Friday, 11 February 2011



Nothing endures but change.

Heraclitus,Greek philosopher (540 BC - 480 BC)



•Monday 14th February Valentines Day Rally: We love our Public Services. Downing Street 5pm-7pm with Bob Crow, John McDonnell MP, Ruth Serwotka Steve Hart – sponsored by SERTUC and Unite (London and Eastern Region).

•Tuesday 15th February Mass Lobby of Parliament Tell MPs: Hands off our homes, our benefits and our rights. Rally in Central Hall Westminster and mass lobby of Parliament. 12-4pm. Called by Defend Council Housing.

•Wednesday 16th February COR Public Meeting Goldsmiths College with Caroline Lucas MP, Tariq Ali and Clare Solomon

•Wednesday 16th February COR Public Meeting with Keep Our NHS Public Conway Hall WC1 with Dr Jacky Davis, Wendy Savage and John Lister. More info.

•Thursday 17th February Birmingham Against the Cuts Public Meeting. 7:30pm at The Council House. Cllr Salma Yaqoob, Respect Caroline Johnson, Unison Paul Mackney, former General Secretary UCU and others…

•Saturday 19th February Mass leafleting for March 26th demonstration – stalls throughout the country.


Hoax - Apology and retraction.

You will have noticed that the previous post has been deleted.
The content of the post was sent to me in good faith and I published it here
with out fully checking it. The email sent to me, on which my post was based, was a hoax. I apologise unreservedly for posting some of it's content and for any upset this caused.

The good news is that the 8 yr old Iranian kid depicted having his arm crushed by the wheel of a car, as punishment for stealing bread, was part of a street theatre group. He hadn't stolen any bread but was "earning his bread". I have seen a picture of him later laughing and smiling. His arm was not damaged.

The images of  the real horrors of Iranian punishments such as hanging children and stoning girls and women are vivid enough. There is no need to fabricate evidence against the cruel regime. How ever, I feel particularly bad about my mistake on this occasion because, I am always concious of the need to try to create balance and accuracy in what I post here.

Finally, I am relieved this was a hoax, after all. Be assured I will do every thing I can to ensure this does not happen again.



Anonymous said...

I, for one, am very relieved. It of course does not negate the "punishments" which other men, women and children suffer under any regime. Please don't feel bad about your error. For those of us that were also taken in by the image I am sure we will be more aware of the issues.

Dave said...

Dont worry about it you did it in good faith and its a relief to know it didnt happen

Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes. The trick is acknowledging it when we do and doing what we can to put it right.
Thanks Rob

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad it's turned out to be a hoax.
Just hope the street theatre plot wasn't based on a real life incident.


edgar broughton said...

Thank you.

Jarle said...

Relieved :)
Skål !

Retep Loop said...

Don't worry Rob. Not your fault at all and am very glad it was not real (on this occasion at least).
Much respect to you for standing up and admitting the error - Oh, that our great elected leaders would do the same occasionally.