Wednesday, 26 February 2014

old guitar and "evening over rooftops x 2"

my 1962 fender 

Last week two people came from Buckinghamshire County Museum to collect my 1962 Fender Stratocaster. It is to be part of an exhibition at the museum around the wonderful history of Friars in Aylesbury.
This is the guitar I wrote about in an earlier post. It is the guitar Eric Clapton played at a jam after Implosion at The Roundhouse Chalk Farm and Syd Barrett played when he had a little jam with The Pink Floyd at All Saints  in Nottinghill Gate. 

Friars was one of THE clubs to play back when were in the early days of the Edgar Broughton Band's career. There were about four or five clubs in the whole of the UK that were top venues and many of the others were cracking gigs to play but, some stood out from the crowd just like we did. We loved playing at Friars. Back in 2009 the EBB played the Friars Aylesbury 40th Anniversary and we rocked it. The band was presented with one of the Friars heroes awards. It was a great evening and brought back very happy if slightly blurry memories.

yours truly at Friars 1969 with the beast 62 strat

So if you are in the Aylesbury area and want to drool in front of the beast and get to see some thing of rock n roll history at Friars then I am sure the exhibition will be your thing. The exhibition runs from March 1st to July 5th.                           

Evening Over Rooftops x 2 is the title given to my upcoming shows next week at THE DRUGSTORE in Athens by Spilios the club owner. Last years shows were an absolute delight for me on many levels and I had the pleasure to play for one of the most knowledgable and appreciative audiences ever. I played all kinds of bits and pieces old and new that I have never played before or since. So I am working on how to top that second time around. It should be fun.

I was sitting relaxing with a guitar last night after finishing the lyric to a new song called On The News. I started messing around with a bluesy groove and slowly a blues song I call I HATE THE GOLDEN DAWN emerged. It is a work in progress but it will be right on the nail, on the night.  
The Golden Dawn is a very dangerous fascist community in Greece. Unfortunately they have grown tentacles through all levels of Greek society. They have been curtailed to some extent after they murdered immigrants in the street and murdered a well known Greek musician who had publicly opposed them. Their list of crimes is long.

I hate The Golden Dawn

If I was a cleaning lady working for my bread
I would see what has been lost
I would see what lies ahead
I would see my flag is torn
and I would hate
I would hate
I hate 
The Golden Dawn

If I was a roaming gypsy looking for a home
I would see what has been spoiled
I'd see it cut me to the bone
I would see my flag is torn
and I would hate
I would hate
I hate
The Golden Dawn

If I was a man of colour trying to be safe
I would see what has been broken
I'd see what cannot be replaced
I would see my flag is torn
and I would hate
I would hate
I hate
The Golden Dawn 



Anonymous said...

I saw EBB at Friars 40th in 2009.
I didn't get to Friars back in the day, a long way from my Brighton home but I saw you play Big Apple a couple of times in the early 70's and I always thought it was a great club, comparable with Friars and Croydon's Greyhound.
Good luck with the Athens gigs. The rise of the right is always linked to hard times as people look for someone to blame. The song is as insightful as always.
Shoreham Steve

Anonymous said...

Golden Dawn remind me of Combat 18,thugs,bullies and despicable sub humans.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Bob Crow maybe not worth £145,000pa but nevertheless one of the good guys. - a champion of the working class.

edgar broughton said...

Yep Steve the Big Apple was indeed one of the great clubs.

Combat 18 are what you say they are but, thankfully, they don't have any thing like the support and participation levels that Golden Dawn has.

I think Bob was worth his money. He was elected to serve the interests of his membership, which grew immensely under his leader ship, and that is exactly what he did. Good job! RIP Bob and the very wonderful Tony Benn. A sad week indeed for left wing politics.

mike from Albuquerque said...

Would love an update from Greece.Can I buy ten EBB T Shirts please?

Anonymous said...

Great piece of rock n roll history is that guitar, Edgar.
Do you remember the numerous Geiff Docherty promoted gigs you played in Sunderland. I was at all of them so I guess you were playing the beast at these
All the best

edgar broughton said...

Hi Mike and Mick

T shirts are with Steve mate. Greek update on way.

Yes I remember those Sunderland gigs. Always a buzz. great part of the country. You are right Mick. The Beast was the choice of axe back when.


Steve Broughton said...

Hi Mike.
Let me know which shirts we only have a few left!

Anonymous said...

'Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive' C S Lewis
Wow but you & Steve are friends again that is so nice; I am really pleased for you both.

mike from Albuquerque. said...

Cant seem to get hold of Steve by e mail.Could he possibly e mail me on with the shirts he has? I am keen on the one with the heads of the band members on.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is EBB back together with Steve on drums? I have been out of the loop for a while

Dean Butler said...

Will have to get down to Friars to see the Beast :)

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