Monday, 2 July 2007

The photo is by Dave Randell at a rehearsal at the weekend. Dave also designed and made the ONE T-shirt I am wearing. It is a one off and a morph of Luke and me. I think we were rehearsing Apache Drop Out at the time this photo was taken. When we recorded Apache Drop Out our engineer Pete Mew arranged for Hank Marvin, also an EMI artist, to drop by. I was delighted to meet Hank and terrified he would hate it. I'll always remember his face when the " Beefheart " part came in. He cracked up. He said that he would have lent me his tape echo machine for it if he'd known. My hero. Later Jerry Lordan, who penned Apache insisted that the single be called Apache Drop Out as opposed to Drop out Apache as we first intended. I think he probably hated it. Any way we like it and so does MOJO ( see last month's cover CD ). We will be including it in the new shows in September. Full details of the shows will soon be available but I can tell you one of the gigs is in Twickenham and there will be no admission charge.
The weekends rehearsals were primarily about the scheduled show at Burg Hertzburg Festival towards the end of this month and they went like clock work. Our previous couple of rehearsals were all about new songs and they went very well. It was fun for Luke and I to try out songs with the band that we have been living with for some time. In the case of some songs it has been years. It feels as though we have written some potentially special material with which to make a new album. It has been a long time coming but it will be worth the wait.

Thank you to all of the people who have offered to help with the Mohammed project. We have received offers of transport, accomodation and enough cash to keep M afloat for a while which is wonderful. Thanks to all for your support. We may be a very small ( active) community but perhaps we can begin to make a small but vital and positive difference that flies in the face of apathy and statutory incompetence.

The weather has conspired to prevent me from doing much fishing and there has been little or no time at the weekends as this is when the EBB rehearse and develop ideas. As much as I like being by water I do feel so very sorry for the people flooded out in the past days. I have estimated that during the worst global warming made London flooding my home should be just about left high and dry. A quality flat bottomed aluminium boat will be just the job for local travel as the water laps half way up the hill I live on in Battersea. This scenario will become actual if the Thames Barrier breaks down during a high flood tide. Experts think this is quite likely to happen at some point in the not too distant future.

It was clear from the expression on Gordon Browns face after the recent London and Glasgow bomb incidents that he is has faced a baptism of fire from day one. It is early days but it will be interesting to see just where he is really going with some of his thinking around the big issues.

Brian Ferry and Will Young unlikely high lights of Princess Di Wembley bash ? What a strange mix that was. I couldn't bare to watch it all. Doesn't Sir Elton go on a bit? You could read an entire First Supper post and make a comment in the comments section during one of his refrains. I drift off after a couple of songs.

Fags in public? No more smoking in public places is a good thing in my opinion and the opinion of most people I know but is it possible we are contriving more laws that can be enforced? I cite driving and drinking, cycling on the pavement, driving while using a mobile phone as extremely dangerous practices which are still epedemic. People will not comply with laws they don't support if they cannot be adequately enforced.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, great to have you back! its been a while lots of topics as well for us to get our teeth into!
why would wet weather put you off fishing?
Goron Brown umm lets give him a while first lets wait and see, What i do find very very strange is Blairs new job , Envoy to the middle east he might as well be the Norfolk envoy! cos thats what he has ...Norfolking chance !!!
whats happened to the best off double cd theres no vibrations .. but wait has it been shelved in favour of a new cd or lp
see you at herzburg!

edgar broughton said...

Hi Tony

Thanks for you know what .....

The fishing goes off during flooding for lot's of reasons and doesn't get better until the waters settle down to a more average level.

I agree re Brown. We'll have to wait to see. The Who's lyric (were they not awful at Glastonbury? } comes to mind - "We won't get fooled again". But we probably will.

Blair is a haunted man in my opinion and will try to salve his conscience any way he can.

We are still trying to establish from Eclectic what is happening re the CD set you write about.

See you at the Burg!

Angela said...

Good luck with the "Mohammed project"
Cheque in post.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Rob, Im getting good with this machine.Are you just doing the gigs on the gig guideor is there any chance of something in the Northwest?~Manchester,Liverpool or even WIGAN Cheers J&V B.

shoreham_steve said...

I can hardly read the blog today - my eyes are still sore as I spent most of Sunday sticking needles in them rather than watch the 'Diana' concert !!!
I switched the tele on for the news at ten oclock and Elton was still banging on....and on...and on....bless him ! It looked like a big wedding with all those middle aged people 'Dad' dancing to eighties pop classics. I wondered how many of them had ever been to a live concert before - not many, I reckon. The musical blandness was underwhelming.
I caught the Blockheads live (in sleepy Shoreham, no less) a couple of weeks ago and they were fantastic even though they had a lookalike Ian Dury up front, it was nothing like a tribute band, thank goodness.
I wonder what the Diana audience would have made of 'Billericay Dickie' or maybe,'Apache Dropout'- the mind boggles. I'm not usually in favour of banning things but smoking and musical blandness in public places must go !!

Mmmm yes, 'won't get fooled again' - here's the new boss, same as the old boss. Let's see how Flash Gordon goes but I'm not expecting much, although, let's be fair, he's got nothing to beat !
It's an insult to the Middle East to give Blair this Envoy job. What next ? Maybe he could sort out musical blandness with that guitar he's often pictured with but thankfully never seems to actually play !
At least that's one Demon out, now we have to see if Gordon is a Moron !