Tuesday, 26 May 2009

birth day boy

Well, the weather is picking up a little. Summer keeps trying to bring a little sunshine in our lives and I guess we really need it this year. Sunshine always helps.
Steve picked a great day for his birthday bash last Sunday, the hottest day this year so far. There was a nice mix of people, a usual, including a very nice bunch of kids and one or two faces not seen for a while. There were a few missing faces but they are not forgotten. It was a very civilised affair and there was a genuine warmth among those gathered. Most of us have been around a long time and have known each other through many stages of our lives. I met up with an old friend and co-conspirator on early recording including Oora. Alan O’Duffy has been a freelance recording and mixing engineer for 30 years working in the music industry and in TV and film industries. It was very nice to meet up again and share experiences and stories. I think that when we really connect with people the passing years do not erode the connection and we are able to pick up where we left things.

smiling Allan O'Duffy

At the weekend we will spending a day working on our show for the Friars 40th anniversary gig at the Maxwell Hall Aylesbury on Monday the 1st of June. We are scheduled on stage at around 8.30. It will be another opportunity to meet up with old mates The Pretty Things and Tony McPhee and The Groundhogs. I am looking forward to it very much.
Further down the road will be our return to Leamington Spa on the 7th of August. We will be performing an extended set covering all our albums with one or two surprises and again, looking forward to meeting old friends and family. We will be playing the Woodstock Remembered Festival on the 8th.
I hope that one day we’ll be playing at the Labour Remembered Festival long after we have got rid of the taste of New labour. Mean while I am looking forward to rehearsing with the guys on Saturday. It promises to be another “sunny day”.


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Anonymous said...

Great to see your pictures of you all enjoying each others company, i/we hope to be enjoying your company at leamington spa.....yeehaaa !

Strummit said...

Happy (belated) birthday Steve, glad you all have a good time, by the way, how is, what happened to Victor Unitt, don't see a great deal of mention of him these days.
Paul (strummit)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics and video. Bring on the summer festives. When are you boys going to play Stoke ?
See you at Leamington
Lucinda and John

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Aylesbury. Not only do I get the chance to see EBB again (my main reason for going of course) but I get the chance to see 2 other bands that my dad used to go and see back in the day. Roll on Monday night.

Rob, where is the woodstock remembered festival gig?

Anonymous said...

Woodstock Remembered Festival is Shrewsbury way,just type it in your search engine.

Anonymous said...

Birtday Greetings to Steve ( Belated ) Any chance of any Gigs in Germany this year ?
Best Wishs
Brian & Angelika

Anonymous said...

Great to catch up with you all at Aylesbury last night, and I meant to say Happy Birthday to Steve but forgot thanks to talking in depth to Rob, amongst others. It was great to hear the real history behind some of my favourite songs, particularly 'It's Not You'.

Anyway, the show was superb and the band were possibly at the best I have seen them. They had the crowd eating out of their hand, especially with the euphoric 'Out Demons Out', much needed after the disappointing set from the Groundhogs. I can't wait for the Leamington gig and it is going to be awsome seeing the guys back on home turf after way too many years.


Anonymous said...

Great gig last night. Having driven 100 miles to get there I was going to slip away before the end but the Pretty Things were really great so stayed on to the end. Home around 2.15am - at work by 9am but flagging a little now.
The Groundhogs were ok but Tony McPhees solos are still pretty impenetrable at times.
Great EBB set (despite dodgy amp) far too short tho'!
Thanks Guys,

shoreham steve

tony walsh said...

Hi Rob and the lads,
great to see the Leamington gig set for later this year,i am sure it will be a somewhat emotional return.I bumped into Vic in the Leamington Priors a few months back he looks well and still living in France.It seems a lifetime ago when pre Broughton days i watched him play the first Burns six string bass i had ever seen.When he was with Barfords Sheik Shirley and the Rangers.Looking forward to catching up at the Assembly.
Take Care and God bless.Regards Tony.