Monday, 19 March 2007

This photo of the EBB guitars was taken by Tony Smith at the Musician Leicester

Lo smeegen. R asks me to tell you this 'cos ees a busy wiv tick tocks, no -tactix or summat. Summat boot Blabber n Smoke. So ere goes en -

We are all safely home after the UK leg of the 2007 Tour. The 100 Club was a great gig to end on last night and I think in some ways it was one of our best, if not the best. It was lovely to see you all at various points on our travels. You know if you see us in the street or any where else it is always ok to come and say hello. Special thanks goes out to those First Supperists who helped with advertising, took photos, welcomed us on our arrival at venues. Special big up to Lincyshire Tony and Lamerie, Connie and crew, Phil, Neil and yahoo group, Chrissy, Jenny, R M Dave R and all who helped. Thanks for all your good stuff. Biggest thanks to Kris, Spadge ( Andrew ), Tom and Ric with out whom none of this would have worked.

The winner of the caption competition is chosen. The Drum Meister and father of the little girl has spoken. He has chosen "C'mon lads, if we can look silly enough we could end up as a digitised image on a caption competition on a, yet to be invented, worldwide network of computers viewable by billions of people in every corner of the globe". From Jim of Bristol.

So Jim e mail me at : and we'll send the goodies. I can't leave it there with out thanking every one for their contributions. What a clever lot you all are! The EBB had a good few laughs so here's to the next comp.

The guys are getting back to their various every day tasks and pieces of work. I was back in the Youth project this evening and I was surprised how easily the transition was. I am sure this was helped by the fact that I spent most of the time setting up and managing a recording of a delightful young female singer who was making unaccompanied vocal demos. Wait til the paperwork kicks in again. I'll want to be back on the road. Actually I do now but we've got a gig in Belgium and the last German leg of the tour to look forward to in a couple of weeks.

OK that's an over and out from me for a while. Normal service will be resumed asap. FIRST SUPPER postings will return over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that the 100 Club gig was THE best ever. I've been attending gigs since the ole days when they were only in black and white and everyone spoke with posh accents and I've never seen better !
EBB just have to keep touring - on this form it would be a sin not to.
Cheers Guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rob,
Fantastic gig at the 100 Club on Sunday. You guys were magnificent! Thanks to you, Steve, Art, Luke and Dave for a great night. Thanks also for taking the time to sign the CD for Polina & I - it was a real treat to meet you. Keep up the good work - and the EBBsite. It's always thought-provoking to hear your take on so many issues. Thanks again. David Rumsey

Anonymous said...

Couldn't make the 100 club gig but I did make the Stratford gig and I've got to say I've seen you guys many times over the years and I thought Sratford was the best one ever absolutely blew me away. So Rob here's a BIG thankyou for such a great evening.


ps, the new cd's are rather good to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for 3 cracking gigs that we were able to get too, we had a absolute ball and the band made us feel very very welcome , i know you had some difficult decisions to
make regarding the uk leg and you made the right one! when ever your playing east mids again there is always a place for you to rest your heads here with the smiths
thanks again

Anonymous said...

savage - beautiful - hilarious - astute - politically sound as a bell - what a band - what a legacy - thrilling gigs


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
We rolled into York and Sheffield and onwards to Leicester. We played the CD's in the daytime and had it live in the evenings. By Sunday we were well and truly hypnotised by the melodies and lyrics and existing in a parallel universe! A great experience for which we thank EBB.
More gigs please.

Paul in the Dales

Anonymous said...

Stunning gigs and the voice of our time is as strong as ever - edgar you are the very best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

Just to like to say what an excellent time we had last week.

My partner Sacha and I saw you in Stratford and Bristol (with 3 new fans!) and thought you were superb. For me, Stratford was the best ever.

It was great to come 'out of ourselves' for the week. It was a refreshing change to meet genuine and friendly people. And I can say that last week's gigs have given us a great vibe for this week and hopefully beyond. Seeing the EBB is an opportunity not to be missed.

Thanks for the experience.



p.s Hope to see you again soon, who knows maybe Germany and great new CDs as well.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers of the light is what you are guys. These were gigs never to be forgotten. Roll on the new album. We love One and the new Cd s.

Sam Cohen

Anonymous said...

Oh I was so pissed to have missed the UK gigs (working nights until June) Let's hope there will be another Frome or Falmouth this summer!
You mentioned your work with kids: I used to work in a special school in the New Forest for kids from London, who were L.E A. statemented (a bit like an open borstal). The opportunities for sadistic, bullying, facsist staff were frightening & there were plenty of them. When I reported it, they got rid of me! Let's hope they all got their just desserts!

Been following you since the first Peel Session & hope to carry on following you way into the future.

Tony H.

Anonymous said...

Would someone be kind enough to let me know where i can purchase the new T Shirt from.
Thank you,