Saturday, 4 January 2014

the noise- prologue

in the noise

Noise like the sound of bright angels playing with machines, industrial trumpans, siren cry whale speak , like the wind howling towards land fall and love's urgent call like steam escaping in a heartbeat. Noise entwined in noise. Timbres of many dashing colours never still for a moment. Rushing and then falling in sheets of grinding metal then swinging through sweet tones, joining, combining into glorious cacophony.
Flip over in the huge wave like on a western shore. Roll in it like a fast porpoise, in my song filled dream. Lie back on the tones that weave and wind through the lateral line in real time, like rainfall pouring off a hillside. Tingling all over in the sonic landscape. Lost in the reverberations with ringing reflections bouncing madly off every surface. The phsyco-acoustic geometry of it all is wonderous and astounding. 
Feeling taken over in the sweet storm of noise, losing the well trod path to embark on a different way outside of usual. It feels good, re-assuring and safe. It reminds me of what draws us to the fire and to the beating drum and it is is eternal. It unites us. The sound of the crackling warm fire and the intrigue of the sound of a drum. Who is playing it and why? We go there with high expectation to share and to commune, by the fire with the drummer. 
A sweet note, like a Mongolian throat singer's invocation from the tundra, stands up in the noise to be counted by the hairs on the back of my neck. Falling but not asleep, only deep in the sway as I move to the rythm that is inside me.  It is the Near Sway that envelopes us all when we are happy and free. The Far Off Sway is out there and random. Some times it is safe but some times it is not. It is where risk resides and foolishness abides. It is also where, some times, greatness grows and the foolhardy become heroes in glorious vibration. 
I wonder if all the sound we make, every word and noise is recorded in a great united etheric sound library of infinite proportion. If so are remnants of our noisy being imprinted every where through time, for ages?  By the fire, around the drum eternally, living on in all the noise. Stand in quiet wilderness or at the center of a storm and you might hear it.



Anonymous said...

All noise can be considered a form of music that is why I hate it when people dismiss a particular genre of music as 'just a noise' as different ears hear different things in different sounds on different levels. All music , it could be argued, is just a noise but like a foreign language is just that to one unfamiliar with it so music & therefore noise is a collection of languages. If you don't listen you don't hear but if you listen you may not hear what the next person hears. My partner is deaf in one ear & hears the most amazing noises compared to me which whilst I do not envy his deafness he hears things I may never hear & describes them to me.

Anonymous said...

Call for iain duncan smith to resign he has stephanie bottrill's blood on his hands

Anonymous said...

Nobody will do anything cause nobody cares. Can't bring her back and I don't think you can blame the government for a suicide.

Anonymous said...

Can't you? What about David Kelly?