Wednesday, 15 August 2012

and the air is good

Inderøy coat of arms

Just before the flight to Amsterdam on my way to Trondheim in Norway, I was trying to think back to the last time I had flown alone. I was surprised when I realised I had never flown alone in my life. So another first. A new day and a new adventure.  I was setting out for Stig and Tina Leinan’s FDPFAFDW gig.
The weather was warm and bright as we took off from Heathrow London heading towards Schipol airport in Amsterdam. As we took off from Schipol the sun was going down in the west and the whole of the sky was crimson. It was very beautiful.  Some two hours later we landed in Trondheim. I collected my guitar from the rolling conveyor with considerable relief. It is always slightly anxious making, waiting for my instruments to appear.
As I walked through the green lane I immediately met Stig and the guys and soon we were on the last leg of the journey, a 100k drive past fabulous areas of bright water under a magical light. The glittering lights on opposite shores twinkled under the leaden sky and a fresh light drizzle fell almost constantly. We had not met before so most of the journey was the usual kind of induction we all undertake at the start of these gigs, getting to know each other and finding the common ground. It is always there.
We arrived at Inderoy and soon I was saying hello to Stig and Tina’s friends. Like so many of these gigs some invited people had not seen each other for many years. It feels very good to be part of the event that makes this happen.
It was late but Tina had made me a hot meal. I didn’t feel hungry but with in a few minutes I was tucking in. I soon felt the benefit. I realised the journey had been very taxing in a way and I needed energy. I soon got my second wind and found myself singing a song at the request of the assembled friends. I chose The Christmas song. It offered the chance for me to explain something about the way I am working and writing now and also why it is so.
After a dreamy sleep I awoke to find the plan was to cross the bridge to the centrum of a very small community. It was a good plan. There we walked around a small park that housed a wonderful collection of bronze and wooden statues by the sculptor  Nils Aas (21 April 1933 - 10 February 2004) .

sound sculpture - fish - by Nils Aas

some of my new friends

There is strong and vibrant artistic culture here. The small community contains several art galleries and there is a strong community of musicians. 
wall art

At least one of the galleries houses a space where school children can sculpt and get down and dirty with clay at a potters wheel.
Later some of us drove to see friends of Stig and Tina who had prepared a wonderful lunch for 
us all. The salad, salmon and the reindeer was sublime and to top it off this was followed by a boat trip on the fiord.

captain eric at the wheel

Oh for one little rod and reel! One day I will return here just to fish. The fishing here is legendary. 
 I was offered the chance to go fishing on the day of my return journey home but I knew that I wouldn’t want to get up early enough for that, nor let people down by not turning up. It will keep. Next time I am going to make sure I have time to fish what ever happens.
The day rolled by and soon it was time to head off up the hill to the gig. The venue was a restaurant on a high hill overlooking the fiord. The place was built Viking style with a turf roof and with part of the structure built into the hill.
By now people were arriving from all over and I was getting very switched on by the whole atmosphere.
the edgar leinan band

I was to use a Baggs acoustic amplifier for the evening. What a beauty! I had never been near one before. This was a treat for me so thank you Odd Harald for supplying it.
Soon it was time to begin and I did so with Arabesque. I haven’t played it for a while so it was nice to get the fingers going while I settled into the atmosphere of the room. I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive and appreciative audience. I ran through the set list and when I came to Almost Dancing I was astounded when some people, including Stig, joined in on the chorus and they can sing. It was lovely and brought a lump to my throat. This happened again on Green Lights and so it went on.
Occasionally I saw people wiping a tear or two away, especially through The Christmas Song. One of Stig’s favourites is Ice on fire and I was so pleased I had put some effort into running through it before setting out. You could have heard a pin drop. The song is a journey for me and there I was with a room full of people on the same journey though I know the thoughts and feeling the song evokes are different for every one. Transmission ended – more tears - we were joined.
august by the fiord

When I came to Evening over rooftops I had a full blown choir in the room and we sang it with great joy and volume. What a night! I had a fabulous time. I love meeting and speaking with the people after it all and people were so nice to me. I really felt at home there.
So back to Stig and Tina’s house where the party continued until the early hours. Some of the guys sang some of my songs and like many an EBB rehearsal it was evident that I can only remember the songs I am currently performing. This was met with the usual surprise and  I get it – I wrote this stuff so how come I can’t remember it?
The answer is simple. I have to work hard to remember the endless streams of words that I produce and that are components of the songs I want to sing today.
Later Stig sang some of his own songs he had written years before. I got the message that these lyrics were political / socialistic and meant a lot to him and to his comrades who joined in singing with him.
I went to bed at around three and rose at 12 midday. A quick shower, coffee, hugs and kisses all around and it was time to leave by car for Trondheim. Some days I am blessed more than on others and this time was as good as it gets. I was a little sad to leave but I know I will return soon to that beautiful water filled landscape, where my heart sings and the air is good.

sunny at last

On the way back, flying over Holland I made a few notes about the landscape there. Flat and filled with dykes and ditches, canals and huge inland seas it suggested the promise of another water filled paradise. As I scribbled little maps in the plane and wrote a few annotations, I decided to try to match these up with Google Earth satellite maps. The first stages of a massive  fishing expedition in the flat lands including a  trip first to Amsterdam for some provisions? We shall see.
I landed at Heathrow and I was knackered but very happy. I wandered over to the KLM desk to ask where my guitar would arrive. The very polite KLM rep  asked me my name and I guessed by her expression that for some reason the guitar would not be joining me. Any way it did arrive on the following morning by courier so just a small glitch.
The sun is shining today here in England as it was when I left my new Norwegian friends. I had a great time. It reminded me of the wonderful time last year with Jarle and Kirsten and all. I hope there will be other FDPFAFDW gigs in Norway.

Here is a very kind email from one of the guests last Saturday. This is what makes it all worthwhile for me.


 Just want to thank you fore that you have understand it, and can give it to us in sutch a beautiful way.

It’s a long time since I’have lissen to music like this. I used to lisend a lot to ‘songs of love and hate’ by Leonard Choen.
I love sad songs, they have given me hope again. Like a frech gently breez from the sea....
With love from

Next stop Derbyshire on Saturday for a fun filled FDPFAFDW gig for Martin Needham. I have the distinct feeling this is going to be special and different again.


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Anonymous said...

Its a wonderful life you live and well deserved mate.

Jarle said...

Sounds like a lovely experience Rob, it also reminded me of the fab days last years, though, the memories pops in and out no matter what :)
Best of luck in coming gigs and fdp shows,and to those of you that wonders hiring the man, please do not hesitate, its goood and unforgettable memories for lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I know the lonely,sick,disadvantaged and the poor were on that trip with you,thus you were not alone.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! I will see you on September 8th in Hitchin where a little bird? No! or even a pixie? Or a visitor from another planet perhaps? But always a most wonderful human being, has told me you are sharing a venue with him.

edgar broughton said...

On September the 8th I will be far from Hitchin. The little bird like pixie alien is mistaken or just making it up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent report from Inderøy, Edgar. It is a great pleasure for us to read your blog and notice your detailed description from your visit. It shows that you are an intelligent man who always makes an effort to do the best.
Your concert here was an absolute success and the audience enjoyed every second of your performance. We all had an unforgettable evening with a unique artist performing fantastic songs. And of equal importance are your down-to-earth behavior and your anti snobbery.
Many of us have listened to your music since Wasa Wasa and your music has been an important companion for us through more than four decades.
After your concert and visit you have strengthened your musical ties here and you have got new fans and friends. Thank you, Edgar, for a fabulous weekend.
This was your first visit in Inderøy, but not the last.
Tina and Stig

Anonymous said...

Are you pining for the fjords now?

And I always thought Norwegian Blue was a type of cheese!

Erik Haugane said...

Dear all prog-rock fans.

Edgard's performance at Inderøya was not only a musical experience of the greatest. It was also a reunion of several prog-rock fans from Rana of which five came from the same road, Coldevinsgate. Listening to EBB as ELP, Nice &c. was in the early seventies considered eccentrics with a blizzard musical taste, at least in Norway. Listening to old time favorites is often a dangerous sport. Edgard do not belong to that category. After listening to Edgard’s new music and some of the Edgard Broughton Band’s songs, it is hard to imagine why this was not main stream music at the time. This reminds me of George Bernhard Show’s statement that if the contemporary majority enjoyed a painting, it should be immediately burned because it is not art. (or something like that). Edgard’s attitude and continuous curiosity and fantastic music on Odd Harald’s amplifier at Øynaparken were nothing less than.... delicious. Next time we should make time for some fishing Edgard, in order to make the experience complete – also for you.

Erik, also from Coldevinsgate