Friday, 26 February 2010

Sonny and the Vikings

Hey! You know what? I am going to let young Sonny’s photos speak for them selves. I’d just like to say it was a real pleasure having you with us mate. It must get a bit much listening to some of us old ‘uns rattling on at times so thanks for your positive vibes Sonny.



Anonymous said...

very nice too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics. You can certainly show the more "senior members" of the crew a thing or 2!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sonny nice photos.

Anonymous said...

We reckon the Studio pic is tops. A classic. So this is what they look like on the radio.
Nice one.

Lol and Jude

Anonymous said...

I thought they gave you a good amount of air time on the television. Is there any chance of whoever owns the rights to the 69/70 performances putting them out officially?

Fingers crossed

Nite Owl