Saturday, 5 February 2011

Listening to Obama declaring US avowed intent to support the legitimate rights of assembly and the democratic principles where ever people are struggling to attain them, it seemed to be a worthy and honourable thing he was trying to achieve but one sensed the real self interest behind the words. He was speaking of the aspirations of the Egyptian people currently engaged in their struggle against the Mubarak regime.

History records American foreign policy in parts of South America where the USA changed its mind as to which political group it wanted in power. So the once detested left wing guerrilla group became the preferred party and US sponsored violence was employed to oust their former political friends in government.

Saddam Hussein was another one time friend who had served his usefulness. Eventually it was the US that urged the people of the marshlands in the south of Iraq to rise up against Saddam. They did so but without US intervention or support, they were slaughtered in their thousands.

Obama needs a friendly power in the middle east to help support the interests of the US and the State of Israel. Even though the USA repeatedly urge moderation and justice from Israel, in its dealings with the Palestinians,
nothing much changes.

So what would you do if you lived in a country where:

1. The poor and the vulnerable are massively unequal in society.

2. The government takes care of the interests of the rich as a first priority.

3. The government opposes the use of torture of any kind and yet turns a blind eye to torture carried out, in its own name, when it is expedient.

4. Where a million people might march against a war and go away with nothing.

5. Where the government purports to support the rule of law and human and civil rights and yet finds a justification for it to make illegal war.

6. Where civil protest is acceptable providing it is toothless and obedient.

7. Where, in partnership with its allies, it trades with the worst offenders against human rights for purely fiscal reasons.

8. Where the structures that provide social care, education and health care can be sacrificed for profit.

9. Where the people must go without because of the greed and ineptitude of the ruling classes.

10. Where the rights of the people are continually diminished as the rights of the state are expanded.


peace and best wishes for those opposed to the continuing rule of Mubarak 


Anonymous said...

Or do The Lambeth Walk

Dave said...

Nicely put Edgar it was realy brought to light with Sadam Hussein being supported by the west when it suits cant believe that Tony Blair and Bush havent been brought to trial for war crimes somebody said the victors make the rules and its blatently true here.

Anonymous said...

Bush has just cancelled a visit to Switzerland due to fears of being arrested for war crimes.

Anonymous said...

it all sounds to close too home.


Scott aka. Dr. Space said...

Glad to see that you are still thinking about politics and your words and music still ring true today.. sadly.. nothing changes.. Keep rockin''...

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't so important it would be amusing , having not been able to play the "evil muslim takeover fear card " , to see the West sitting on the fence waiting for the inevitable " trouble" to be able to point the finger ! Trouble that was so obvious in it's orchestration , that it failed to provide that ammunition . Pretence of action now gives time for Mubarek ? to organise the puppet strings , held firmly in the grip of Israeli/US hands. but the futility of inability to change will not make me cease to speak out ! Ivan...born 7 miller's road.... gone now !...keep goin' Edgar XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Rob, I reckon you're getting confused in your old age. you're supposed to be describing Egypt, not England.


edgar broughton said...

Confused? No Larry ( well not politically lol) but you do see the similarity eh?

Anonymous said...

Worryingly so, can't miss it mate.


P.S thanks for not mentioning the footy!!!!

Anonymous said...

George Orwell's 'News speak' is thriving in the West. The re-alignment of allegiance to suit the situation in order to look after your own interests - securing your oil rights, for example !


Anonymous said...

What is not being reported is that while the police & army are busy, looters are rampaging through the suburbs. My son's schoolteacher friend who teaches in Cairo has had to flee the country with what she can carry. She doesn't know what will be left if/when she can return. The authorities just sit & watch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Edgar how are you? Good I hope.
Well looks like the Egyptian's efforts worked. Mubarak is over.
Victory though a long way to go.
Are ya going to the Coalition of Resistance demo on Monday next at No 10? We are.
Mary and Bob

edgar broughton said...

Hi all. Just got in from the shops to hear the news that Mubarak might be stepping down tonight. I hope so for all concerned.
See youse at No 10 on Monday Mary and Bob. Say hello so I'll know who you are.
Very sad to hear about the woman forced to leave her home in Egypt and not knowing what she will find on her return. Its clear there will be lots of negative fall out from these events and as usual it will probably come to those least culpable. Scary indeed.
Good point Shoreham.
Hi Dr Space. Some things change if not to our total satisfaction. Things can definitely be improved.


Anonymous said...

The Coalition of Resistance Week of resistance begins on Valentines Day opposite Downing St. It is fairly user friendly starting at
5pm and continuing until 8pm.
See their web site for more details.