Friday, 22 July 2011

a zen moment......or two

koi pool

Today was a very relaxing day. Tony, my host for tomorrow's FDPFAFDW show, took me to visit Pureland a nearby Japanese garden in North Clifton near Newark. It did not have an example of the beautiful gravel and stone zen garden I found in Cornwall last year. That was a special place and time though this garden in Lincolnshire had the quality that indicated the presence of the master in parts. It was clear that aspects of this garden were built by a clever and knowing hand. In addition to the garden the place has a meditation centre and tea room. The garden has a calming and rejuvenating ambience and was just what I needed. Tony and I walked around the garden and he took photos. I shot the butterfly and the koi video on my phone. We sat for some time in the sun and chatted for ages until the ever near, chilling, summer wind got up again and it was time to make a move.

what a beauty

This was a good time. If we can we should take time to relax in a quiet space. If we don't have time we should do all we can to make time so that we can be re-energised.

bridge in the green

its the butterfly

stone pagoda

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are.

Lao Tzu



Anonymous said...

Sweet. Looks like you are having a great time Rob. You deserve it mate.

Anonymous said...

Lets pity the ill man who has destroyed everyones beliefs in Norway.

edgar broughton said...

It will take more than these awful incidents to destroy any thing much in Norway though of course for the families of the victims that is not the case. I join every one else in wishing them peace.

The Norwegians are resilent and resourceful. They will adjust. I believe this will alter the social climate to some extent as new security measures are introduced.
Last time I was there with the EBB Luke commented on the graffiti that was sprayed on banks, cafes and other buildings that UK graffers would avoid at all costs. Why? Because in the UK those buildings are over watched by CCTV cameras. There are not many security cameras in Oslo but soon ... there will be.

So sorry to hear of the untimely passing of Ms Winehouse. She was a hugely talented lass but very lost. R.I.P.

Tina Gilmore said...

Beautiful photo's of the Zen Garden Rob, i'm quite jealous, i never got to go there on this recent trip to Tony's, maybe next time. I love meditation gardens, i used to visit the "Chalice Well" at Glastonbury quite often when i lived in S.Wales. Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the performance in Tony's garden last night, for me, it was one of the most relaxing and interesting evenings i've had and it was so nice to meet you and chat. I'm definitely a new fan now and really hope to catch up with you sometime here in Montgomery. Thanks again. Please take care Tina xx

Mbro Dave said...

The buterfly is a Red Admiral just in case you didnt know.

Jarle said...

Mails and messages are coming to us norwegians after the tragedy in Oslo, and it's a great comfort for all of us to know that almost the whole world are participating in our losses and grief due to the biggest coward ever, systematically hunting down and shooting innocent and defenceless children and youths in their summer camp.
I think this tragedy will bring us all closer and the words said by Bush after 9/11 - "we will hunt them dowm", compared to our PM's words - " we will retaliate this with even more democracy" says it all.
Thank you all for your kind words and compassion, and hopefully something good will come out of this....
Take care all, and as Rob says on his gigs ; talk to each other and be a fellow human being....

Anonymous said...

There are many tragic lasses and lads like Ms Winehouse but sadly we only get to hear about the celebrity ones. And how do her fans pay their respect? They leave bottles of Vodka amongst the flowers what kind of crazy society do we live in?

Ms Winehouse will become myth as did Janis Joplin another member of the 27 club. The lass on the street with her bottle and needle will just be a junkie then a dead junkie and we won't even know her name.