Wednesday, 4 August 2010

a statue in broad st oxford

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the response to the fair days pay for a fair days work idea. It has really caught on. Thanks to all those who have booked the shows so far. Contracts are on their way to you.
Update : There are now only 2 of 10 Fair days pay for a fair days work shows still available to be booked for 2011.

Book me for your birthday party, anniversary, barbecue, garden party or any other private event any where in the world.You’ll get me and my acoustic guitar and a solo performance of my songs just for you.This will be your private performance and only the people you want to know about it will be there.
What will it cost? One day of your wages what ever that might be plus travel fares, accomodation and my supper.

If you are interested email for more details
I have been working on the YOIK vocalisations project components. Trying to sort the wheat from the chaff while trying convert new ideas, as I get them, into recorded musical, performances. It's a new way of working for me. I'm also writing some more conventional material if that term can ever truly be applied to my stuff.

The new web site is finished though I keep tweaking it. Gotta get up the courage to go live with it. It's all work, work! It's a hard life lol!

I bought a little nylon strung electro classical guitar for the
Micky Jones Memorial Gig at Pontardawe Arts Centre, Swansea on the 3rd of September 2010.
I thought I'd do some thing a bit different but I might chicken out and strum the old steel strings. We'll see. Any way check out this link for more details.

I've been working hard putting it all together but in September, right after George and Micky's gig in Swansea I'm off to the cornish coasts for the whole month. Gonna plot and plan and write and

Speaking of Swansea, Ramblin' and I met a couple of guys and the wife of one of them, on our recent trip. The guys were doing a sponsored walk from Swansea to the top of Snowdon in aid of the Welsh Air Ambulance Service.  We shared a few goodies and had a very nice evening before their last hike to the summit. They had set out on the Sunday and had arrived a day before the last yomp on the Friday. They'd had a few set backs and one of the guys had really had enough but as the rain poured down they de camped and set out to finish what they had begun. Quality stuff I say.

Any one want to organise a Christmas time benefit for a good cause? This wandering minstrel is ready and willing. Perhaps there is a needy organisation local to you.

I am compiling a directory of first point of call services for the new web site so I'm also looking for web addresses / URL s of people or community oriented support agencies/services that are local to you and who you know, provide a good service. Please send them to me for inclusion.

That's all for now. Be safe , be happy.


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i really like the photo of the man watching from the roof , it sort of reminds me of Antony gormley beach figures on Croby beach em!