Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Hopefully this coming weekend is going to provide my last opportunity to go fishing again for quite some time. The season ends next month, when we are touring, until the summer. I will take one spinning rod and a few lures on tour with me. The weather has precluded any quality fishing for some time now and time is running. The photo above is one of my favourite spots on the Suffolk Stour. I have had many a good fighting pike out of here as well as the odd good perch. Wish me luck.

The EBB had a very productive weekends rehearsals last weekend and will be rehearsing again in a couple of weeks. I never enjoyed rehearsing in the past as much as I do these days. We are trying to integrate a couple of new things in the show. We've put Poppy in, have put Green lights back as well as The last electioneer. We have been kicking around a new song called Soldiers of the light and with luck it will be included. Some of our projected new plans have had to be curtailed due to time constraints. We have another T-shirt design and will be re printing the Original Rebel shirt. The DVD is out in the UK in March. Luke and I will probably put out a small collection of new songs soon working title The First Course.

As you can see we have fixed the problem with the blogs in as much as there is a current First Supper and the archived 2006 First Supper. I hope you like the new addition in the shape of Exhibits From A New Museum. I wanted to have a space just for pics with out tying them to text.
Steve suggested we might call the new First Supper the Second Supper but as he some times says - "Trust me I am a drummer", so there you go. I have a friend who says - "Trust me I am a Social worker". I am not sure which is the best option. I suppose I should be thankful Steve is our drummer and not our Social worker.(lol)

Steve Boyle aka Shoreham_Steve sent me a link to his photographs which I am putting here http://www.stevejboyle.co.uk/ because in my opinion they are really worth looking at. There are a good few crackers in the collection. Enjoy!

Well back to the grind stone. I have a load of DAT s, cassettes, mini discs and quarter inch tapes to check for the new CD. Still it's better than working for a certain Borough Council which I will be doing again, later this evening. There is an Ofsted inspection of their Youth Service scheduled for October and if you can imagine a rabid dog chasing it's tail that is what is going on. As our good friend Story John Edgar wrote in a recent email to me - "Having also been a performing arts lecturer in FE and HE for several years, I've always had a hard spot for those who hand down edicts from above and then leave those down in the swamps to deliver". Aye!

A new competition will be posted here in the next few days as soon as it seems folk know how to get comments on here so, keep looking. The prize will be the same exclusive songs and a copy of Superchip. So, leave a comment - let us know you still care after the recent IT machinations.


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Pat said...

Good to see you back with web log. Love the new pics in the museum.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back again, must have been a real p**s off for you when it all disolved.
Good luck with the fishing.


edgar broughton said...

Thanks Pat and Mike. We'll soon be back to normal runnings .......


Anonymous said...

ahhhh your back.. still like you to play ,Up Yours, and deicacate it to Bush and Blair!
So the mighty Liverpool joins the big money teams lets wait and see!
Theres a lot going on in the EBB world at the moment so enjoy your fishing relax and well see you soon in a music hall somwhere

Paul said...

Dear Rob,
Despite IT machinations, here in the Dales....we still care. Now we have York AND Sheffield.Dr Spock please. Shoreham Steve appears to have a full head of hair...or he did in 2001.That's not fair. Nice piccys though.
Good luck, health and peace.
Paul, hiding in the Dales

edgar broughton said...

Hi Paul we are going to play Homes fit for Heroes into Dr Spock. You are right Stevening over Shoreham is well over blessed, hair or not but his pictures are very nice indeed. Looks like I might be snowed in rather than go fishing but hey! I'm free and stress free for a few days. It will be cool to get away from people who remember to keep on doing what we said they should stop doing but forget how to do what they should do.

Jarle said...

Hi Rob.
I'm glad you're back with your log.
I guess you'd wish your fishing skills where as good as your special and spectacular photos...:)
Happy relax.

shoreham_steve said...

Thanks Guys, Yes I'm 52 years old with all my own hair and most of my own teeth - now, if I could just get my signal injector to work............!

Dr. H said...

Shoreham--don’t you let it upset ya,
It’s just that your signal injector Ain’t very well.
See the Doc he has something for your cock lol.

Good to see the site is back at what it does best,It was like when that punk kid forgets to leave my Sunday paper,or some sweetheart steals my milk off the step when my cornflakes are patiently waiting on the kitchen table,l tell you sometimes the little things !!. Dr H.

radenko said...

Hi Rob!

Thanks for update on the band and tour.You are the one of the few legends, that stay in touch with PEOPLE...!
Amen to that!

One thing is on my mind:
How is possible for Edgar Broughton Band to play US/Canada tour?
I have try to contact some people in Toronto,but no response.
For me, its very hard to accept, that only You guys in England will have chance to see The living legends live.
Common brother,...do something...i will keep my eyes open for any possible connection.........

Peace and cheers to all EBB fans!


Anonymous said...

someone who has given as much pleasure to others as your good self, deserves the best of everything. Enjoy it all!

Tony H.

steve said...

Glad to hear you got to fgo ishing Rob even if they escaped you.Kinda strange to be reading blog in Norway.There´s still a lot of love for the chaps out here.At Arne´s(Incredible) party I met a woman who was in the audience at the Forum Kino (After the crash in Trondheim) She was in the front row with five of her mates and she sang Evening overs to me.Still remembers that show and still plays the track whenever she wants to remember those days. Many others so happy we´re back out there send there love and wishes for us to play here again.I´m working on it.Glad you´ve been able to start the compilation.
Going up that mountain tomorrow! I´ll be thinking of you.
See you Saturday. This Google shit annoys the hell out of me.Dennis and Jarle both send their love.