Sunday, 15 July 2007

photo by JeanLuc
The photo above is a Jean Luc special from our gig at THE Spirit of 66 in Belgium earlier in the year.
Today was the last rehearsal day before the German Herzberg Festival show on Saturday. We are ready though rehearsing in the very hot and muggy weather we have been having in London was tough. We like the second day of a Saturday / Sunday schedule because we don’t have to set up. We arrive, have a cup of tea, chat for a while and then start work. The drawback of the second day is the packing down and today we had to organise what we take to Germany on Friday. In the same spirit that some women say a domesticated man “might make somebody a good wife”, the EBB would make some body a good road crew but we ‘aint looking for the gig. Apache Drop Out has been rehearsed and we’ll try it out on Saturday. It should be fun and though it doesn’t sound like Hank it does sound like the Captain. Let’s hope the weather is good and to those who are going – come and say hello.
I am still receiving offers of help for M. He is currently in a safe place and appropriate steps are being taken to secure his future. It is gratifying to know people still care enough to help in a practical way with contributions and or declarations of support and good wishes. All of this means a lot to M and has made his difficult time more comfortable. It has also allowed others time to begin to find solutions to the range of problems his circumstances present.
As the recent floods subside this strange summer rolls by and we wait to see what will happen next. Meanwhile Government seems slow to respond to people badly affected. The weather is STRANGE and the experts seem to beginning to reach a consensus which indicates there are some new global warming driven manifestations which appear to be uniquely detrimental. August might be very warm or very cool. Who knows? I expect September and October might be exceptionally mild but we will have to wait to see. It seems the UK weather will remain high on the list of folks talk topics.

I am starting work in a new place from the beginning of next week. The project I manage is being closed as part of a review in the local borough services. I wait with bated breath to see what will develop for me over the next few weeks. I hope it all exceeds my expectations (LOL)
I have been watching the Tour De France with more interest than I have for some time it is an open race so far and I hope it produces a worthy warrior in Paris wearing the winners yellow jersey in a clean race with out a doping scandal.
I wish I could say that I have been out on my bike but I am ashamed to say I haven’t done a proper ride for weeks and I must do some thing about that. I seem to have been quite distracted by other things and other people’s stuff for some time now and I think it will be some time before that changes. Speaking of changes it is time to turn over the EBB set list of songs and make way for the new. I am looking forward to working on the new show for September. We plan to do two or three shows in November, possibly some thing in December and one show in Norway early in the new year. After that we will be concentrating on recording new material. We plan to play some of the new material in the September shows.

I bought an old copy of melody maker on eBay the other day that has a picture of yours truly in a Father Christmas outfit. Those were the days! It makes me wonder what other EBB memorabilia is around.
copyright e d g a r b r o u g h t o n 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob
I've got steves old busted drum pedal from a gig at the Wake Arms.
Its in the loft somewhere.
I did have some of those X my ass posters with Wilson and Heath on seperate cheeks but I have'nt seen them for a few years. I saw you on the telly a short while ago . It was a clip from the Stones Hyde Park concert and they filmed you at the side of the stage. Blackhill produced LOADS ! of stuff I'm sure there's lots still about.

Do you remember? There was a guy that used to film all of the Hyde Park concerts on a very early video system. He used to stand inside the enclosure with the Hells Angels and film the Bands and the crowd. If his stuff survived It'll be worth fortunes now

Happy Days

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rob
Didn't leave my name on the last posting
By the way please put me out of my misery. Whats a molloy and do they come in any other colour ?



Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, well we leave early tuesday for our road trip to Burg herzberg, its going to be a great festival! two of my favorite bands are playing Man and EEB what more could one ask!
so see you all there!!

Anonymous said...

Could someone be kind enough to let me know where i can purchase the EBB T-SHIRT.
Thanks in anticipation.
New Mexico