Tuesday, 19 July 2011

fdpfafdw norway

The flight to Norway was smooth and uneventful and so much less hassle than recent ventures over there due to not having to take tons of musical equipment, necessary for band shows. Torgeir, one of my hosts, arranged for his son to lend me his very nice Martin guitar and Roland Street cube amplifier for the gig.
After a good night’s sleep Jarle and Kirsten took us to a nearby beach. I had the use of spinning rod and lures and for a few hours the sun shone and the sky was blue. I caught a little fish at the end of a stone pier but catching wasn’t important it was just nice to chuck a few lures after weeks of not having the chance.
I have so many photos from this event that it has been very difficult to pick the best and the ones that best tell the story. I have left names off most of the photos but you know who you are. To those not pictured here I apologise. I have decided to put up a new gallery on my website with photos from all of the FDPFAFDW shows. I hope to complete this in a week or so.

hope Kirsten has got lots of space in her
 freezer for all the fish i'm gonna catch

Later that evening Torgeir and family arrived and we all had dinner together with Jarle and Kirsten. Talvard, Torgeirs son, played some nice finger picking guitar and sang a song for us after dinner. He is seen above playing his Martin.

So nice to be by the Norwegian coast. As you might expect the fishing is actually very much better than in the UK and I received many offers from folk willing to take me fishing on my next trip. Next year guys. Lets do it.

shoes by Tesco

The venue for the gig was a beautiful weather boarded old barn in picturesque surroundings. It was cool and dark and had great acoustics. The audience of thirty seven was amazing and I am always impressed by the level of understanding of English language in Norway. Even when, perhaps especially when, I was telling my stories to explain some of the songs it was clear they were with me all the way. There were a few tears in the audience when I sang the Christmas song, My Salvation and others. After the show I was able to chat for a while with almost every one and it was quite a moving experience to hear how my songs had made such an impression. Some of the feedback was overwhelming and I felt the job was a good 'un. Some of these good people have taken songs such as Evening Over Rooftops as a kind of anthem and have sung them at social events down the years. Some folk showed great interest in my Yoiking and complimented me on my ethnic style. It gives me such a warm feeling to know I have connected with these people and have been part of their lives and culture. If I had needed a confidence boost this event would have ticked all of the boxes. As it is I have never felt more confident and relaxed about my work in my life.
Before the show Torgeir made an announcement to the effect that if people had come to see me perform my usual thing then they were mistaken and that tonight was a Norwegian Line dancing event with some proper country music. Every one laughed at that and I got to my place in front of the microphone before any country singers present got a chance.
yours truly with my hosts Torgeir and Jarle

As is often the case, post gig, the discussions that follow are fascinating for me. People stood around in the barn and on the ramp leading to it discussing all kinds of topics including the show. People stepped in and out of small groups and the conversations were very revealing. It was very easy to get an idea of where people were at in a very short time. I love that about being on the road. It always seeemed easier to get to know people and I guess it is firstly because we do have things in common but also because time is short and the next gig is often calling me to the next port of call.
my new band?
This lovely lass was little when her dad Jarle began brain washing her with the sounds of The Edgar Broughton Band. See how it worked ha ha!
sing brothers sing
The apres gig party was an hilarious riot. Jarle is one of the sanest men I know but... he is a party animal and quite mad about the music. He knows every lyric to every EBB song and he played every song and ...yes.. he sang every song in what might be described as in the style of Louis Armstrong fronting Rammstein, the German Metal band and the favourite of my mate Ramblin. It was a great night and we didn't hit bed until around 6.30 am. My kind of night out.
Jarle and Kirsten
i'll be back

This was a marvellous time for Loz and me. The hospitality we received and the kindness of strangers was almost overwhelming. I feel I have new friends and that my old friends are even closer. There were tears shed as it was time to leave. Jarle and Kirsten took us to the airport and there were more tears. I am so happy that I decided to play the FDPFAFDW shows. It has to be one of the best ideas I ever had. I am not bragging just trying to express how good it is to play for such lovely people in their home environment, where ever that is. So thank you all for a wonderful trip. You all made it a totally unforgettable joy and I hope you might find an excuse ( ha ha! ) to do it again.



Torgeir said...

I woke up in a Hotel Room the day after and felt the weather couldn't touch me... 'cause the spirit from Edgar Broughton Live At The Barn gave me other Things On My Mind. Why Can't Somebody Love Me said my Aphrodite, and I knew What Is A Woman For. After we laid Side By Side. Love In The Rain... thanks Rob. It was epic.

Kirsten said...

Hey Rob & Loz:) It was nice to read your blog and I am glad you had a good time staying with us and so did certainly we!!.
You should know that this has been something very special for me. I start crying good tears every time I think of our time together - the days just passed by much to fast. And the concert in the barn just blowed me away....listening to your lyrics and voice..beautiful "Can you feel me by your side" Phuu that made a big impression on me:)
I have also "discovered" Say you love me - what can i say...beautiful.(you know I have only been brainwashed for 3 years, compared with Anders, Helle and Lene - their whole lives;)). We had some good and long talks about all kind of interesting issues with you both here.
Rob I have to say I am very impressed what kind of man you are, gentle, nice,interesting, emphatic and kind. Now i can see why Jarle is so hung up in you and the EBB
When we had seen you well off at the airport and went home...the house was empty and we felt just sad, we just wanted you both back. And Rob the freezer is always ready for your catch :))

Loz my dearest Loz, I allready miss you more than you'll ever know. I feel like I have known you my whole life, you have the loveliest nature I have ever experienced...and you have a big big place in my heart. I hope you both will come and visit us sometime/anytime, you both are and always will be heartily welcome:) Hugs and kisses from Kirsten XXX

Anonymous said...

Just keep going Rob. You are touching peoples hearts and your own of course.

Jarle said...

Hi Rob and Loz....
What can I say that hasn't been said by Kirsten....I'm still kinda floating I feel, and her words are also mine...
Having you both staying here was both educational, very nice and well just great.
I'm impressed and actually out of words...
The gig...outstanding and magic, you could hear the needle fall, and yes, my eyes was filled with tears more than one time.
I'm happy you also had a great time over here, and as K said, you're always very welcome.
You'll be back you said and my response to that is OFF COURSE you are, both of you. (we also missed some songs at the apres party :))
Thank you both for a very nice time we had together.
The good memories I will treasure for ever.

Elisabeth said...

Thank you, Rob for a fanstastic evening. It was magic!

As I told you; you are a good storyteller. I love the deep sound of your voice, and the etnic touch in your music. It mooves me.

Say hello to your sweet wife Loz.
Hope to meet you again someday. Both of you.

Anonymous said...

having seen the terrible events unfold on the news about the bombing and shooting of inocent men woman and children in Norway my thoughts and hopes go out to all the Norwegian people, be strong and help each other, and safe guard your freedom,


Anonymous said...

Thank you EB for a lovely concert in Norway, and thank you for "Hildes song" :-). And thanks to Jarle & Co!