Tuesday, 19 April 2011

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Hi Folks,

If you are in London on Saturday coming and looking for some thing different then check out the Madpride gig below .............


Come and support our vital cause and help marginalised people have a voice against the media prejudice that brands all welfare benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’ and have a great night in the bargain. People concerned about the changes in the work capacity test are encouraged to contact the MENTAL HEALTH RESISTANCE NETWORK to get advice about how to deal with the tests and how people will be affected or to join the campaign and support our cause.

For more info on the event call 077 577 15035


Facebook - http;//tinyurl.com/6155qzb



Contact mentalhealthresistancenetwork@gmail.com

MAD PRIDE – 07542459321



Anonymous said...

I have long thought that those who are classified as 'mad' or 'mentally ill' are in fact the most sane of all of us! I have a solution as it is clearly the establishment who are 'mad' or 'mentally ill' therefore they should be sacked and placed on benefit forthwith for that very reason. Then we could take their benefit away and see how they liked it! We could misrepresent them in the media - well in fact we would not be misrepresenting them at all simply telling the truth! Then all the sane people could get on and do a decent job of running this country in a fair and just way! What do you think folks?

Oh yeah anyone going to New Cross for the Madpride gig - great but if you do not know the area be VERY VERY careful it is a nasty part of London so be safe.

Anonymous said...

New Cross isn't so bad. There is at least a bit of life going on there and you just have to be aware like any where these days. I kind of like the atmosphere and a little urban decay usually means diverse groups of people and strong culture.

The Madcap laughs


Anonymous said...

Ok Chill Out Sam I was only saying to people unfamiliar with the area.

Anonymous said...

As I may have mentioned before, I work in a secure mental health hospital. Most of the patients on my ward are on section 37/41 of the mental health act (which used to be known as the criminal insanity act).
We work to get them back into the community with all the skills needed to live from day to day.
The problem is that while in hospital, they receive astronomical benefits to spend on whatever they want (tobacco, CDs, designer clothes etc.
When discharge is mentioned, most of them realise that most of their benefits will now have to be spent on food & accommodation etc. In a lot of cases this results in sabotaging their discharge in order to stay with us. How are we supposed to get people back into the community when they see hospital & all of its advantages as so attractive?

I wish I could come up tomorrow but will have to take a rain check this time.

Tony H.

Anonymous said...

TO TONY H: First of all I commend you on the type of work you do I would imagine it to be extremely demanding and have great admiration for you!

With regard to the astronomical benefits bit there a lot of people around the area that I live who get astronomical benefits and theres bugger all wrong with them apart from the fact they are bone idle. They use their benefits to buy cds, Sky TV, designer clothes and dope. At least your patients have a good reason to receive benefits. I do take your point though and it is a difficult one as if we start suggesting we monitor their spending then we are aiming to control them and dictate and consequently taking away their life choices. Do you think they try to stay in hospital because of the large sums of money they get in benefits or do you think that they feel secure and are actually afraid of going out in to the wider world?

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen my camel?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comment.

I worked in a factory for over 20 years, helping the boss buy a new Jag every year. It's hard work, but I know what I would rather do for a living.

In reply to your question...

(I typed my reply & then accidentally lost it!!)

I see it as six of one & half a dozen of the other.
We have people who go out & do make it & of course there are those who fail.
It must be frightening making that first step & I don't blame anybody for having cold feet.

I see the money side as a big factor.
A patient said to me recently, 'I get over £100 spending money a week while I am in here, why should I want to leave?'

(When I started in the NHS, benefits were reduced after 6 weeks to £11.60 a week spending money for cigs etc, but their rent was paid & they received a clothing & toiletries allowance.
Once they were discharged their full benefits were reinstated.)

I would imagine that leaving the safety, comfort & friendship when discharged might encourage some to want to get re-admitted.
We hear of prisoners re-offending so they can go back to prison & the life they know. We are seing the same thing here.


Tony H.

Anonymous said...

Seen your camel? Sorry don't get it probably because I am more concerned with important things and you are obviously making some wisecrack!

To Tony H: To me people like you are the real heroes doing the job you do and I repeat I have nothing but admiration for you. I also see what you are saying with regard to benefits. With the way things are in the country at the moment it must be even harder to prepare patients to rejoin the community as first of all there is a distinct lack of community. Furthermore how do you convince anybody, sane or otherwise that they can build a future with all the cuts we are experiencing. Its almost like saying 'Ok what would you rather spend your money on? Bills, rent, food or cds, clothes, cigarettes?' It could be argued that those of us on the outside who spend on the former are the insane ones. Ever seen the film Crazy People with Dudley Moore? Its extremely funny but also makes its point very well with equal doses of humour and pathos.

But Tony H you are a hero and more people like you are needed on here and in the wider world.