Thursday, 17 January 2008

the road calls
Here are the winners for the competition according to Luke chapter 2008.

Number one for me is Jarle for conjuring up such wonderful imagery, a fitting way to brighten up an otherwise ordinary day. -
I think he's bragging....her tits thrust up to heaven, and her back was arched like a bow

Number two is the silly Anonymous comment -
Quick there’s no one around..... give us a kiss

Commended is Angela’s comment - Andrew - Do ya think Rob will let me sing You'll never walk alone for an encore tonight ?Luke thinks for a second and replies - NO ! - bastard !
What a beautiful thought! I say let's stick it in before ODO in Bergen, home of many Reds (oops getting carried away now).

Thanks be to everyone one else who shared their silliness, it's always much appreciated so don't stop!


If Anonymous and Jarle will write an email containing a postal address I will send the CD’s. It will take a couple of weeks because Luke and I have to add the unreleased stuff to the Cd s.
I am going to be travelling around for a couple of weeks, recharging the batteries for the up coming EBB schedule. I will be eating a lot of fresh sea fish if I get lucky with the rod but I will be mostly concentrating on shaping up my novel, The Instantanium. I will be working on a couple of songs which are at the half way stage as a break from writing. I looking forward to using this time to work in peace and quiet. No ne except the band and family will be able to contact me but I will be blogging. At a band meeting at Steve's last week we began to set out our plans for recording the new material and how we will move through the various , neccessary stages. We will be recording everything with our own equipment until we are ready to go in a studio to record drums and vocals. Some of the pre-production programming will be carried over to and embedded in live tracks. Some of the music will be programmed but there is no substitute for the power rythm section that is Steve and Art, The Laurel and Hardy of THUMP.
Steve is planning to make a First Supper mirror for a competition. Judging by the rest of his mirror making that will be a great prize so keep looking. Don't forget Steve makes wonderful Fender Stratocaster mirrors if any one wants one and we sign 'em.
It looks like young Luke had a good birthday. He does now how to enjoy himself and so he should.
We have to rehearse for the Norwegian show over the next few weeks which takes place on the 8th of March at the Garage in Bergen . It will be good to hook up with old friends and strut the new stuff. This post is short I know but I will be fully in the swing of posting over the next weeks and will try to keep you up to date with EBB developments, look out for new announcements and other news. Congrats to all comp entries for your clever wit and cheek.
copyright e d g a r b r o u g h t o n 2008

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say WOW, THANK YOU and
I'll be in Bergen the 8th - no doubt !