Monday, 17 July 2017

no comment?

Hi Folks

Just a quick word or two about participation. It is not mandatory for readers to comment here but it is very easy to do and I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear about your life, your thoughts and perhaps some times a critique of what I write. Plaudits and brick bats accepted with equal interest:)

It is easy to write comments here. You might have to establish you are not a machine, "robot", via a simple recognition device on here, but thats as difficult as it gets. Tell me what is going on with you or maybe, simply say hello. Its not like no one reads this. You know who you are :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob
I am one of those who reads your words on regular basis but never feels that I have much to say in response. The EBB has given me a lot of listening pleasure over the past (nearly) 50 years and I have seen the band in Chatham, Gravesend and Deal Kent. You seem to have connections to northern Europe and I too have had great times visiting Scandinavia, Belgium and Germany. I do not enter into political conversations because I don't trust any politician and find good and bad with every party and discussions seem to get no where. I am about to retire and will spend my time (hopefully) playing guitar, painting and travel.
Please keep up with your blogs as find them interesting too.
All the best