Monday, 22 March 2010

Before the beautiful dawn

In the still crisp air before the next wave
I turn towards the warming fingers of the sun
filled with longing I open my mouth and sing

There was a time out there in the teeming world
when I was a child needing to be safe
so I sang out loud hoping you might see me

As if in quiet reflection at the end of a previous life
there is clarity that a new path is the way forward
and that which was before is not

Some times we are made bright and new in the fading shadows
before the beautiful dawn when what we thought
could be relied on and who we were is gone



Anonymous said...

Deep words my friend. What new path are you venturing on? Of course the older we get, the less U-turns we can take on life's road. Wouldn't you agree?

So I say, grab what you want while you can! :)

Nigel from Weymouth

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I like that.Inspiring.Speaks to the soul.For some reason I could almost hear you singing that,and the emotion of it puts me in mind of "In the Bloom"(?)on the Myspace set of tunes.I absolutely love that song too by the way.

Anonymous said...

Lovely mate , lovely. I'd give my right hand to be able to say stuff people need to hear.

Are Raffa's days numbered now?


Jarle said...

Nice words Rob, also nice to see a new dvd coming, things happens around the band.....great!!
I also want to send a big thank you to Neil who was so kind to send me a copy of metal Britannia and some old BBC recordings of the band....I'm overwhelmed Neil!!
Happy easter to all of you!!

Anonymous said...

The new DVD arived today: 48 minutes of sheer bliss. The quality is amazing. Curious translations on American Boy Soldier.
The 1973 stuff reminds me of the gigs at Boscombe Ballrooms. I think the opening act one night was Blodwyn Pig or some other incarnation of Mick Abrahams.

Victor really looks like he was a true fashion icon on this. He could have been as big as Peter Frampton! It's always good to have a pretty (thing) boy in the band to pull the young ladies, eh Rob?
Any idea what he has been up to all these years?

Love & peace to you all

Tony H

Anonymous said...

Dvd arrived today, its a great piece of history, only dissapointment is the cover, its not as good as the one Robs got here advertising it!


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with above comments, my dvd arrived yesterday and it's stunning, made me feel 17 again:-)

Only Liverpool and Fulham left in Europe then Rob, let's hope it saves Rafa's job, we don't want you to lose him:-))


edgar broughton said...

Hey Larry
I wondered how long it would be before ya mentioned our LFC situ. Ah well! We might end up with Murinho and then what LOL!

Anonymous said...

well its almost time to vote .....i'd vote for you.


Anonymous said...

All good mate.
Dave the Lamb

Anonymous said...

Deep and mysterious words my friend and eery silence...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah DVD very nostalgic. Took me back down the years. But .. the company who put it out are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Larry you are so wrong and be glad you weren't playing us the other night. Teams arrived mate!
Watch this space.

Dazza ( now temp marooned in Leeds. It aint Liverpool.)

28 October 2009 17:59

Anonymous said...

Your post has been saved for the end of the season:-))


28 October 2009 21:39

Sorry to gloat Dazza, but I'm still watching this space. EPL Champions record number of goals scored and stopped the mancs from overtaking your record. The (football) future is rosy blue at the moment, enjoy next years run in the Europa league, and please keep Rafa, we love him:-))

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