Sunday, 4 March 2007

Hi Folks - Here we are again on the road in Germany. We have just finished a couple of gigs at Hamburg and Oldenburg. Things are going well and we are being well looked after. The following photos were taken by Dave Cox our guitarist.

sat nav our friend the 8th wonder of the world
I know I had a little piece some where

Kris Gray - our man in Germany

Connie of Connie Tours - our gracious hostess in Osnabruck

Luke and ectoplasmic father

Luke again

Art and Edgar

Andrew ( Spadge -nav ) road angel

Steve and Art - at the board meeting

Dave the photographer

Band is on fire and will be burning as bright as ever was when we return to see you all in the UK. Don't forget to look at the gigs page on the EBB site for the latest updates. We are in the middle of an on road publicity drive at this time so if any Firsts Supperists know how we can increase the effectiveness of this then email me and let us have the details.

We'll keep you updated over the next days here in Germany. Meanwhile I am sure the Yahoo group will enjoy Tony's photos of the Hamburg gig. I am sure we'll be meeting up with him again in the UK.

Keep on making those competition entries on the comments section - there are some very amusing ones there already. Oh well! Must dash - time for some goulash and chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos.

There's No Vibrations..But.. is that a new CD I see advertised on Amazon?


Anonymous said...

I love the tour photos, they just show what a rock and roll life is like lots of little white lines , lots of waiting around , the load in , sound checks , goulash and chocolate , 2 hours of being loved and playing fantastic music ,a hour or so of saying hello and signing and talking , the load out, and off we go again into the cold dark night , it worth it .. Well for us fans it is, so keep on doing it ! see you in York

shoreham_steve said...

keepthempicsarollin' !

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

Great photos from the tour. Youre whetting our appetites over here for the UK dates.

Have sent you an email regarding publicity.

All the best


Anonymous said...

Caption Contest:

"So you must be the Madhatters Daddy's band keeps singing about then?"

Phil Robb -

3 Favourite EBB Songs: (in no order)

1. Evenings Over Rooftops;
2. It's Not You
3. Hotel Room