Monday, 12 March 2007

Here is a photo of Steve modelling the new EBB T-Shirt

We are enjoying the competition entries so much we have decided to let it all run on until we finish the UK leg of the tour, next Sunday at the 100 Club. We will announce the winner on Monday the 19th of March.

Statue at Liverpool St station. This is a gift from Israel to the Uk to commemorate the saving of 10,000 Jewish children during World War Two who arrived from Europe to the UK by rail - an evocative and poignant sight as Luke and I began our journey from Liverpool St Station to Stansted airport from where flew to a Germany.

Life in the bus is actually very convivial. We become connected and exist in a kind of bubble. There is clear purpose in the spirit of one for all and all for one. It even feels strange to me when one of our number is out of sight which happens from time to time. We all need a little time on our own. We don't always know where we are going next or where we are most of the time. We always look forward hopefully to the next gig where ever it is.

In the bus. Steve and Art engaged in their usual banter. It's a rythm section thing.

A view from a hotel room. The modern face of Germany. A backdrop to a Kraftwerk tune?

Self portrait - in the back of the bus.

Aschaffenburg on the river Maine

We were well received and well treated by every one we came into contact with in Germany. Earlier today I suggested to Art that perhaps as older travellers we are less intimidating than the younger EBB which might account for what appears to be a more benevolent change in peoples attitudes to minstrels like us travelling through Germany. I also assume that the concept of a united Europe has had a broadening effect and has impacted on peoples of the E.E.C. in a positive way. I hope the average young German citizen is more secure in their modern national identity and own the fact that "the war" was not their fault and that we are brothers and sisters in peace and should remain so.
Germany is a very interesting place. Many of their practices could be emulated in the UK to our advantage and the quality of environments and service for musicians shames the shabby and neglectful attitude of many UK clubs / venues by comparison. On one occasion in a less than perfect environment one of our number commented that " we were back in the UK for the night".
Almost every one tried their best to make sure we all had what we needed technically and we were well provided for in all other areas of importance. Catering compared to the shabby UK norm was lavish. So come on UK clubs - get it together - we are coming your way. It is no longer o.k. to bash out the British is best line and it is a fact that quality venues and conditions for bands like ourselves in the UK are rare while in Germany they exist everywhere.
We made new friends and rekindled some old friendships. Audiences were mostly very warm and responsive. We met lots of EBB fans who reminded us of past exploits in Germany some of which we had forgotten. Mean while we are looking forward to playing for you guys in the UK even if the catering is out to lunch.

Special thanks to Connie and to Karen, Rosie and Ruth who drove us to and from the airport on our arrival and on our way home. A special thank you to every one in Osnabruck who shared their space with us and looked after us with their usual abundant hospitality.

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Anonymous said...

welcome home Rob and the boys, get a few hours sleep and see you soon at York
keine gulasch hier!

radenko said...

Hey Rob,thanks so much for reports and pictures...
I hope you have more photos from germany stage and some videos perhaps..

EBB rules!



p.c. New t-shirt is AWSOME!!!....i need it so bad!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, nice shirt! You should get something for that coldsore?