Thursday, 30 April 2015

stop the rot

“David Cameron and George Osborne believe the only way to persuade millionaires to work harder is to give them more money. But they also seem to believe that the only way to make ordinary people work harder is to take money away." 

                                                                                                          Ed Miliband


. 1 April – Housing benefit cut, including the introduction of the bedroom tax· 1 April – Council tax benefit cut
· 1 April – Legal Aid savagely cut
· 6 April – Tax credit and child benefit cut
· 7 April – Maternity and paternity pay cut
· 8 April – 1% cap on the rise of in working-age benefits (for the next three years)
· 8 April – Disability living allowance replaced by personal independence payment
· 15 April – Cap imposed on the total amount of benefit working-age people can receive.


· Rising wealth – 50 richest people from this region increased their wealth by £3.46 billion last year to a record £28.5 billion.
· Falling taxes – top rate of tax cut from 50% to 45% for those earning over £150,000 a year. This is 1% of the population who earn 13% of the income.
· No mansion tax and caps on council tax mean that the highest value properties are taxed proportionately less than average houses.
· Benefited most from Quantitative Easing (QE) – the Bank of England say that as 50% of households have little or no financial assets, almost all the financial benefit of QE was for the wealthiest 50% of households, with the wealthiest 10% taking the lions share
· Tax free living – extremely wealthy individuals can access tax avoidance schemes which contribute to the £25bn of tax which is avoided every year,as profits are shifted offshore to join the estimated £13 trillion of assets siphoned off from our economy.

· Millionaires were awarded a “tax break” of £107,000 each per year.

“The True Measure of Any Society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” – Ghandi




Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! PLEASE TAKE TIME TO VOTE this election is so important.

If you cannnt get to your local polling station contact your election officer at your local council to ask about transport. THEY CAN ARRANGE LIFTS!!!!
Failing that contact the party you are voting for, I will take that to be LABOUR.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS TO GET THE CRUEL TORIES OUT. Lets show them we care about the poor & vulnerable. STOP THE CUTS!


This is the start of the recovery. Forget petty diferences lets SAVE OUR NHS; LETS STOP THE CUTS; LETS CARE ENOUGH ON MAY 7TH.


Anonymous said...

Gotta be Labour. Let's be having you....

Anonymous said...

If Miliband won't work with SNP what then?
ps just found a copy of Superchip on cd. There was a vinyl job. What a great, great album. So clever and boody terrifying. Well ahead of it's time.

Anonymous said...

Still campaigning after all these years.Good on you.
I had a look at Billy Braggs web site yesterday. It's a shop. It's a shame.
I will be voting Labour this time because unless we get David Cameron under control it will be the worse for every one who doesn't have a wad of cash.
Good luck to you my friend. I am still a fan after 35 years.
Terry Greenbaum

Anonymous said...


Why bother voting tomorrow?

"My vote won't change things or make a difference."


The arena in which your vote CAN make a difference is locally. Many decisions are taken at a local level with regard to community programmes & who you elect as your MP makes a difference to what you can a achieve in your community.

"My one vote will not make a difference to who my MP is."

YES it can do. In Glastonbury in 2011 a GREEN PARTY candidate lost to a CONSERVATIVE candidate by ONE VOTE!

Think of the people who fought for the right to vote. For the women who got a vote for women.

The Conservative Party are doing their best to ensure the poorest & most vulnerable in our society are further marginalised by their cruel policies - Do you want to help them? Not bothering to vote tomorrow is paramount to that.

I often hear people say, "I am not political." I always feel the need to butt in & say, "Do you not think that everything is political?" When I engage them in conversation more often than not I manage to make them see that is in fact the case. From Fracking to Football: From Pregnancy to pubs: From shopping to saving & on the list goes. Everything we do has politics in there somewhere. If you don't vote that in itself IS political!!!!


I over heard somebody talking today, yes I always eavesdrop where such matters are concerned, they were saying about the Tories trying to rid the city of London of anybody on benefits - forcing them outside the city & probably to the fringes of society. Ever seen Soylent Green? Ok it is just a film but it could be the Tories have watched it & are looking to have a 'Super City', Maybe sounds far fetched but could have elements of truth in it perhaps?

The Greens are not ready; SNP are doing a grand job; The 'Yellow' ones well does it matter they will form a coalition with H R Pufnstuf if it gets them in! Labour are not the ideal but lets give Ed the chance to prove his words & if Labour do get in lets make sure he keeps his promises.

Care enough tomorrow to vote - you can make a difference.