Wednesday, 6 May 2015

the last electioneer

The politician pleads before you,
You hear the words but you'll ignore them
Love of life and liberty
Are going to take a fall
Well, well, well, well I'm only human
You're not sure and I'm not certain
Have you listened to the liars
Practicing their smiling,
Their smiling faces blank and grey.

I bring good news to all people 
I'll heal the sick, we'll all be equal
No more..working, buying, consuming, dying, 
everything is taken care of.
No more hiding in the dark of night
Trust in me I am the light
I'm good, I'm honest, no-one else is left
So will you vote for me?

the last electioneer from superchip (the final silicon solution) 
edgar broughton band



edgar broughton said...

Cameron the peoples choice? S. O. S.

Anonymous said...


TimCo said...

Forgive them Dawkins, for they know not what they've done.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps democracy doesn't come into your thinking

mike from Albuquerque said...

Although I hate the Conservatives,we must accept the majority decision.Sad but true as they say.Out Demons out.Another day will dawn.

Anonymous said...


'Pedagogy of the Oppressed'

By Paulo Freire


Anonymous said...

The people have indeed spoken. They are the self serving, greedy people. They believe the Tory myths about recovery and see their own future well being as reasonably secure.
They have ignored the arguments for a more fair and just distribution of the load borne by the least well off.
This is a very sad day for the UK and time will prove it so. Good fortune to the SNP and all other progressives who see the Tory lies for what they are.

John and May

Anonymous said...

Well said!


Anonymous said...

You didn't vote Tory because they kept their promise to remove the deficit.

You didn't vote Tory for the protection of NHS / public services.

You didn't vote Tory for the people at the bottom who deserve better.

You didn't vote Tory to stop food banks.

Why did you vote Tory?

Anonymous said...

Because they are the best option for this country

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Are you serious?
Be careful what you wish for. The euphoria around the Tory victory smells of victory, solid growth, real security and to quote Mr Cameron " A future for hard working people". Later it will stink when it is you that needs the helping hand. When it is you that needs the support that would have been available a few years ago but today it is not.

Anonymous said...

You really think so?

Its as though there would be no problems if another party were in power. I don't recall it being a bed of roses when labour were last in power and so many people were off fighting wars in foreign lands.

Anyway, the majority think the right party was elected

Anonymous said...

NOOOO I didn't care who won , anyone but the Tories would be preferable. 37% voted for them 63% didn't. Here is traditional TRUE BLUE, and I thought UKIP would be the best chance to kick them out. though Labour were second and UKIP third. There's 4 million UKIP voters , 3m Lib Dems and 125,000,000 or so Green voters unhappy with the system as it stands. 4 million votes and 1 MP, yet it took 34,000 or so votes to elect one CONservative MP. The system needs changing to one of proportional representation.

Regards Galadriel

Anonymous said...

The People's Assembly is calling an End Austerity Now protest at Downing St, marching to the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster for a rally on the evening of the Queens Speech.

Protest: Wednesday 27 May
Assemble: Downing Street, 5:30pm
March to: Emmanuel Centre for rally at 7pm, Marsham Street, London, Westminster SW1P 3DW
(speakers to be announced)