Tuesday, 15 July 2008

a spitting image ?

Last week new labour said they would be announcing new measures to deal with knife crime. From the announcement made re making offenders visit victims in hospital, it seems they cobbled a quick meeting together over a weekend barbecue. The idea has gone down like a lead balloon and today they are backing off from the idea as quickly as they can.
Recently police reported that a mother visited her sons (perpetrators)at the police station where they were detained. Apparently they laughed and joked together while their victim lay dead from stab wounds. Later in court the young men smiled and sniggered as their sentences were announced. The idea of people like that getting any benefit from visiting stabbing victims in hospital is ludicrous. One assumes their own victims, assuming they survived the attack, wouldn’t want see them at visiting time. I imagine hospitals don’t need the extra hassle either.
I don’t believe there is single section of our society that Gordon is “down with” or that any of his cronies have the slightest idea what is going on out here. As long as the boxes are ticked and the paper mountain is expanding exponentially they seem satisfied. They are clueless morons with out the first idea of what is wrong in the streets.
Some time ago I was working with a group of young men and they decided they wanted to have an impromptu quiz. The only problem was that they didn’t have any answers only questions. One thought that the Vietnam war was part of the World war two. Another that there was no difference between the Vietnamese and Japanese and any way – what did it matter? Ask any of them or their younger siblings today – What is the war about in Iraq. They will tell you it is oil. They might only get the headlines in terms of “the news” but the message has seeped into their awareness that the examples set them by “the grown ups” is extremely poor and that governments are like pirates or muggers when they choose to be. On top of this a declining education system has failed many of the young people I know. They feel excluded and dumped on. For years the example set by many “successful” adults has been laced with self serving schemes and a greed and the gap between the poor and well off is expanding at an ever increasing rate. We all remember the so called Thatcher years. Until there is a clear intention by government to address the needs of our young people and to provide opportunities on a level playing field the carnage will continue and the walls surrounding the enclaves of the rich will have to be built higher and higher.

As Gordon battles the slippery slope to political oblivion we are told he and the queen are planning a state funeral for Margaret Thatcher. It would be the first for a prime minister since Winston Churchill. It seems that Gordon’s advisers are total idiots. This is the woman who broke the miners, trashed the unions and flirted with a certain South American dictator. She was unforgettably the author of the poll tax fiasco. Even the middle classes turned against her over time, as did her own cabinet. Unfortunately Tony Blair took enough leaves from her book to cloth a forest and we are reaping the harvest. I don’t expect thousand of Marxist relics to turn out to pelt her hearse with rotten tomatoes though some might think it would be more appropriate than the proposed state funeral. I suggest that when she is good and stiff she be dipped in concrete and displayed outside a colliery or at Millbank, the head quarters of New labour, for all to see. Let the pigeons shit on her while tourists pull up to see who made Britain the place it is today. When the iron lady is finally gone the world will be very slightly more fragrant.

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Anonymous said...

I recall Rob said we would have to wait and see about Gordon Brown. Well, we've waited and seen and what an absolute unmitigated disaster. The most surprising thing is his complete lack of integrity and policy made entirely for political expediency. I thought he might at least be serious and sincere. I must be niave (I never could spell that).He's going to be booted out without even being voted in.
Does anyone agree that Jacqui Smith must be the least impressive Home Secretary in all history?
The country is reaping the harvest of years of rotting education and giving generations of young people absolutely no stake in their futures.
'The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor' - L Cohen.

from Paul in the Dales

Anonymous said...

Out of touch with the real world - too right mon amis
I still recognise the Conservative and Lib Dem parties, but a Labour party with a massive majority acting like some mindless Junta is totally unrecogniseable. Did you know that they are seriously talking about curtailing ones right to take photographs in public places. Then there is the super computer they want so's they can record everything thing we do electronically. I don't wonder they aint compllaining about the Chinese human rights record ahead of the business conference they call The Olympic Games, as they give the impression that they might think the Chinese have got it about right. Worrying times when the people (Labour) that traditionally support the rights of workers and the poorer members of society, turn into the instrument of their opression.


Anonymous said...

I find the Government's performance under Gordon Brown absolutely unbelievable! Not content with having spent the last ten years destroying the country, robbing from the poor and the elderly, emptying hard earned pension funds while gleefully taxing us beyond all control, we now have to put up with him being in power! I was more than glad to see the back of "Tory Bliar" but now I'm starting to think 'better the devil we know' - let's face it, it couldn't be any worse than the unmittigated disaster we are witnessing right now!

Jacqui Smith was on GMTV a few weeks back talking, AGAIN, about knife crime. When challenged by Ben Sheppard about the measures such as metal detectors and hand held wands to detect knives being for the most part invisible to the public, her response was "they are there if you know where to look for them". Well, that's alright then isn't it. Now all we need to do is to persuade those carrying knives to scour the backstreets in search of the Govt. installed detectors, (save money on policeing that way, see?) whereupon they will duly hand themselves and their knives over, be taken on a hospital visit and told, perhaps even sternly, not to be naughty again in the future before being packed off back to the streets. Then we can all sleep safely in our beds knowing that the country has finally gone to the dogs once and for all!

Phil Robb

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that has been commented on. Rob was right to reasonably expect that Gordon Brown might bring a little credibilty to the team Labour but if any thing he is worse than Blair and probably less than half as effective. What an indictement!
This country is like a runaway with out guidance. There is no one at the wheel. To view the credit crunch and looming recession as anything other than the result of criminal neglect and extremely poor judgement would be a mistake. There is no moral high ground to be had by any of the leading politicians. They have all squandered the possibility for years until now we have completely lost our way and falling behing almost all european countires in all the key areas. We don't tick the boxes that count any more, such as education , health etc do we?


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I think getting Thatcher in the ground is 3 million well spent - if they need someone to dig the hole I'd be only too pleased to help!
Secondly, we all make the mistake of thinking we have a Labour government - we don't! We have a NEW Labour government which is a totally different animal.
NEW Labour sold its soul for power and left the working classes to fend for themselves. Even after eleven years in government, I still don't think the 'left leaning' electorate have fully recognised the massive scale of their betrayal.
We were all kidding ourselves thinking Brown would be an improvement on Blair - although he had nothing to beat - it's the same as thinking Cameron will be better than Major - they're all Tories and they're all power hungry without a shred of integrity between them. 'Up Yours!' to the lot of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the change of subject but I feel I just have to share my feelings on this:

GOOD NEWS: The capture last week of Radovan Karadzic after 12 years in hiding. This monster ranks easily alongside the likes of Hitler and Stalin for his crimes against humanity. A friend of mine, now working as a pathologist at Warwick Hospital, was attached to the UN in the aftermath of the Bosnian war. I have heard tales from him of having to pick his way through mass graves, examining bones that could have only come from children, riddled with bullet holes and buried alongside soft toys. And we thought after WWII we had seen the back of this sort of human shame! At last this genocidal maniac has to face justice.

BAD NEWS: Assuming his extradition goes ahead, which his lawyer is trying to block at present, he has decided to defend himself in the courts, following the lead set by Slobodan Milosovic. This means that the case will be dragged out over at least four years while Karadzic is allowed to pour over every minute detail of the case, being given unlimited time by the judges to do so, on the basis that he is not a lawyer and therefore needs longer. All at the expense of the EU and forcing the survivors and relatives of his victims (assuming he left any alive) to relive their horror all over again! Let's just hope he doesn't fully follow Milosovic's lead, and peg out before proper justice can be served on him!

Phil Robb.

Anonymous said...

After reading that the power companies have to keep raising their prices because of the shortage and ever-increasing costs of importing coal... doesn't it seem ever so slightly ironic that we have so many concrete filled pits - and a local workforce who wanted to work them? Forward planning at its best!!