Friday, 16 May 2008

On my way to High Barnet for rehearsals at the weekend I noticed the sign pictured above. It is attached by scaffolding to the roof of the Victorian built walk way over the platforms at the station. It has two staircases leading down to the platforms.
I wondered what avoiding action I might be able to take to avoid any danger in this area. Was there some thing I should do to not add to the danger? Is it just to inform workers they must not run over the roof? If so it's a bit like the ladder with a stop sign three rungs from the top.
The fact is the iron work structure is red rusty and unless it is renovated it will one day be replaced by some thing ugly and expedient. These things are our heritage. They are clues to our past and reminders of a time when people went to extraordinary lengths to manufacture high quality products that were made to last. You can see examples of this kind of neglect in many places, especially where profit rules over common sense in the privatised area of transport.
Actually Barnet is generally looking a bit like a tired and run down British sea side town with out the pier. I should know. I visit Felixstowe in Suffolk quite often.

Well folks Art ( who had his 30th birthday on Thursday ) has decided the winner of the competition wrote the caption > Help! I'm slowly being strangled by a snake pretending to be a scarf! Oz wrote this so, if Oz will email me at with mailing details I will send the CD.

The EB Band spent last weekend rehearsing. We looked at a range of songs for a revised set including Death of an electric citizen which wasn’t all that, There’s no Vibrations which was very cool, Night Hogs from Superchip, also very cool, Side by Side ( the whole saga ) from Inside Out which was an unexpected high light for me. We also looked at The Bloom which progressed quite well. It takes time to get the subtleties down. We looked at Ice on Fire which was a bit disappointing. The song does present a challenge as to who will do what. I am sure it will be worth the effort. I had intended to get photos and possibly video from the sessions but couldn’t be arsed in the end. Sorry!

Saturday was slow. My throat wouldn’t relax properly and Steve had a touch of food poisoning. Oh! the things we have to endure. But Sunday was very enjoyable and also very productive.
Steve recently wrote in his blog “It’s funny isn’t it, you can go for weeks bored out of your skull and then all of a sudden, loads of experiences all come at once! Well in some ways the last few weeks or so have been like that in terms of the EB band though it’s probably more to do with opportunities than experiences this time. We have had enquiries about licensing albums in the US, we have begun, at last, to tie up some of the loose ends around publishing and royalties. Some one wants to write my biography ( I don’t really want to) and we have had talks with Tony H and crew about handling our merchandising. We are going to set up a remote page linked to our site where folks will be able to buy our stuff via pay pal etc. We are also discussing ideas for a video for Six White Horses.
Some one has begun work on the new EB Band logo which is some thing none of us have quite got a handle on. It will be nice to look at some elses design ideas. If any of you out there have an idea for a logo please send it to us.
The EMI / Esoteric formerly eclectic ANTHOLOGY set is still in the pipe line so there a re a few irons in the fire.
Ah! nearly forgot some one has volunteered to put a list of 6os - 70s EBB gigs together for the main site.

Next weekend we will be recording and I will get some photos from the sessions.

Re Govt tax revisions - nice one Gordon but will it be enough?


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Anonymous said...

I don't use the tube any more so I havn't noticed the notice!
But it reminds me of the 'Danger Falling Rocks!' signs that see occasionally with the graphic depicting boulders rolling off a hill.What you're supposed to do to avoid falling rocks is anybody's guess!Maybe in-car crash helmets or steel mesh welded to the roof of yer Audi!
Barnet does indeed resemble a seaside town without the pier.
But also without the sea,sand,people or sense of community it used to have.Not the sea and sand that is!

Anonymous said...

If your gonna play No Vibrations I'll kiss ya.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're coming back soon to good old Germany!

Best wishes to the EBB !


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to pics at recording. Hope it all goes well.Isaw the new myspace thingy songs ice on fire is so sad and sums up the Bosnias and Darfur, West Bank and sadly on and on......
Its all good.

Anonymous said...

Saw you in Bergen it was so very good. Edgar Broughton best band in the world I think. I see in a Norwegian paper you are coming back in the summer. I'll be there.
Was in North Devon with my family last summer what a lovely place. We met some fans who told us you lived there for a while.
Good luck with the album. We are all waiting and I know it will be great.

Anonymous said...

Played the meat cd twice this week, not played any broughton stuff for a while now , so when i played the meat cd it was so good i ended up playing it twice, its nice to go back to music now and again, but its always nice to look forward to new music from the band as well!
I remember a song that was played at the musician Leicester called Arial (i think) and it was very good particulary the drumming , ,im very much hoping it will be available soon .

Anonymous said...

we'd like In the bloom off myspace but it won't down load. I suppose you want to sell it. fair play it's a great song almost like a kind of anthem for whats remains of the recovering left and it's about love too and you should be rewarded.
Adam and Joyce