Monday, 10 January 2011

2010 seems quite a while ago already. I’ve been looking back, as you do, picking the high and low lights as well as thinking about the important people from the year. Assange is definitely one of them. Bob Crowe is another, warts and all. Recently a friend wrote to ask me if I thought Mr Assange would be a worthy contender for the Nobel Peace prize. My friend cited a list of previous winners who, in my opinion, he quite rightly identified as not entirely worthy winners. My pick of those would be Olof Palme, the assassinated Swedish prime Minister and International Arms dealer.

It is clear that Mr Assange is loved or hated, doted on, persecuted and likely to be prosecuted. He has the qualities that endear him to millions and it is alleged, the power to threaten governments ability to function as they would like. His enemies are those seeking to hold on to their power at all costs and to keep secret much of what they do. Critics have said that he is threatening the very basis on which governments operate. For example, if ambassadors and diplomats cannot secretly report back to their masters on the workings of the nation they are ambassador to then – government will not work. It is highly likely then that to some followers and supporters of Mr Assange this kind of talk of the potential collapse of world order is manna from heaven or the other place.
With all of his other attributes and capabilities, it could be said that Mr Assange has all the qualifications for the post of Anti Christ according to Biblical description. I once played with the idea that the Communist reformer Gorbechev was also too good to be true so don't be alarmed. It is only a game. According to Jehovah's Witnesses the Anti Christ is already among us. So, never mind about the Nobel Peace Prize. What about Assange as contender for the Anti-Christ? Can’t see John Pilger as his “ John the Baptist” myself but it’s a good un for the conspiracy theorists, don’t you think? End timers take note. The USA End timers want to see the end of the world because then comes the rapture when they will float up to heaven as the last of the rivers dry, the air is thick with the smell of burning oil and all the fish are gone from the seas (sob).

Moving swiftly on, a First Supper correspondent in the East Dulwich area informs me that a person who is well connected told him Lady Margaret Thatcher thinks she is David Cameron. How sad and ironic when we can all see Davey boy thinks he is Lady Thatcher!

So what else was especially interesting in 2010? Many of us decided we didn’t need many things so we stopped buying them. Hurrah! For myself if you don’t sell something useful and something I need as opposed to something that would look nice on my wall, I will not be buying. One of my other resolutions is that I won’t be celebrating Christmas in the same old way. This year I will be working for a homeless charity called Crisis so that is where I will be. I finally worked out what it is that I hate about Christmas. I can moan all I want pre Christmas and make fun of all of those already buying for the 2011 Yule tide etc, etc. I can moan all I like about Christmas post the ludicrous event but during it I have to shut and put up so as not to offend others or give the impression I am the reincarnated Ebeneezer Scrooge. Enough! I suggest next Christmas should be a time when we do something for those less fortunate and little else. Don’t buy all that stuff no one needs and be truly happy knowing that we have made something meaningful out of a pigs ear. After all who among us really needs yet another silk purse?

Finally it is very clear that Condem party is desperate indeed. They seem exceedingly anxious to minimise the damage to themselves as they begin to hack away vital services to the poor and vulnerable. They are inept so that their attempts to consult, in the spirit of the big society, are being met with feedback they really don’t want to hear and cannot act upon because of their cut deep and fast doctrine. It is interesting that there are no new petitions on the Government website after New labour left office and currently it is not possible to post a new one.
Still, they have been forced to backtrack on a number of issues already. For example they have decided to offer two free years university education to the poorest students. The idea is that the universities will pay for one year and the government for the other. Like most of their thinking there are gaping holes in their logic. The poorest students will mostly attend what are called the new universities which cannot afford to match the governments offer to pay for one of the two years.

Meanwhile the Condem plan to remove mobility allowance for disabled people and those with additional needs. Already firemen and ambulance workers are being made redundant and the Society of Midwives is up in arms about a diminishing service. The Condem has decided that 50% of Coast guard centres can be closed. Why didn’t any one spot that we didn’t need half of our coast guards before? Shouldn’t someone lose their job for such an error? And so it goes on and on. The Norfolk Disabled Coalition have said their members will lose as much as £1000 per annum when benefits they are entitled to are cut as well as the loss of services to them. I estimate this would be the equivalent of around £70,000 if the same was cut from Cameron's salary

2011? The year of massive civil unrest and disobedience or will most of us be apathetically thankful for what we are about to receive?



Anonymous said...

And a Happy New Year to you! lol

Re the Christmas thing I suggest that we all take a look at what we got out of this year's festivities and ask ourselves is it really worth it? I, like you, am already arranging an alternative way to spend the day this year by talking to some people who were alone this year, not through choice, and seeing if we can spend some time together. These are people who I spend time with all during the year, helping to alleviate loneliness so not "just for Christmas".
Seems to me that many people are still stunned by the level and speed of the cuts proposed. Either that or they are all convinced that "they and theirs" will be ok. My prediction for 2011 is that the apathy surrounding some of the proposals will lift when people see it is them and theirs. There are early positive signs already with marches, petitions and other activities taking place all over the country. WWW. is a wonderful tool so maybe we can all check out our local situations and see what we can do.

Anonymous said...

If you TELL your fans to do something and not be apathetic then they will as they seem to do as you say Edgar so tell em to get off their bums! The majority of people are not leaders and they clearly see you as one so power in the right hands can be a good thing. After all when you responded to me on here the ones who had been less than polite apologised. They mocked my helping the homeless but this christmas you will be helping the homeless so they will think its the thing to do. But if it gets people to do something thats great.

Ruth for the final time as I am getting bored. I don't think this site is the place for strong willed women.

Anonymous said...

Ruth you don't know what people are doing. Edgar is just trying to mobilise as many of us are. Don't be so judgemental and don't keep saying this will be the last time you will comment. It just reads as attention seeking. let us hear your ideas, what you are doing to help etc. Be encouraging not disparaging.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm Ruth I agree with Shelley that your behaviour could look as if you are seeking attention. I am unsure what you mean about people doing as Edgar says. Is there some evidence?

I am what many would call a strong willed woman and this is exactly the kind of site I am drawn to. True I don't agree with everything that is said but I am always able to see an alternative viewpoint, and learn something.

You have made me think I need to ensure more strong willed women are aware of this site so we can band together to make a difference.

Come on Ruth, what should us strong willed women do next? Your ideas please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley I have taken on board what you say.

Jane you make a lot of sense in what you say. I just think that it is because he is Edgar Broughton and therefore a minor celebrity that people listen if he were just a bloke called Edgar that worked on the bins nobody would take much notice therefore I am saying he should use his power to lead people who need a bit of a nudge. Yes I am definately seeking attention but only for the greater good as I have done all my life. In my experience if you get people to react then you are getting there. You have to admit that a lot of people post on here when I rock the boat which is great as then hopefully we can all come together as we all have similar ideas. Power to the People! But now I have given the game away. lol.

I confess I had not heard of the Edgar Broughton Band till recently but it was more his politics and ways of thinking that a friend of mine thought I would be interested in as his music is not my kind of thing. I appreciate his creativeness and do not dispute that for a minute but the music is a bit too wishy washy in style for me.

I will try to post some ideas on here at some point but am very busy at present trying to find a job as my job is not going to be there much longer.

Oh yeah must add I am not a feminist as in certain things I like men to be the leaders but I do think women get dismissed too readily and sink in to their assumed role. I feel sure you totally understand what I mean.

Regards to you Jane.


Anonymous said...

Just getting a 'reaction' is easy. Take a contrary view, light the blue touch paper and retire. It replaces informed comment but does create a temptation to stereotype complete strangers.

Try 'Homes fit for Heroes' or 'Dr Spock Parts 1 and 2' as a remedy for feelings of wishy washiness.

Peace and Goodnight.

Paul by the Sea.

Anonymous said...

"Mary and Bob you say you are supporting the students and the homeless by doing what? What are you doing? Or are you armchair supporters?

Anyway when I get blocked from posting comments on here that will prove my point"

At it again Ruth? Cheeky cow! People just aren't good enough for you are they? How dare you assume we are all apathetic and need to be told what to do. We still don't know what is so great about what you do. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Re wishy washy LISTEN to SUPERCHIP.
Mary and Bob

Anonymous said...

Assange as Anti Christ? What a scary idea. Will watch closely ha ha! All good fun though eh?
King Kenny is back so lets hope the team plays better football and that some of the well paid under achievers get their fingers out.
Ruth your contribution is not all that and you don't rock the boat really or float it but I reckon you are some one who'd really like to eh?


Anonymous said...

I've just re-read the comments you refer to when you say you were mocked Ruth. You were not mocked. It was your approach that irritated.

No one apologised to you and no one mocked you. Actually the only person who used the word apologise was you.

So let's cut to the chase.
I think you have an opportunity to make a positive contribution here.

Please tell us about your Christmas with your homeless guest. For the rest of us it would be great to know:

1. How did you choose your guest?
2. How was the meal and what did you do after dinner?
3. Did your guest stay over night or longer?
4. What happened on Boxing day?
5. What was the most important thing you learned about the time.
6. Were there any problems?
7. Would you do it again?
8. What would be the most important advice you would give to any of us who are thinking about doing the same thing?

Looking forward to your answer.


Anonymous said...

To Paul by the sea
Wish I'd written that Paul. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth
Check out the lyrics on Edgar's Lyrics page of BIRTHDAY. This is the most poignant and uncompromising lyric about child abuse I have ever seen. I hope we get to hear the song soon.
Darling you will annoy people on here if you take the view that we are all inactive re community issues/action and need the boss to tell us off.

Anonymous said...

So its a no show from Ruth then Bill. Shame I'd have liked to have learned what she was really up to.

Its so much easier to turn people off than on and on and on ....

Officer Daniella