mess they would have voted remain.

Did the Brexiters want Scotland to leave the UK? I doubt it was even a consideration for most of them but now it is highly likely. Perhaps the SNP have no option but to hold another referendum. Most of Scotland voted to remain in the EU so now more of them might be in favour of exiting the UK. Many of us believed the Welsh would vote to remain in the EU partly because Wales has received more financial input from the EU than almost any where else and more than any one in the UK. For example they have the best roads in the UK. Wales stands to lose most financially from leaving the EU so who will make up the shortfall?

A day or so before the vote I had a very interesting and heartening discussion with Steve, my brother. He was fired up about the attitude of some of his friends who were voting to leave. I haven't heard him so passionate about any issue for a long time. He was talking about the divisions caused by the vote and the Little Britain position of some of his friends.
This act of ignorant stupidity will take years to recover from and the young will pay the biggest cost along with the disabled and vulnerable who will be further fleeced in order to balance the books. My young nephew Sonny who is in Vietnam with his girlfriend tweeted that he was gutted to no longer be a European.

Today the Treasury provided 1billion GBP to prop up the pound and this is just the beginning. Today the French are talking about changing the Le Touqet agreement but I suspect none of this means much or matters to most of the Brexiters.

The man who began this process and who railed against the unelected leaders of the EU was the unelected man celebrating Brexit victory all over the media in the early hours. His name is Farage and if you voted leave you have opened the door to the narrow, xenophobic game he wants to play.

If any one thinks I sound bitter after this debacle then they are correct. I do feel bitter, especially towards the people of my generation who have opened the door to the far right. The bitterness will subside but the repercussions of the 23rd June referendum will last forever. To those who pleaded charity begins at home, I say let us see what benefit the needy will get from this. It won't be long before we know. To those who wanted more autonomy and democracy I say let us see how we meet global / european challenges on our own.

Cameron's legacy will be coloured by the fact that he put his party before the UK. He wanted to satisfy the euro sceptics in his own party and promised this referendum to appease them. Corbyn has soft pedalled his remain message all through this process and I suspect he will have to go.
Boris will play his part in the New Britain and we shall all see his true colours very quickly. Remember this is the man who tried to fudge air pollution stats in London that were way below EU standards.

Farage will want his place in our history acknowledged. After all with out him none of this would have been possible. Don't be surprised if there is a large increase in UKIP membership.
Little British xenophobia and petty self interest was the big winner in this referendum no matter how much Brexiters deny it. This has tarnished this country and will give heart to far right figures such as Marie Le Pen all across the EU. The UK far right could never achieve what Brexiters have achieved with one little cross.



Anonymous said...

48% of this country voted to remain. I was one of them. This has shown the divisions in the country. It has polarised opinion and high lighted areas of general discontent. Passions will be high and just like in the miners strike sides have been taken creating massive divisions and wounds that will take a long time to heal. The remain voters will feel they have lost some thing valuable I think young people are the biggest losers. It is not like losing an election and I have to admit I feel a deep resentment towards the leave camp.


Anonymous said...

Deep resentment dont come near it for me. Proud Liverpudlian but heart broken.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that we have given up some thing very special. I am disappointed that this referendum has produced such a sad result so that I am forced to review my understanding of what it means to be British today.
I respect the rights of people to exercise their political choice but fortunately I live in a country where I don't have to respect their motives or values.

Anonymous said...

Gutted by the outcome. I was so sure that the UK would rise above the bullying and distorted arguments the exit crew put forward. Sad that the Uk does not want to be working to be a representative part of a global community. To my European brothers and sisters - sorry.

Anonymous said...

Not one leave voter has come on here to tell us exactly why they were going to vote leave or why they have. This was not a vote against the government or even the establishment but that is how I think it was understood by many leave voters. Like the previous comment I too respect the right of all to vote the way they want but I do not respect their values or motives. In fact I despise them for their narrow view of the world and their misconceptions about the causes of deprivation in the UK. Now we get Boris and the Brexit government what ever that might be. Like the comment previous I too say sorry to our EU brothers and sisters.Finally Rob, at least Warwick turned out to vote remain. That must have made you smile. Mean while N.Warwickshire voted to leave.
M. Thomas ( Kenilworth )

mike from albuquerque said...

My heart bleeds.a very sad and destructive day.Shame on you leave voters,now the pain begins.

Anonymous said...

I live in Norwich.So proud of this small city, surrounded by people bullied and brainwashed by that excuse for a man, Farage and the egotist Johnson.We made our decision,you made your bed so lie in it.

edgar broughton said...

Sign the petition for a re run. It's unlikely to happen but it is a chance to express your discontent at the narrow margin of votes that are going to take us out of Europe.

Anonymous said...

A working class protest vote but not a working class victory. How many people voted to usher in the RIGHT wingers when they thought they were registering a vote against the establishment? Far too many Brexiters now regret their action. Too bloody late. I would like to know just how many people voted with no real understanding of the stakes. So now we all pay and wait to see just how much damage will be caused here and abroad.

Sam Keen

Anonymous said...

Thank you Edgar for your consistency and clarity. I have not left a comment here before now but when I am depressed with life I come here to find like minds and some encouragement to carry on. Brexit is an indication of the lack of political education in curriculum as well as the discontent across the country. Now we have to unite in Labour to oppose the inevitable rise of the right wing. Billy.

TimCo said...

Agree wholehearedly with all comments.
Fed up of oldies being all painted as outers and younger voters all described as inners, its not so simple. I worked at a polling station and several younger folk didn't come in till 9.00pm onwards, obviously worried and keen to vote IN but who had not even registered to vote....nnnn!
Apart from the obvious tory culprits and the revolting Farage I was incandescant with fury a couple of weeks ago when Eddie Izzard appeared on question time. A priveledged opportunity to sway folk on national tv and he dresses like a clown and behaves like an hysterical menopausal woman. That swayed UKIP voting Joe Plummer - I don't think! Only Hilary Benn was left to present a cogent serious argument. And as for lukewarm Corbyn, nice guy but...this needed someone with power and passion and the ability to reach the UNconverted.
A sad day and 16+ million of us out of 33 million voted to STAY, the tyranny of democracy huh?

Anonymous said...

From a BBC News interview in Sheffield.

" I voted LEAVE and thought we would stay in EU. Woke up this morning to find we had left. I was stunned and scared."
Interviewer " Do you regret voting LEAVE".
"No. I just hope I have done the right thing".

edgar broughton said...

Xavier Bertrand, the president of Hauts-de-France region where Calais is located, said: "The English wanted to take back their freedom: they must take back their border."
The French authorities had warned before the referendum that a vote for leaving the EU could see a camp with thousands of migrants being moved from Calais to British soil.

The basis for this French stipulation is that the UK border is currently in Calais.

Anonymous said...

Not unexpectedly Cornwall voted to Leave.
But here is a link to a heartening piece by a very wise RAF vet from Cornwall who has takes the opposite view. Bless him.


Anonymous said...

I am so angry,Time for a revolution,leave the light on EU,we will be home soon.

Anonymous said...

Cameron pledges extra police to investigate increased race hate crime.
Tory MP says her surgery has been bombarded by angry leave voters who feel they have been duped.
Stocks and shares and the pound take another hammering.
Tory leave voters shocked to realise they have got rid of their leader.
Labour intent on getting rid of their leader.
Boris or May for prime minister?
The list of companies saying they will move operations abroad increases.
Rescue plans for Tata steel works in Port talbot scuppered. Port talbot voted leave.
Small businesses already losing work and orders over Brexit uncertainty.


Anonymous said...

In March Boris voted for the Tories' callous cuts to ESA disability benefit.
The move cuts £30 a week from the sick and disabled and was ferociously opposed by campaigners as well as peers in the House of Lords.
A clue to what Prime Minister Boris' approach to austerity and the most vulnerable in our society will be if he comes to power?


Anonymous said...


Pete Pool said...

Thanks Rob, like another comment above I too come here occasionally to find like minded souls and thankfully have not been disappointed in the points made. The whole sorry business leaves me with an immense feeling of sadness at the direction our country is being led. And I think "led" is the correct word because aside from Cameron's total incompetence in setting the train of events in motion in the first place it is at the door of the right wing press that I lay much of the blame. Murdoch has apparently said something to the effect that he can walk into Downing St and they listen to him, but if he walks into Brussels they take no notice. Worryingly it is being reported that he met with Farage last night, shortly before his resignation. I have a nasty feeling that we have not yet heard the last of that odious man. Heaven forbid that he should return with a more extreme party than the festering sore that is UKIP.
On the morning of the result we travelled down to Devon for a weeks break. Along the way I became more and more annoyed by the numerous leave posters we passed. On arrival I picked up on conversations outside the pub, bullishly celebrating the "victory" of Brexit (how I hate that word). The feelings I had at that moment were that for probably the first time in my 64 years I felt as though I was an alien in my own country, a feeling of not being welcome. How those living here from elsewhere must feel can only be imagined. Later in a tea room two young mums were discussing their fears at the outcome, clearly they were remainers. I happened to glance over at them at which they then realized I was in earshot and their voices dropped to a whisper - I guess they looked at me as an old person who had probably supported leave. I then found throughout my weeks stay I too was subconsciously sizing people up and deciding in my own mind which side of this ridiculous division they lay on - and I hated myself for it. The impacts of this are I am sure going to be felt for a long time. The feelings felt go way beyond the normal political divide where one can debate and argue a point and sometimes even come to an agreed consensus. My wife who has never had much truck with the political views of a particular cousin of hers but has put up with it has fallen out big time with him over this issue. The wounds will take a lot to heal. How we do that, I have no idea but I worry for the kids that there may be dangerous times ahead. Peace.

Anonymous said...

At least one person has asked why no LEAVERS, (RACIST SCUM), have posted on here their reasons for voting LEAVE! Does that surprise you REMAINERS (DECENT FOLK)?

I am no stranger to racism; I have had it all my life as did my father since coming to England in the 1950s. So it naturally follows that I would want to be a racist myself; knowing what it feels like to have been a victim!!!! So to aid my 'racism' I joined several mixed heritage groups, Rock against Racism, my local Stop Racism group & Interfaith group. I am a BAEM Rep for my union, (being multi cultural you will all know what that stands for), also I work as a learning rep to facilitate ESOL courses. again no explanation needed for you guys eh! So as you can see I have all the skills & attributes needed to be the perfect racist!!!!!!!!!!

There are some vile individuals who voted LEAVE purely because they ARE RACISTS & now they in their moronic grey matter believe it ok to 'come out' Good as racism has largely gone underground; get it out in the open then we know who they are! People used to call me Paki so I knew they didn't like me & I could tell a teacher! Also while I was out campaigning for the LEAVE vote I was threatened by two Eastern Europeans & decided to call it a day! So who is the racist or antagonist there? If they had physically attacked me & my partner would that be justified as we were after all racists for campaigning for the LEAVE vote so probably deserved a good kicking from the good guy REMAINERS! Prior to that I had joked with a lovely Polish guy who even drove off waving & calling REMAIN to my LEAVE. He tooted then disappeared from view!

I voted LEAVE because I am a Socialist & I believe in DEMOCRACY! I voted LEAVE because I believe it best for the people in the long term not the after shock! I am not a flag waver & if I were it would be the Trinidad flag for my Father!


Am also anti 'bullyism'

Anonymous said...

These were some of my thoughts at the time about this.......Listen folks! Dont get caught up in all this we are doomed stuff that is circulating and being added to by the media over Brexit! Trade is one thing. Migration is another. BUT.....the EU is undemocratic and just a part of the bloated global elite whose goal is to maintain financial control of the economic agenda. The financial markets and huge multi nation corporations dont give a monkeys about YOU or any economic migrant or refugee. It is vitally important that we regain complete sovereignty of our democratic parliament and set the agenda for this country.This does nt ignore what goes on abroad. But if we dont get this clear we give power away to a globalist agenda that gives us a whitewash of compassionate concern and empathetic regard for all that is really a wolf in sheeps clothing! Yes,we all want to be friends and trade with our neighbours and be welcoming and look outward towards europe and the world......but dont fall for this idealised european agenda.....dont fall for it! We get our own house in order....why are all the banks huge multi nationals?.....where are the local banks and building societies?......why are all our utililities owned by other countries? Why is our manufacturing base so small? etc. etc.I could go on and on.This does nt mean that we dont embody tolerance and compassion ....for ourselves.... and the world....but we do that from the basis of our own parliament and then extend that out into the world. We dont condone intolerance of others in any shape or form either. But we do embody respect and compassion and build a solid base from within the framework of the UK which is not at the whim of external unelected elite. Take heart.This is an opportunity to reshape this country in a profound way....!!!! Blessings.

The Green Shop said...
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The Green Shop said...

Edgar - your words are wise and spot-on.
As to 'Anonymous" above - we, the British, gave it all away, sold it, or whatever. No nasty foreigner made us do it. Get this: we did it to ourselves! And there's a damn sight more of those 'nasty' foreigners outside the EU than in it. Most UK investment is sent abroad and most of that to the US. It's been that way for decades, lifetimes. Supporting our own? Yeah? Who? Us? When?
It's a big nasty capitalist world out there, one that recognises no borders and no nation state (except for expedience) and to beat that we need a big cross-border movement of people. We had one, within the EU. we've just shown ourselves unable to co-operate, unwilling to unite and impossible to reason with. Instead of being part of, I don't know, 260m+, we've decided to shrink to, whatever we are (?) 65m.
You think that makes us stronger, more resilient to the Corporatocracy? It's OUR British political establishment (left and right) that supports big business more than any other European country.
It's a numbers game. Remember Brent Spar? Shell forced to dispose responsibly, on land instead of dumping at sea? It was a boycott (organised by Greenpeace) of their petrol that forced their hand. In UK we didn't really care too much, it was the European consumer who did it. We've just lost that numbers game and weakened everyone else at the same time.
There is much we could change in the EU, from within (!), there is nothing good about Brexit.
Rant, rant, rave, rave ... ah could be a song title.