Friday, 23 October 2009

BNP boss Nick Griffin now accepts the holocaust did happen but can't remember when or why he had the tattoo removed

During the last elections many of us agonised about whether or not it was justifiable to not vote in the face of the appalling political standards of our current crop of members of parliament. People said that only the B.N.P. and the Nick Griffins of the world would benefit. I was of the opinion that their success at the polls would expose them to the closest scrutiny allowing the people to see them for what they truly are. After watching Question Time on the BBC earlier tonight I still hold that view. When challenged about his denial of the holocaust and other fascist statements he has made in the past Mr Griffin stated " I cannot explain why I used to say those things, any more than I can tell you why I have changed my mind."
This kind of media exposure will ensure that the very confused Mr Griffin will not achieve his fascist objectives and that his transparent manipulation of the truth will ensure that his pariah status will continue. Finally the BBC were right to allow him to appear on the show. I am amazed that those protesting would deny him the same right to free expression they fear he would deny them. Rights are sacrosanct and when we make exceptions based on our own prejudices it is likely the resulting precedents will have terrible consequences for us all.

At last some common sense is applied in the recent case of so called whistle blowing by nurse Margaret Haywood in a Brighton hospital. Margaret Haywood who secretly filmed the neglect of elderly patients for a BBC Panorama television documentary and was struck off the nursing register for misconduct in April, has won her fight to return to work. The court replaced the striking off order with a one year caution, which means that she can return to work as a nurse. About time too.

Glasvegas is a great young band from Glasgow and I particularly like the lyric to this song from their debut album.
When your sparkle evades your soul
I'll be at your side to console
When your standing on the window ledge
I'll talk you back from the edge
I will turn your tide
Be your shepard and your guide
When your lost in the deep and darkest place around
May my words walk you home safe and sound
When you say that I'm no good and you feel like walking
I need to make sure you know thats just the Prescription talking
When your feet decide to walk you on the wayward side
Up upon the stairs and down the downward slide
I will, I will turn your tide
Do all that I can to heal you inside
I'll be the angel on your shoulder
My name is Geraldine, I'm your social worker
Songwriters: Allan, James
Geraldine lyrics © Universal Music Publ. Ltd.
I sent a link for these lyrics to a friend who is a social worker. She liked the song but asked - Where is the mention of all the paper work Geraldine has to complete?
A recent Unison survey found that a third of social workers in the south east are suffering from anxiety and stress related illness. Unison also found that social workers spend 80% of their work time on paper work as compared to a shockingly inadequate 20% on face to face work with people in need.The social work environment is a difficult and under resourced place to work. Workers are forced to fill out an endless stream of paper work by government dictates that change on a weekly basis. Little by little but slowly and surely the amount of time a social worker can spend with folk in need is diminished by a stream of government requirements that are Kafkaesque and often absurd. Services are shrinking and it is set to get worse.
Often new directives are well received by social workers but they know there will be no resources to make the directive actual. They are still expected to carry out the work.
I saw the same stupefying disease as a youth worker in Wandsworth where, it seemed policy changed on a weekly basis as the all important statistics were fudged and manipulated to meet government targets including a farcical Ofsted inspection. I saw money wasted on pointless exercises by The Managerial Undead . I saw the health and safety of workers in the hot spots of social disorder undermined by weak managers who’s main aim was and still is to tick the boxes. Sadly consultation dies in such an environment and the workers with the understanding required to effect positive change go unheard.
So when next you hear of the failings of social services remember they are themselves embattled and dis empowered by an employer who is not listening.
Let’s not forget that now Margaret Haywood has been reinstated as a nurse she too will go back to endless paper work which will decrease the time she can spend looking after us.


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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the BBC for allowing Nick Griffin to appear on the show. Nick Griffin is fully entitled to his opinion, no matter how sick it might be, and it is, believe me. The BBC are not the appointed controllers of free speech in this country, nor should any other TV company or media avenue consider themselves to be. In a democratic society that prides itself on free speech and free thought, how can we then justifiably choose to stand against the sick and vile diatribe put out by the likes of Griffin (and others) if we are not allowed to hear it?

All that Griffin managed to achieve last night was a) to attemt to deny everything he is supposed to have said, despite strong documented evidence, b) to make himself look very, very stupid and c) to simply confirm what every right minded person in this country AND beyond already knows, namely that he and his party are sick and dangerous. In my view those that 'protest' voted in the last elections, allowing Griffin to become a Euro MP, should be utterly ashamed (but probably are not, sadly).

Phil Robb.

Anonymous said...

It's not Griffin that worries me, he and his band of cronies will get nowhere. I'm more worried that this country is being run by the likes of Jack Straw, he avoided giving a straight answer to the questions put to him like they all do, he had the chance to nail Griffen but blew it by acting like the school bully.


Ps Liverpool were lucky today Rob, he says looking down from the top of the league:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob. You paint a sad pic of social services but I know its accurate. My old lady worked for social services for 17 years before burn out in 1998. She saw the slow deconstruction of face to face services replaced by meaningless directives that couldnt be delivered.
Ha ha! Larry you are so wrong and be glad you weren't playing us the other night. Teams arrived mate!
Watch this space.

Dazza ( now temp marooned in Leeds. It aint Liverpool.)

Anonymous said...


Your post has been saved for the end of the season:-))


Chalk said...

Thanks for the comments about social work and the tick-box management style of the 'Managerial Undead'. Work in inner-city Brum for much maligned City coucil and dedication and hard work of front-line workers top notch despite at times being led by donkeys!
Was at recent Leamington concert and musical highlight of year. Play again soon. Chalk

Anonymous said...

cant stand that twats face every time i check to see if there is a new blog!
ps not yours Rob but Nick Bloody Griffin

Anonymous said...

ahhhh noooo