Tuesday, 7 December 2010

 hero or villian?

PAYPAL recently withdrew services which allowed Wikileaks org to raise funding by donation. If you have a paypal account , as I do, or even if you don't email them to protest. https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/helpscr?cmd=_contact-general

Wikileaks.org went down but soon enough a new one with a new name (wikileaks.ch) emerged. So have hundreds of mirror sites with different domain names.  http://wikileaks.ch/mirrors.html

It seems the provision of water by the Met to kettled protesters in Whitehall recently was not matched by the provision of toilets, as promised. To provide water and no toilet is a low level tool of the white noise brigade and the exponents of water boarding.
Thankfully I am no expert in these practices but I do know one thing for sure. This practice of giving something with one hand and taking more at the same time is neat, cheap and is an effective way of undermining the peaceful protester exercising her democratic rights.
Solution - Take the drink and make sure your comrades can be discreetly hidden when they need to relieve themselves in order to avoid being charged with at least some public order offences. 

map of Whitehall kettling

Article 5 of the Human Rights Act sets out the right not to be deprived of liberty except in five well-defined exceptions and is an absolute right. The exceptions concern detention to effect a lawful arrest or compliance with a court order, detention of a child who is unsupervised or of a person in breach of immigration rules, or "the lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases, of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts or vagrants".

THE NEW REALITY suggests we must find new ways to reach out to each other so that we might be inspired , encouraged and supported in positive, effective,  direct action.
Interested ? On Sunday the 12th of December I will be around in the CHAT BOX http://edgarbroughton.com/contact.html  from 7pm until 8pm. All welcome for questions / discussion or a nice cosy chat. Your agenda.  
This will be a first so, I don't know how it will work out but I hope to see you there.



Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm detention of those persons of unsound mind, there are those in positions of power currently who could be described as such. Do they really think we will just sit quietly whilst they remove the safety nets our forebears fought so hard to put in place for the vulnerable, and those in need, flawed though they are?

Will be interesting to see what ideas come forward on Sunday night.

Put me down for latrine duty.


Anonymous said...

Detention of those persons of unsound mind! My word we will need a big detention centre for all the MPs the Royal family etc then! Lets give em one without a toilet!

Anonymous said...

Surely the inclusion of the paragraph pertaining to Human Rights is to illustrate that the containment or kettling is with out legal foundation.
The term " of unsound mind is eroneous and suitably vague so as to leave it open to broad interpretation. I think the observation that giving water to kettled demonstraters and depriving them of basic human function is akin to low level torture is fair.
We must not allow them to prevail this time.
If you have sat on the fence for years - ok , no shame. That is most of us but now we must resist with all our might. The opportunity to fight back and show them - they work for us and not the other way around is unique and if we are complacent we might never get the chance to correct things in our lifetime.
So support the student who might not have all of the entitlement they think they have. Remember it is vital that the culture and practice of democratic protest is maintained in our society and sadly it has been underused for too long.
Good luck for sunday Rob. I hope people participate in droves.
I will be in Westminster tomorrow so if I see you I will say hello.

Anonymous said...

Who is of sound mind? Or do they mean the underclass really? There are more with unsound minds in the middle classes and those who think they have now elevated themselves to the middle classes as they have middle class friends and those middle class friends are desperately trying to play at being socialists! Unsound minds eh!

Anonymous said...

Assange is a hero. Let's hope he doesn't get fitted up completely and that he is blameless in respect of allegations made in Sweden.