Sunday, 8 July 2007

Bawdsey Suffolk

This is where my heart is now beside the sea, beside the water at sun up or down. I feel bouyant and almost stress free. My young friend M is safe in a place where he can stay for a while. It is certain that he has avoided the thing he did not want to do. The weather has been changable and the fishing is still poor but this is of little or no consequence as the previously mentioned mission accomplshed flag has gone up in my mind and though M will continue to need support for a while the first major hurdle has been passed.

I was slightly impressed by some of G Brown's stuff the other day though cautious is an understatement regarding any rush to pronounce our new hero has come. I thought Shoreham Steve's comments re the last post were very on the ball. You should make a regular thing of it mate. You have the gift. Actually I was thinking at the time of reading Steve's comments that many First Supperists are very articulate and amusing at the same time. In fact there are a few good comedians out there. I've always enjoyed a good laugh and this blog certainly attracts some very dry and amusing writings. I thank you all for that.

I managed to catch some of the Tour De France prologue Time Trial on TV. It was great to see those top guys racing through the streets of London, my home town. I hope that this year will see a drug scandal free tour. It would be a welcome change.

It's back to rehearsing with the EBB next weekend so I am going to sign off now and enjoy another wonderful sun set in Suffolk skies and chill for the last hours of my weekend in the countryside.

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ramblinmad said...

Hi R

What a superb pic - great width and distance to it. One would like to see it large, in the Gallery, so that one might purloin it what!
Free drugs at the Tour? I'll second that, oh, sorry! (takes off Cyberman helmet) a Drug free Tour! I'll second that too. I think we're in for the most honest Tour for - maybe ever. We'll have to wait for the heroes to come to fore, and it may be wise to heed David Millars hint, at much more to come, revelation wise etc...
While you were up at the tranquil scene pictured, I was at Hyde Park watching International Amateur cycling - which was much better than standing at the side of the road waitinf for 5 minutes of the Tour going by. There was a 30 strong Tricycle race, the field which included the best guy in the world, but get this - our Mate Roger, came 6th, not bad for a 59 year old eh? It was full of people and bikes (road) but was the most peaceful and tranquil I've ever felt in Hyde Park over 40 years of going there - proper cyclist see!



Anonymous said...

Im glad your friend is safe ,does this mean now he has lost his family? for me and im sure bilions of other people family is everything ,it must be very difficult for someone to be cut off from family ties even harder when one is very young , if this is the case M i wish you all the luck in the world !
all the best to you

ramblinmad said...

With you all the way, Tony. For, probably, most of us, family is everything. It's the one last thing you can rely on, just to be there. They may not all be 'complete', but most of us have one. Having said that, there are many like M unfortunately. Some are lucky enough to find or build a new family, and let's hope M finds the family he surely deserves, and may the gods of good fortune smile on him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, well after watching our local news today we may be in need of your fishing skills, after the recent flooding in the area a private lake that held catfish , has now expanded and joined with a couple of rivers , the catfish have all buggered off and are now living in the rivers, apparently they can grow up to 22 feet,, they eat all the native fish and frogs and water fowl, and could even take a small dog or otter if it were in the river, if not contained this could lead to a disater for all river life ,
I was going to get Al Gore to hold a concert , but i think i will put you forward to come and catch all these giants !so come and help save our part of the planet!

ramblinmad said...

Very interesting story Tony, and certainly brings it home how just one flood can change the environment of maybe, the entire lenghth of those rivers. I guess the only answer is the one you suggested, but maybe a few hundred fishermen and women, after only one kinda fish!
The attitude for too many years to count, has been, if you can breed it, grow it and sell it, then, do it - regardless of the effects on the natural habitat. I wonder how much insecticide, fertiliser etc.. has been washed all over the place recently? not to mention all the dangerous crap that gets dumped. I also wonder what will happen when the landfill sites get watelogged and overflowing.
I've got a scary ariel photo from a few years ago, of one of three sites where they dump Fridges. They were supposed to be dismantled 'safely' and had the bad chemicals removed, but they are just lying, piled up, rotting. As I said, this was a few years ago and there were something like 120,000 at each site back then!
"There's a hard rain, gonna fall"
Afore I go, there's a good article in New Scientist on life without oil. The list of what we'd have to say goodbye to is endless, unless we come up with plant based alternatives that have as many uses. Of course, we don't need half of what we got anyway, so that's a start.
Stay dry

Anonymous said...

Back to rehursals eh ? I jumped into the Mondeo and went to an Animals gig last week. I suddenly thought. I wonder how many times they've played House of the Rising Sun ?

The price of fame I suppose.

That said, I'd be dissapointed that if, at one of your gigs you didn't play the playlist I have had in my head for the last thirty odd years, starting with Love In The Rain and ending with the Exorscism. Maybe If youre lucky you can work some of your new stuff in somewhere. I didn't realise what a monkeys paw fame is!
I haven't been to an EBB gig since the late 60's early 70's It was at that time I invented a version of sex that didn't involve just me. After that, working and kids and stuff got in the way and then before you know it, you become your dad.

I will come along to a gig one day Please ! Please ! don't let it be at the Temple in Wardour Street.

lol Barkingcreek

Metheus said...

No Offence ramblin but you are popping up with almost alarming frequency. Why don't you start your own Blog - The Art of Cycling and everything. ( LOL )

ramblinmad said...

Hi Lol

So, what were the Animals like? How's Erics vioice? Like you with the Broughtons, I haven't seen the Animals since the 60's. I think they had renamed themselves The New Animals, it was just after Alan whatshisname Geordie keyboard player left. A cracking gig.
Lol, if you haven't seen the Broughtons since the 60's/70's, you have missed a band that have (unlike many contempories) just got better. If you're in the London area come and check them out at Filthys (The Red Lion pub) in Twickenham on Friday Sept 21st - it's free to get in! And don't hold back at seeking us all out if you come. There's also a couple of gigs up north, same month - see 'Gigs'. Life must not be allowed get in the way this time!
I really should design a shirt for the 1st Supperists - maybe with something about being a bunch of 'cults'? - waddjafink Rob? Maybe you could bless them by wearing them first to expel any Demons? A bit of evening over the Shaman wouldn't go amiss methinks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah family is supposed to be everything!
But what happens when its not?
This is what M feels and this is the scenario that chills the spine of all of us sometime or another when we realise that no one in the family actually understands us beyond their own need of what they want us to be.
The only really totally thing we can all feel secure in is our one self.
Lotsa luck M.

Anonymous said...

Rambin, you classing Leicester and Bilston as up North, what ever next..... Watford!
ps there is life out side of London , why we even grow potatoes here in Lincolshire !
put me down for a xxl one!(tee shirt that is , not a potato!)
cheers again

ramblinmad said...

Whoops! pardon Metheus - POP!! - We're all different my friend, I 'pop off a lot' - feel free to pop off a lot if you wish. As to the 'cycling' - Robs a keen, lifelong cyclist, whom I've shared many hundreds of miles with, so, you know, something in common. And fergoshsakes, this is a Blog (whatever anyone thinks that really means?)/chat/friendly/get to know Rob and each other sort of thing - isn't it? I may go on and off whatever, but that's part of my charm unless of course.... well, I'm sure you know what I'm saying. It's only words, that don't have to be read passed whatever the boring point is (got this far?). Anywise (along with my hand in friendship) what starts your motor? What is your opinion as regards posting to this or any other Blog? I ask this as I'm fairly new to this Blogging malarky, and any associated etiquette. Personally though, I like to read and converse with all the posters to this WeBlog. A bit of banter goes around, and sometimes things are quiet. Rob replies into the Blog occasionally, but it's not all without tangents off Robs main posting. Anyway, I'm sure Rob or anyone will just tell me to shudderfugubb, if deemed necessary, as you, are more than welcome to do again. Not that I will necessarily (one can always pass my comments by as they are headed 'ramblinmad' innit?)

Oh, yes Tony - moi is a plonker - up north indeed - what a bloody Londoner I am! sorry mate.

Peace and just standing in awe

ramblinmad x