Friday, 19 April 2013

RIP Storm


Graphic designer

R. I. P. 

you were a gentleman and a scholar sir


Steve Broughton said...

Truly a wonderful, bordering on the totally mad, designer together with Po and Peter the Hipgnosis team.Fantastic, daring and ground breaking.
And a lovely geeza to boot.
Never forget shooting pics for Inside Out in Devon with Storm.I think he was a bit terrified as we drove out to the Valley of the Rocks all enjoying some mind altering substance except poor old Storm!

Anonymous said...

Storm was a great rock and roll photograher.
Last year I attended the opening of an exibition celebrating Pink Floyd's 40th anniversary of the Dark Side of the Moon tour at Brighton's Dome.
Some of Storm's work was on display. It was innovative and powerful.

Shoreham Steve

Anonymous said...

Storm's artwork epitomised the late 60s & early 70s album cover art. He made some special albums even more special.

England's answer to Cal Schenkel!

Tony H.