Monday, 5 February 2007

Hi every one - It looks as though when transferring The First Supper to it's new home at Google they lost the new bits and left the rest as a cache , which is what you can see if you go through the new links on the weblogs page on theEBB site and select the First Supper Archive 2006. You will see three links.
As you can see here, I have started the the First Supper again. You will be able to view the 2006 archive through the link in Web logs until Google close the cache. If and when they do I will get Lamerie to post the entire 2006 archive on a page on our site so it isn't lost. Mean while I am sorry to say the Competition is gone so I will start another one very soon with a bonus prize to go with the original CD prize. We are very sorry for this but wish to say responsibility for this inconvenience lies entirely with Google who it seems pressured people to move their web logs before they were ready to accomodate us. Watch this space.
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